Daniel Folger 7 BIGELOW

Photo of the artist at work.
See Adirondack Life article for example of his work and more information.
Also see Page 2 for more information on Daniel Folger 7 Bigelow.
Also see Page 4 for 1997 information from Chicago Art Institute.
Also see Page 5 for new article (1998) on Daniel Folger Bigelow.
Also see Page 7 for new article (from Forge 2021)
Also see Page 3a for artwork by Daniel Folger Bigelow.
See "Bible" of Daniel Folger Bigelow

15146.33     Daniel Folger 7 BIGELOW, son of Nathan 6 (Nathan 5,John 4,John 3,Samuel 2, John 1), and Clarinda Folger (BARKER) BIGELOW, was born 22 July 1823 Peru, Clinton co, NY. He married 01 November 1865 Charlotte "Lottie" BARNES (see below) of Schuyler Falls, Clinton, NY. She was born 20 July 1884 in Schuyler Falls, the daughter of Dr. Melvin Allen and Phoebe (Edgarton) Barnes. Daniel was a landscape painter and became associated with G.P.A. Healy and Associates who founded the Chicago Academy of Design. They resided in Peru, NY and later, (1858), Chicago. He died in Chicago 14 July 1910, age 87. There is a stone in the New Schuyler Falls cemetery on Felton Road, that lists Charlotte Barnes Bigelow 1844-1940, "buried in Chicago". The stone that Charlotte is inscribed also has "Melvin Allen Barnes and Phebe Edgerton". This same Schuyler Falls cemetery has the headstone of Daniel's parents. Legend: {Nathan Bigelow; died May 16, 1860 ; age 67. Clarinda F Barker; his wife; died June 20, 1874; age 78}

Children of Daniel Folger and Charlotte (BARNES) BIGELOW:

15146.331       Folger Allen, b 11 March 1868 Chicago, IL; died 16 Sept 1891 Chicago from accidental gunshot.

15146.332       Florence Edgerton "Daisy", b 14 Feb 1871 Chicago; d 26 Apr 1951; She painted flowers with watercolors and exhibited in several galleries around the Chicago.. She taught art at Hyde Park High School in Chicago for more than 40 years. (see below)

15146.333      Louis Barnes, b 16 May 1884 Chicago; d 16 Jan 1974; m (1) 16 May 1908 Frances Catherine Baker; m (2) 21 Nov 1942 Katharine Underhill (DFB Bible); 4 children with Frances.(see below)(see below

Howe, Bigelow Family of America pages 477 - 478;
Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II page 34; 

Subject:  Daniel Folger Bigelow
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 10:02:25 EDT
From: NMOO468@aol.com
 Many thanks for forwarding the link. It has a wealth of great information and I thank you again for sharing it with me, it will aid greatly in my research! What originally piqued my interest was recently going through my old Adirondack Life library and came across the article in the Winter 1971 issue on Daniel Folger which I had somehow missed previously. I then decided to add Mr. Folger to my list of accomplished Clinton County citizens both past and present that I am currently researching. Based on the original photo in Adirondack Life and the subsequent photos kindly provided by your link I was able to locate the original home (I had driven by it many times over the years).
 Again, I appreciate your kind assistance!  Nancy M.

One of Daniel's landscapes was chosen and displayed at :
THE WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION 1893 (link no longer valid)

(../rod2005b/lottie1.jpg) see Lottie Barnes

Charlotte "Lottie" (Barnes) Bigelow was born 20 July 1884 in Schuyler Falls, the daughter of Dr. Melvin Allen and Phoebe (Edgarton) Barnes.
Dr. Melvin Allen Barnes was born about 1811 and died 30 July 1889 at Schuyler Falls in the 78th year of his age. (incription from Daniel's Bible). Also inscribed in Bible: "Died at Plattsburgh, NY, Phoebe Edgarton Barnes, March 10th, 1903; Born at Chazy, NY June 17th, 1824. Mother of Charlotte M. Barnes Bigelow". Also: " Died at Schuyler Falls, NY, Monday at 5:00 PM, July 12th, 1897. Phoebe Elizabeth Barnes - Lyon, aged 44 yrs, 9 mos, Born at same place Friday 8:00 PM Oct. 21st, 1853. Youngest sister of Charlotte M. Barnes Bigelow."

Charlotte was a descendant of Ethan Allen of Vermont and Daniel was a descendant of Benjamin Franklin, through his mother's Folger family.


Subject: Caroline Bigelow Gregorovius
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 14:17:23 -0400
From: "Pat Zima" <  patz@inna.net  >

Quite by accident I stumbled upon your web page as I was researching my Grandfathers uncle, Ferdinand Gregorovius.  I thank you for the information on D. F. Bigelow and Folger Bigelow.  Aunt Caroline had given one oil painting to me and I inherited three others when my aunt, Dorothy Gregorovius died.  I guess I should have begun by saying that George Gregorovius was my mother's brother.
We have lost touch and assume that Caroline has passed away.  Is she buried with George in Plattsburgh?
Pat Zima or patz@inna.net
Caroline died 05 July 2003 in Plattsburgh CVPH; burial in Schuyler Falls ...............................ROD

Subject: Geneology
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 16:34:25 -0500
From: "Richard Tunstall" <   rltunst@charter.net   >
I did a google search on my great grandfather, DF Bigelow, and eventually came across your name. My Mother's father
was Louis Barnes Bigelow, who was DF Bigelow's son. My mother told the story many times of the tragic death of Folger
Allen Bigelow. I have paintings by both Daniel Folger and Folger Allen Bigelow.
 I would like to hear from you.

Feinberg Library Special Collections:
Call Numbers: MF D4
Last Updated: 1998-05-13 00:00:00
Place of Publication: PLATTSBURGH SENTINEL
Date of Publication: 3/31/1876
Extent of Information: P. 2, COL. 4
Physical Information:

Obituary of Daniel Folger BIGELOW (below)

(continued)   He was one of the pioneers of art in the West. He came to Chicago when the dialect of art was almost an unknown tongue in this section of the country, save for the few who had learned to speak it on occasional voyages to Europe, when such a voyage was an event in the life of a man long to be treasured up and talked about. He was without question, one of the most picturesque figures in the art world of this country, noted not only for his age but also for the long lasting vitality and freshness of mind and heart and mind with which he was endowed.
      So far back do the earlier associations of Chicago's late veteran painter go that they may be said to have mingled with the twilight of the dawn of art in America. He was born in Peru, Clinton, NY in 1823 of Quacker descent, and through his mother Abigail Folger was related to Benjamin FRANKLIN. His father fought in the War of 1812, and later proud of his son's talent, placed him with the sculptor Ashel POWERS, a cousin of Hiram POWERS. Mr. BIGELOW said that he owed his delicacy of coloring and treatment to this artist's influence. During his pre-Chicago days he was associated with the Hudson School of Art and the art of Casselier, Gifford, Shattuck, and the Hart Brothers. The influnce of that school clung to him in all his subsequent work.
      At 35 Bigelow decided he wanted to come west. Arriving in Chicago in 1858, he took a studio in the Crosby Opera House, in Washington street, between Dearborn and State, which was then the leading theater of the city. During the immediately subsequent period of his career, Bigelow was associated with the historic group of artists led by G.P.A. Healy, and of which J.H. Drury and Mrs. L.H. St John were distinguished members. In association with them, organized the Academy of Design, which later became the Art Institute of Chicago. He was one of the small group of artists who, as early as 1867, in spite of the barrenness of the site, had the hardihood to organize an academy of design, which since then has flowered in the handsome institution in grant Park and has proved to be the mother of art in the West. Bigelow had the happiness of living to see the growth and success of the idea of which he was in part the originator and one of the warmest of friends and protectors. That the Institute honored him with all the enthusiasm of which it was capable was to be expected, and was a fact. He never missed exhibiting and his pictures were in demand. Needless to say that he was fully represented in retrospective exhibitions of Chicago artists. A few years ago the veteran went east for a sojourn in the country of his birth a brought back a number of sketches. Among the most liberal of his buyers were the various women's clubs of the city.
      In the beginning of his career Bigelow thought he had an inspiration portrait work and actually did some clever things at that time but he later gave up that notion and centered himself on landscape in which he persisted with success to the end of his life. He not only painted, but he had a philosophy which he did his best to impress on the young American painters who came within the sphere of his influence. His advice to all such was not to go abroad for their subjects. He taught that American scenes were the proper and the most fruitful for the development of native talent. His own boyhood and youth were spent in the shadow of the Adrondacks, and many of his later paintings were the result of sketches made by him at that plastic time of his life. The beauty of American scenes was not surpassed, he held, in any country of the world.
     In the intervals of his busy life Bigelow would now and then take a commission for painting the home of some Chicago friend, and at those times, he has reproduced the residences of the late Judge Skinner, a pioneer Chicago jurist, Edward Teal, Edward Isham, the Keith brothers and a few others.
     He was fond of talking of the early days of his life in Chicago, and few were the notable old residents who could speak more charmingly or with more vivid effect than he.
BIRTHPLACE OF D.F.B.--- July 22, 1823 - Peru, NY More Info can be found on page 2.

Two views of house Daniel moved to at 4 years old (photos 2005)
This house is on the Clark Calkins Road, outside Peru
A picture of the house he moved to at 4 years old can be found on Nathan (6) as well.

Subject: L H Barnes
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 17:23:45 EST
From:  T Eger   Tibbz58@aol.com

 I am trying to find out information on an artist by the name of L.H. Barnes.  I came across this website for Louis
Barnes Bigelow and am wondering if this may be the same person.  L H Barnes painted a portrait of my
grandmother in Savannah GA in 1944-45. He also painted portraits of Hollywood stars and the pope.  He died a
pauper in Savannah, Ga, July 1945 he was 61 years old when he died.  He was from Chicago and had been a
professor there.  My father is trying to find information on L H Barnes.  The obit he has of him said that no
family could be found when he died.  My grandfather an officer in the Salvation Army in Savannah had been
taking care of him before he died.
     Is this the Louis Barnes in your family tree? \ T Eger

Bill Hobbs    Vandy65@aol.com
Date: 12/15/2003
Dear Rod,

While searching the Internet for info on D. F. Bigelow I accessed your webpage. I bought a Bigelow oil painting outside of Richmond, Va. this weekend that came from an Antique dealers estate. The dealer had lived in Virginia Beach, Va. for 30 years after moving from Boston, Mass. The painting which measured 7" by 10" was in a gold frame that was inclosed in a glass covered shadow box. Someone though it was valuable and wanted to protect the surface which appears to be like new.
The painting is almost identical to the one titled River Scene on your webpage with the exception that all the trees are green, a few less rocks, and in my painting there are sailboats on the water. On the back of the stretcher in pencil are the words "Near Westport,New York." Westport is on the west shore of Lake Champlain so I think the mountains are the Green Mountains of Vermont and the water is actually Lake Champlain. Look like he painted more than one of the same setting. Thought you might be interested in all this info.
Bill Hobbs

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