15336.521      James 8 BIGELOW, son of Adam Chester 7 ( Cornelius 6 , Paul 5, Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Laurene (SMITH ) BIGELOW, was born at Chatham township, Argenteuil, Quebec on 13 Sept 1820. When he was about ten years of age, the family moved to Buckingham township, Papineau, Quebec which was then called Ottawa county. His first marriage was on 03 February 1845 to his first cousin, Mary Bigelow (15336.541). She was born on 18 May 1827 (Her brother's prayer book gives 27 May) and she died on 21 January 1883. James married (2) Eleanor Bigelow (15336.545) the sister of his first wife. She was born 10 September, 1835. James and Eleanor lived a few years at Grenville where her death is recorded as 28 August 1908. James died on 28 September 1914 at Glen Almond. Both are buried at St. John's church, Glen Almond. Of interest: after death of Eleanor, James lived with his youngest son. The 1861 census gives his age as 41. On censuses of 1871 and 1881, his age increased very rapidlly, so that, at death, he was allegedly 104 years of age.

Children of James and Mary (Bigelow) Bigelow, all born at Glen Almond, Quebec:

15336.5211t Lucius Peter, b_____1846 (bapt. at 1 yr. - 1847); d 20 Jan1906 Buckingham; m 14 Nov 1873 Caroline Lucinda Bigelow (15336.585); res. Glen Almond; 10 children.

15336.5212     Elijah, b 1848; d 10 April 1863 of appendicitis.

15336.5213t    Benjamin, b 0l Jan 1850; d 15 May 1937 Buckingham; m 20 May 1889 Elizabeth Cameron; 3 children.

15336.5214t    Ellen, b 21 March 1853; d ; m______ Thomas Rourke; res. near Grenville; 8 children.

15336.5215t    William James, b 08 March 1854; d 08 Dec 1929; m 25 Aug 1880 Esther Ann Newton; res. Glen Almond; 6 children.

15336.5216t    Emily, b_____1857; d 23 Jan 1892 Glen Almond; m (1) Duncan Stewart 1 dgtr. and (2) 30 May 1883 Cornelius Albert Bigelow (15336.571), 3 children.

15336.5217t    Mary Ann, b 04 March 1859; d 192 Cobalt, Ontario; m 15 July 1876 James Stewart; rca. Glen Almond and Cobalt; 9 children.

15336.5218t    Urania, b 06 Nov 1861; d_____Sept 1914; m (1)1. Henry Storey, 2 children and (2) Cornelius Albert Bigelow (15336.571) her late sister Emily's widower, 3 more children.

15336.5219     Priscilla, b Dec 1863; d 26 Sept 1882 diptheria; unm.

15336.521At    James Riley, b 09 June 1867; d 22 Aug 1936 Glen Almond; m 30 April 1890 Elizabeth Bigelow (15336.5284); res. Glen Almond; 7 children.(see below)

15336.521A1     ?Robert Allan, b 4 Apr 1891 Glen Almond, Papineau, Quebec; d 10 Oct 1977 Buckingham, Papineau, Quebec; m 21 June 1911 Louisa Mallish (sister of Mamie above-so Robert possible son of Aylmer?); 8 Children:
             1.Desmond, b 28 Jan 1911 Buckingham; d 20 Mar 1911;
             2.Edward Talbert, b 5 Feb 1916 Buckingham; d 07 May 1930;
             3.Margaret Eileen, b 21 Jan 1920; d ___ ; m Teasdale Hill.
             4.Nora Shirley Louise, b 1922
             5. Sarah Kathleen "Sadie" , b 1924; m Wesley McQuaig (see below)
             6.Robert Lionel, b 1926
             7.Lewis David, b 1927
             8.BIGELOW, b 1929
             and 15336.543219    Charles, b ___ ; d ___ ; m Sue ____ ; 1 child known:
                          a.  Kerri Sue Bigelow, b 8 Dec 1976 Cadillac,, MI.
From: Sharon Bigelowsab@telusplanet.net  >  has this Robert as son of James Riley 9 Bigelow (15336.521A) and Elizabeth Bigelow (15336.5284).(also children Gordon (below), Venard, Steve, Lizy listed as children of James Riley (9))also see Aylmer 9 Bigelow and Mallish Family.

15336.521A2     ?Gordon Stanley, b 03 Feb 1895 Glen Almond, Papineau, Quebec; d _____ ; m 21 June 1916 Rhoda Mallish (sister of Mamie above-so Gordon possible son of Aylmer?); 3 children:
   1.Sylvia Eileen, b  6 May 1919 Buckingham; m Earl Parcher;Children:
       1.Dolly Eliza Ann PARCHER
       2.Simon Earl PARCHER
       3.Vivian Judy PARCHER
       4.Glen Roy PARCHER
   2.Myrtle Valerie, b 13 Sep 1921 Buckingham; m 04 Dec 1953 Homer SHARPE; Children:
        1.Barbara SHARPE
        2.Alan SHARPE
   3.Herbert Evans, b  8 Jun 1931; d 26 Mar 1934;

15336.521A3     Venard

15336.521A4     Steve

15336.521A5     Lizy

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 84, 358.
Parish and census records, Buckingham and Glen Almond, Quebec;
correspondence with family descendants;
records of Bigelow Society historian/genealogist.

New Note:
Name:Rita Mc Quaig
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                      My name is Rita McQuaig, I have a great deal of information on
                      the Bigelows from the area of Buckingham and Glen Almond
                      Quebec that I would love to share.
                      My mothers line is as follows:
                      John, Samuel, Samuel, Cornelius,Paul, Cornelius, Adam Chester,
                      James, James Riley, Robert, Sarah.
                      I am the daughter of Sarah Kathleen Bigelow and Wesley

                      I also have information on my mothers great aunts and uncles and
                      their families. I have birthdates, marriages, children information,
                      pictures, and relms of information on the area, as I am the family
                      historian and I have been working on our family tree for over 5
                      years. There are many blanks spaces and inconsistencies that I
                      could fill and/or correct. I am lucky enough to still have my
                      mother who is in terrific health and still has a great memory. I will
                      gladly share any information please contact via my email address.

                      Thank you
                      from Rita McQuaig

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