Almon Woodruff 7 BIGELOW

15146.12     Almon Woodruff 7 BIGELOW, son of Ephraim 6 (Nathan 5, John 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1), and Polly (WOODRUFF) BIGELOW, was born 22 May 1798 at Peru, Clinton co, NY. He married Mary LEVANWAY (see below) (b ca 1807) on unknown date and we do not have her birth or death record. He died some time after 1850. From the 1830 and 1850 censuses, the following children are listed except for Abram.
Alman (sp?) Bigelow died Dec. 4, 1868 - 72 years old.
Almon also known as Almond; also said to be married to Mary Proctor

Children of Almon and Mary (LEVANWAY) BIGELOW: (see below)

15146.121       a daughter, ae 5-10 on 1830 census. Welthia ?? (see below)

15146.122       a daughter, ae 10-15 on 1830 census. Mary ??; m Bernard Carpenter (b _ Feb 1825) son of Zimri and Betsey (Mace) Carpenter  (see below)

15146.123       George, b ca 1834.

15146.124       Abram, b ca 1836; died 4 June 1896 Saranac, Clinton co, NY age 60 years. m Elsie ___ ca 1855; she (1837-1905). (see below)

15146.125       Wilfred (Wolfred), b ca 1839.

15146.126       Charles, b ca 1843.

15146.127       William Henry, (son of Almond and Mary Proctor) Bigelow); (see below) b ca 1826; d ______ ; m Elizabeth Carpenter (b ca 1828), dau of Zimri and Betsey (Mace) Carpenter ; occupation Bloomer or Engineer; (also) Children:
1. Helen, b ca 1851;
2. Albert, b ca 1855;
3. Charles, b ca 1857;

Descendants of
William Henry Bigelow Family   -   Jay, New York
( Last Update 22 April 2002 )

 William Henry Bigelow (1M) Mary Elizabeth Carpenter                          William Henry Bigelow (2M) Caroline "Carrie" Peck
 01 Jan 1824 – 20 Oct 1901  19 Jan 1827 – 27 July 1861                    01 Jan 1824 – 20 Oct 1901  01 Dec 1841 – 24 Oct 1907
 North Jay Cemetery  Married December 17, 1846                                                             Married July 13, 1862

 Clarence Adelbert Bigelow                                                                          Frankie A.Bigelow
 July 17, 1847 - March 08, 1848                                                                   February 11, 1863 - June 01, 1864
 North Jay Cemetery                                                                                     Jay Central Cemetery

 Celia Isadore Bigelow                                                                                  Catherine "Katie" E. Bigelow
 March 08, 1849 - April 17, 1850                                                                 March 02, 1865 - September 29, 1942
 North Jay Cemetery                                                                                      Union Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NY

 Hellen Lydia Bigelow                                                                                    Jennie Bigelow
 January 23, 1851 - March 19, 1861                                                            May 1867 - July 7,1867
 North Jay Cemetery                                                                                      Jay Central Cemetery

 Albert Arthur Bigelow                                                                                    William Henry Bigelow
 April 09, 1855 - About 1918                                                                         September 20, 1869 - 1954
 Bisbee, Arizona                                                                                             Union Cemetery, Mooers Forks, NY

 Charles P. Bigelow                                                                                        Hugh Bigelow
 June 29, 1857 - October 02, 1933                                                              November 16, 1871 - ?
 Brainardsville Center Cemetery

 Jennie Bigelow                                                                                              Frederick A. Bigelow
 April 1860 - April 1860                                                                                 September 24, 1875 - 1956
                                                                                                                         Union Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NY

 Ival Percy Bigelow                                                                                         Jessie M. Bigelow
 April 12, 1861 - August 04, 1861                                                                January 25, 1878 - July 23, 1947
                                                                                                                          Union Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NY

  Guy Clifton Bigelow
  May 02, 1882 - March 11, 1963
 Glens Falls Cemetery, Glens Falls, NY

Alman (sp?) Bigelow died Dec. 4, 1868 - 72 years old.

The information shown in italics has NOT been verified
Subject: William Henry Bigelow
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 14:29:11 EDT
From: Cornelius J. McKenna
I would like to share with you some information that I've collected and verified.
Attached is a listing of the descendants of William Henry Bigelow.  You will
see that he was married first to Mary Elizabeth Carpenter and then to
Caroline "Carrie" Peck.  I have based all my searches on the information
found in a Bigelow Family Bible, and with just a few exceptions, the
information has matched burial records, death certificates, gravestones etc.
Jennie Bigelow and Ival Percy Bigelow, from the first marriage, and Hugh
Bigelow, from the second marriage have eluded me.  I have been unable to find
their names anywhere except for the family bible.  Feel free to use this
information in any way you'd like, because as they say "you can take it to
the bank."
Enjoy and Regards,
Cornelius J. McKenna
1361 Paddy Lane
Ontario, NY  14519

Abram is listed on the 1860 census for NY as follows: Abram - CLI - 897 - Plattsburgh. There is also a grave stone in Saranac, Clinton co, NY that has Abram Bigelow (1836-1896) and wife Elsie (1837-1905), and son Willie A. son of Abram and Elsie; died June 30, 1873; aged 5 yrs. 11 mos + 13 days. There is also an A. Bigelow notated on a map of Dannemora, NY dated 1869. He occupied a lot on the north side of Bouck Street, in the middle of the block, with E.J. White on his left and W.M. Graves on his right. I don't know if this is Abram or not. In my research I have found no Abram in this area mentioned in the Bigelow Genealogy. I don't know if he belongs in this family or not. Just a guess!

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol I ;
Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II page 31;
censuses 1830, 1850 and 1860 NY;
cemetery inscriptions Clinton co, NY;
Correspondence Schuyler Falls Historical Society.
Subject: Possible Connection
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 22:54:38 EDT
From: Neil McKenna
I copied the above information from a search I did on your web site. I've been told that Almon Bigelow's Children included, among others, my wife's great grandfather William Henry Bigelow, and a Mary Bigelow, and I don't know where to find verification of this.  Can you help?  By the way, what do the superscript numbers mean?  Does that mean that Almon is the 7th generation after John who is #1?  And is it a direct relationship?  If I were to look in some of the Sources that you've listed, am I apt to find any more than you've listed here?  I'm desperate!!
I finally "broke down" and purchased "The Bigelow Family Genealogy," volumes I & II.  They contain a lot of information
(almost an overload).  Since the last time I wrote to you, I have obtained a death certificate (from Albany) for my wife's
great grandfather's sister, Mary (Bigelow) Carpenter.  On the certificate her father is listed as Almond, and her Mother's
maiden name as Proctor.  Thanks again for your interest and help.  Please stay in touch.
Neil McKenna
My name is Neil McKenna, and I'm originally from Potsdam, NY.  I now live in Ontario, NY and I'm retired from the Xerox Corporation.  On 6/18/01 I posted a message on your site regarding Almon Bigelow.  He appears in the Bigelow
Name Index as: Bigelow, Almon 7, # 15146.12,(1798-aft 1850); m Mary Levanway.
I have reason to believe that he may be my Wife's Great, Great Grandfather.  My Wife, Patricia Bigelow, is originally from Lake Placid and her ancestors resided in various Northern New York Counties in the area for years.  The
information that's shown for Almon's Family is rather sketchy, but there's still a possibility that there is a connection.  I obtained a death certificate for Pat's Great Grandfather, William Henry Bigelow, and his Father's name looks like Almond or Almon.  Unfortunately, his Mother's name isn't listed.  If I were to look in some of the sources that you've listed, am I apt to find any more information than you've listed.  I would really appreciate any help you could give me with this since it appears like I'm at a brick wall.  Thanks.
Neil McKenna
PS Congratulations on a fabulous web site!
More2: 09/29/2001
I'm trying to verify a possible connection between my wife's great grandfather and Almond Bigelow.  I typed the following (verbatim) from the History of Essex County - 1885*.  It is an alphabetized listing of Brief Personals of people living in the various towns in Essex County.  Almond Bigelow in mentioned towards the end of this entry for Zimri Carpenter which was found in the listing of the Town of Jay (found on page 717):

Carpenter, Zimri, is doubtless the oldest living citizen in the town of Jay; was born in Keene, NH, May 3, 1795, and came to Jay in 1811, and lived with William Kees, a Quaker, near Keeseville.  He was then a poor boy without money or friends, but by careful industry he finally gained a start in the world, and purchased a property in Jay which he improved and enhanced in value, and still owns and occupies in retirement.  He was a soldier of the War of 1812; married to Betsey Mace of Ausable, NY in 1819.  They had ten children; Bernard a son, was born in February, 1825; he occupies and manages he homestead; his wife is Mary, daughter of Almond Bigelow of Keeseville.  They have five children living.  Zimri Carpenter is son of Nathan Carpenter, a cooper at Keene, NH, and formerly a soldier of the Revolution.

*  Edited By H.P. Smith, D. Mason & Company, Publishers 1885, Syracuse, NY

William Henry Bigelow's death certificate shows his father's name as "Almond Bigalow", and his place of birth as "Chesterfield, NY."  From another source, I discovered that Zimri Carpenter's son, Bernard married Mary Bigelow, and that Zimri Carpenter's Daughter Elizabeth "Lizzie" married Henry Bigelow.  I think he might have been known as "Henry" because he's also listed with that name on some federal census records.  William Henry's occupation is listed on his death certificate as "engineer" which is consistent with the fact that he was an engineer on a tugboat named "Maggie" on the Chateaugay Lakes.

I'm just trying to verify the above information with evidence of Almond Bigalow's Family listing somewhere.  Prior to 1850, of course, only heads of families are listed, and I believe by 1850 both Mary and William Henry had left home.  William Henry Bigelow married Mary Elizabeth Carpenter on Dec. 17, 1846.  I think that William Henry and his wife Mary lived with Bernard Carpenter and then later on they lived with Zimri Carpenter.  This does get a little confusing.  Do you have any suggestions as far as where I might look for Almond Bigalow's Family listing prior to 1850?

Here is the 1850 census for the Town of Chesterfield:

 Value of Real
 Name Age Sex Color Profession Estate owned Place of Birth

 Almon Bigalow 51 m  Carpenter -------- NY
 Mary Bigalow 43 f
 George Bigalow 16 m
 Wolfred Bigalow 11 m  Attended school within year
 Charles Bigalow 7 m  Attended school within year
 Susan Bishop 15 f
 Maria Poula (sp?) 6 f  Attended school within year

Column 2 (not shown above)  Families numbered in the order of visitation was 3830.
Column 3 (shown above)  The Name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June 1850, was in this family.

The Federal Census
12th of Sept. 1850 for the Town of Jay, County of Essex indicated the following:

 Value of Real
 Name Age Sex Color Profession Estate owned Place of Birth

 Bernard Carpenter 25 m  Farmer 1200
 Mary Carpenter (age ?) 1 f
 Charles Carpenter 26 m
 Infant Carpenter 0 f
 Henry Bigelow 23 m  Laborer
 Mary 21 f

The Federal Census
4th of Sept. 1860 for the Town of Jay (Post Office Clintonville), County of Essex indicated the following:

 Value of Real Value of Personal
 Name Age Sex Color Profession Estate owned Estate Place of Birth

 Zimri Carpenter 65 m  Farmer 2010 902 New Hampshire
 Betsy Carpenter 59 f     New York (?)
 Earl Carpenter 22 m  Farmer attending school  New York (?)
 James Carpenter 17 m  Farmer   New York (?)
 Henry Bigelow 34 m  Bloomer   New York (?)
 Elizabeth Bigelow 32 f     New York (?)
 Helen Bigelow 9 f   attending school  New York (?)
 Albert Bigelow 5 m   attending school  New York (?)
 Charles Bigelow 3 m     New York (?)

Subject: More Bigelow's
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 21:03:26 EST
From: Nancy

I was just going through the Cemetery book for the Peru Cemeteries.  In the Peasleeville Cem (abt 3 mi from where I live)
is the Rev. J. B. Wescott /1811-1879, and his wife Welthia Bigelow 1818-1907.    Also there is Cinderilla Emery, wf of Anson Wescott, d 8 Nov 1873@63.   Cinderilla is part of my line.  Is J. B. Anson's brother?  Where does Welthia fit in?
  In God's Acre Cem. is Julia Bigelow, 1844-1899, wife of Joseph B. Covell.  Nettie J. Covell 1882-1882, and  Gertude A, 1878-1892, their daughters. (see artis7a.htm)
- Joseph B. Wescott, Jr, b 1811, d 1879, Peasleeville, NY m Wealthia Bigelow.  Still no clue to her
parentage.  she was b 1818, d 1907.  they had a daughter, Abbie Wescott, b 1859, d 26 Aug 1895.
 Joseph is the son of Joseph W. Wescott, Sr and Olive Knight.  Sr was born in Middleboro, Ma, d 10 June 1857,
Peasleeville.  His wife Olive I have  B 1782, d  8 July, 1858.  They are all buried in the Patent Cem., Peru..
 Anson, b 1800, is the brother of Joseph, Jr.  He is the one that married Cinderilla Emery.  Cinderilla , b 1810, d 8 Nov
1873, is the daughter of Nathaniel & Lydia Emery.  Nathaniel is the son of Richardson Emery and Jane Swan.  Nathaniel
is brother to my 3x g grandfather, Russell Emery who m  Polly (Emery) Emery.
  Sarah who married Uriah Ayer is the sister of both Nathaniel and Russell.  The Ayer line is the one with Tamsen Bigelow see: jared7.htm

 In your notes you mention a Knight family genealogy.  Is Olive in there?  There may be a clue there.
 I also wanted to see if the Knight book mentioned a Knight/Eaton marriage.  That would be part of my g grandmother's line
(Sherwin).  I think it connects with the Cole part of her line, but my memory may not be serving me correctly.
  I have the Watertown book, the Morse, Holden, Harris, Cole, Benedict, Canfield, Loomis, Manning, Sackett, Ladd,
Spalding, Proctor, Knapp, Rapideau, Blood, Platt, Emery, some Ayer and Johnson,  some Lawrence, the vr's of Shirley,
Chelmsford, Townsend, Billerica, Roxbury, Charlestown,  to name a few if you want anything from any of them.  Also have
lots of Quebec records.

Subject: Levanway
Date: 9 Jun 2006
From: BerrienCountyMI moderator <>
I have been trying to find information about the second wife of Alamond Bigelow.
Her name is Mary Bigelow. Her maiden name was Levanway. I recently learned that
there is a Mary Bigelow listed in the 1870 Berrien County Census, Weesaw
Township, Michigan (Roll: M593_664; Page 485; Image: 524)
ANY help for this user?
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Subject: Almond Bigelow
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006
From: "May" < >
I come across your Bigelow  website and was wondering if you would have any information of Almond Bigelow married a "unknown" Proctor Essex County,NY area.  Thank you,
May Seaman
More evidence of second wife Mary Proctor........................................ROD

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