Adam Chester 7 BIGELOW

15336.52      Adam Chester 7 BIGELOW, son of Cornelius 6 ( Paul 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Persis (HARRIS) BIGELOW, was born in VT about 1795, moving to Chatham township, Argenteuil, Quebec about 1801 with his parents. He married on 21 January 1819 Laurene Smith. She was the daughter of James and Elizabeth (Mills) Smith and born in VT about 1801. About 1830, the family moved to Buckingham, Papineau county. During a serious family illness, Adam Chester was baptized, 15 May 1843 and on 14 September 1843 three of his children were also baptized. Church records state "relict of the late Adam Chester Bigelow" and thus we assume he had recently died, but no burial record has been found. His widow married (2)19 December 1845 Samuel Warwick and after her death, he remarried. Laurene died before 1879 and is allegedly buried in the old Presbyterian cemetery at Buckingham. We list his death as mid 1843.

Children of Adam C. and Laurene (Smith) Bigelow:

15336.521t    James, b 13 Sept 1820 Chatham; d 28 Sept 1914 Buckingham; m (1)03 Feb 1845 Mary Bigelow (15336.541) and (2) 03 Oct 1883 Eleanor Bigelow (15336.545); res. Glen Almond, Que.; 10 children.

15336.522     John (or Joseph), believed to 'have moved West' and possibly married and raised a family.

15336.523     Cornelius, there is mention of him in this family, but we can find no trace; possibly died in childhood.

15336.524t    Mills or Miles, b ca 1828; d 18 Feb 1904 Pine Hill, Que.; m 26 Feb 1845 Elizabeth Warwick; res. Pine Hill, Que.; 9 children.

15336.525t    Aurelia, b_____May 1829 (from 1900 census); d 07 May 1920 East Jordan, MI; in ca 1850 Elijah Bigelow (15336.543); 12 children.

15336.526t    Adam Chester, jr., b ca 1830 (age given 13 at 1843 baptism); d ca 1880 Buckingham; m 31 Jan 1853 Julia Ann Lonsdale; 8 children.

15336.527t    Jeremiah, b __ 1831 (as given at baptism 1850); d 23 Aug 1911 Glen Almond; m (1) 25 Feb 1851 Lucinda Reaume and (2) ca 1902 Annie LaForce; 10 children, plus 6 adopted children (Annie's).

15336.528t    Levi, b 04 Dec 1834/35; d 26 Mar 1916 Glen Almond; m 11 Sept 1854 Elizabeth Bigelow (15336.544); 10 children.

15336.529     Ann Alvina, b ca 1836 (age at baptism given as 7 in 1843); no further record; presumed to have died soon after baptism.

15336.52At   Catherine Emily, b ca 1837 (age at baptism 1843, as 6); d 08 Oct 1917 Glen Almond; m 27 June 1858 Reilly Clemiss; 9 children.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 84-85;
Vital records, church, cemetery and census records Que.;
research by Bigelow Society historian/genealogist and correspondence between her and descendants.
Descendant Note:
Name: Sheila Bigelow Willis
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Time: 1999-01-08 08:01:11
Comments: Years ago I did research and collected considerable information on my branch of the family from John via
Quebec to Northern Ontario. Would be pleased to share for inclusion in new family history or with others needing info. My
line is John1, Samuel 2 Samuel 3, Cornelius 4, Paul 5, Cornelius 6 , Chester 7, Chester 8, Jeramiah 9 George 10 Emerson 11, Sheila 12. (Chesters are known as Adam Chester by Big Soc....ROD 1/12/99)

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