Hiram 8 Bigelow

The cemetery pictured below is on the Chase Road in Brainardsville, NY , near Chateaugay (see below) and deep in the woods.
Hiram and his wife Mary Ann are buried there with some of their children and grandchildren that died young.
I did some research with the help of a lady in Brainardsville.
I found much about his children and marriages that was recorded in this woman's scrapbook.
One of the newspaper clippings shows one of Hiram's sons and one of his daughters attending Susie T. KENT BIGELOW's funeral in Ellenburgh.
Susie was my great grandmother and was a fascinating woman. 

16314. 133    Hiram 8 Bigelow, son of Jared 7 ( Ezra6,Ezra5,David4,Lt. John3, Joshua2,John1) and Sarah (BEAMAN) BIGELOW, was born in Schuyler Falls, Clinton co, N.Y. on 10 July 1817. He married Mary Ann White at an unknown date. She was born in Vermont 20 March 1819, and died 21 September 1872 (aged 53)(see below). Hiram died 27 June 1879 (aged 61); both deaths in Chateaugay, Franklin County, NY.

I have been able to find records of 10 children, all born Chateaugay, Franklin,NY:

16314. 1331     Hannah E. (b) 1840; (m)Henry R. BULL 24 May 1884; (d) 2 Dec 1919; buried in Evergreen Cemetery (east of Chateaugay){legend}" Henry BULL 1843-1921; his wife Hannah E. BIGELOW 1840-1919". A Rebecca Bull age 71 was living with Sarah (Beaman) Bigelow in 1860 census

16314. 1332     Henry (b) 1843?; (d) 1887?

16314. 1333     Henrietta (b) 1844; (m) Samuel G. GENAWAY.They are buried in Evergreen Cemetery (east of Chat.){legend}"Samuel G. GENAWAY 1847-1916; Henriette 1844-19__; Ella Maud 1871-1878; Henry 1875 7 years old".Their other children that died young are buried in Chase Road Cemetery.

16314. 1334     Huldah (b) 1847; (m) Alonson C. MITCHELL; (d) 24 May 1901;buried Burke Center Cemetery, just west of Chat.{legend}" Alonson C. MITCHELL 1844-1897;(his wife) Huldah BIGELOW 1847-1901;(children)Mary A 1876-1956;Harmon 1884-1910;Frank H. 1875-1938".

16314. 1335     Helan or Helan? (b) 1849; (m) B.M. SMITH ??.

16314. 1336     John B. (b) 1851; (d) 15 Oct 1861; buried in Chase Rd. Cemetery.

16314. 1337     Harmon (b) 1853; (m) Cora F. CHASE; (d) 1933; buried Brainardsville- Ellenburg Cemetery {legend}" Harmon BIGELOW; 1853-1933; wife Cora F. CHASE; 1865-1931; and (son?) Harold M. BIGELOW 1890-1907" on the reverse side of stone {legend}"Hattie BIGELOW 1893-1972(daughter?); wife of Arthur HEALEY" (see below)

16314. 1338     Millard B. (b) 1856; (d) 27 Oct 1861; buried in Chase Rd. cemetery.

16314. 1339     Charles (b) 1859; (d) ???;

16314. 133A    Hattie M., b 11 Apr 1866; d 16 Jan 1956 Burke, Franklin County, NY; m 06 Feb 1894 James GRAHAM; (see below)

There is also a mention of Herman but this is probably Harmon


Mary Ann White wife of Hiram Bigelow

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 496;
Howe,Bigelow Family of America;
correspondence with descendant and Bigelow Society historian/genealogist.
The Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II p. 496 lists Hiram(8),son of Jared(7),Ezra(6),Ezra(5),David(4),Lt. John(3),Joshua(2),John(1).The BFG uses a number system that I will discuss later. Hiram is # 163314.133 and they list 7 children:
163314.1331 Hannah, b ca 1841.
163314.1332 Henry, b ca 1843.
163314.1333 Henrietta, b ca 1845.
163314.1334 Huldah, b ca 1847.
163314.1335 a son, b ca 1849 (could be named Helmer?)This is Helan(Helan) female.
163314.1336 Millard, b ca 1856.
163314.1337 Charles, b ca 1859.
I have examined the 1850 and 1860 census for Chateaugay and found the following:
1850 Census Franklin Co,Chateaugay,NY #949-980:
Hiram BIGELOW age 33 m, farmer b. NY
Mary 31 f,VT.
Hannah 9 f,NY
Henry 7 m,NY
Henrietta 5 f,NY
Houldah (Huldah) 3 f,NY.
and infant male 1 m,NY.(this would be John B.)
also a Zilpha WHITE age 27 or 21 f.and this may be sister of Hiram(daughter of Jared?)
The 1860 Census for the same area:
Hiram 43 b NY
Mary A. 41 VT
Hannah 19 NY
Henry 17 NY
Henrietta 15 NY
Hulda 13 NY
Helan 11 NY
Harmon 7 NY
Millard 4 NY
Charles 1 NY
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From:Mildred Healey Golgart      goldenshoreshd@webtv.net (millie)

Hiram was my great grandfather. Hattie A. Healey in Brainardsville was my mother, died  1972. I am delighted to find all this information, not all correct and I know more to add.....Millie now from Arizona
Mildred Healey Golgart
From: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~frgen/franklin/chateaugay/bigelow/bigelow.htm
Bigelow Cemetery
Chateaugay, Franklin County, New York
DIRECTIONS: Located on the Chase Road, 1.3 miles north of the intersection with Route 24. It is on the east side of the road just after you cross a small bridge.

This portion of the cemetery is fenced in and contains
mainly the BIGELOW and GENAWAY stones.

From: 1894 Jan-March  Franklin Gazette Malone, NY
GRAHAMóBIGELOW - In Bellmont. N Y., at
the residence of Henry Bull, on Tuesday, Feb 6.
1894, by Rev. John Bragg, James Graham and
Miss Hattie M. Bigelow, both of Chateaugay, NY

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