Sullivan Lothrop 9 BIGELOW

16251.2774      Sullivan Lothrop 9 BIGELOW, son of Wilson 8 ( Jonathan 7 , James 6 , James 5 , James 4 , Jonathan 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Esther (Lothrop) BIGELOW, was born at Cornville (Skowhegan), ME on 27 January 1875. He married 08 April 1898 Jennie Amelia Falkenstrom at Bar Harbor, ME. Jennie was born 06 December 1876 in Gottenburg, Sweden. She was the daughter of John C. and Anna (Anderson) Falkenstrom. They resided in St. Albans, ME and Branford, CT. Sullivan died 26 February 1942 cause of death bronchial pneumonia and improper diet ( 15 November 1938?) Sherburne, VT. Jennie died 23 July 1943 Branford, CT.

Children of Sullivan and Jennie A. (Falkenstrom) Bigelow:

16251.27741     Violet Falkenstrom, b 16 June 1899 Bar Harbor, ME; d 12 Jan 1985 ; m ____ Averill;

16251.27742     Charles Augustus (Charles C.), b 20 May 1900 Bar Harbor, ME; d _____ ; m 29 Nov 1922 Ethel May Wood at New Haven, CT; (see below)

16251.27743     Frank Vining, b 10 nov 1903 Branford, CT; d _____ ; m 15 Aug 1936 Florence Miriam Thomason (see below)

16251.27744t    James Lothrop, (twin) b 03 June 1905 Branford, CT; d ____ ; m 18 Aug 1928 Meta Priscilla Linsley in Branford; she b 26 Oct 1904 in Branford, CT. They had two sons. (see below)

16251.27745     Mellen Eastman, (twin) b 03 June 1905 Branford, CT; d 24 June 1985 ; m Marjorie Sawyer at Sherburne, VT; 2 children: Joan and Wayne Bigelow;  

16251.27746     William Bryant, b 14 July 1908 Branford, CT; d 24 May 1983 New Haven, CT; m _ Sept 1934 Inez Maars in Branford, CT; 2 daughters: Beverly Joan (Bigelow) Bernier and Billye Sondra (Bigelow) Rausch;
The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 483 child;
Howe,Bigelow Family of America, page 447;
Charles C. Bigelow, son, 7225 S. W. 53rd Court, Miami, FL 33143, mail Sep 24, 1972;
Krissy Bigelow 22 March 2001, to Rod 22 Mar 2001.
Family Group sheet of Beverly Joan (Bigelow) Bernier

16251.27741    James Lothrop 10 Bigelow, son of Sullivan Lathrop (etc), b 03 June 1905 Branford, CT; d ____ ; m 18 Aug 1928 Meta Priscilla Linsley in Branford; she b 26 Oct 1904 in Branford, CT. They had two sons.

16251.27741.1   James Linsley BIGELOW; b 02 Nov 1931 New Haven,CT; resides Brandon, VT 2008; m with child Nancy Bigelow Barker (see below)
16251.27741.2t  John Atwood BIGELOW; b 08 Jun 1934 New Haven,CT; m (1) Eleanor Audrey Gerber (b 23 Apr 1934; d 29 Aug 2019. 4 children: m (2)  (see below)

From: Sgt. Luke Bigelow  < >
I observed the Bigelow family geneology and wanted to inform you of some more information from John Atwood Bigelow, born in CT.
In 1979 John Atwood Bigelow (Son of Priscilla & James Bigelow) moved from Killington, VT to 132 Bigelow Lane, Burnsville ,N.C. 28714.
Mom- Annette St. Pierre Bigelow & Dad- John Atwood Bigelow bought a quiet country farm for beekeeping and gardening which is a huge hidden cove, they own from ridge line to ridge line on a dead end gravel road in the Appalachian Mountains (Jacks Creek Community of Yancey County, Burnsville being the county seat).
     John & Annette had two children together, (me) Luke Arthur Bigelow and Lisa Annette (Bigelow) Robinson
Anything I can do for you to help the website.I found it very interesting.Take care-Luke
Luke supplied childrens names and birthdates, as well as his own. They are in (FTM) database.......Rod 2012

More on John 16251.27741.2

John Bigelow, born 08 June 1934 had 6 kids, not just the three mentioned. 

John had 4 kids with his first wife- Eleanor Audrey Gerber (b 23 April 1934 / d 29 Aug 2019. 

           Christopher J. Bigelow  30 June 1954

           Matthew Karel Bigelow      19 December 1956 Matthew Karel Bigelow m Janet Ann New (1957).  Matthew was born in CT, but raised in VT.

           Scott E. Bigelow          02 June 1958

           Jeffery J. Bigelow         18 June 1960

     John got divorced from Eleanor in 1962.  


     John Bigelow got married to Annette St. Pierre in 1963 and had two children with her:

       Luke Arthur Bigelow 27 May 1964

       Lisa Annette Bigelow 19 December 1968


John and Annette Bigelow did not move to NC in 1979. They moved to NC in fall of 1978. ( I was in the USMC when they moved)


Thank you, Scott E. Bigelow  (DOB 02 June 1958)

                3829 West Creek Road
                             Brandon, VT 05733

Thursday 06/26/2008    
Name:  Nancy Bigelow Barker   
Location:  Town of Rutland Vermont   
Comments:  Actually, Referred by Rod's phone call to my parents Mr & Mrs James Bigelow of Brandon, VT. Thank you for calling and letting us know about the reunion and your web site, Rod! My father is the son of James Lothrop Bigelow & Priscilla (Linsley) of both Branford CT & Killington VT. They also had a home in Orange City FL. His father was Sullivan Lothrop Bigelow (m. Jenny Falkenstrom) born in Cornville (Skowhegan) ME, the son of Wilson 8 & Esther (Lothrop) of St Albans ME. Wilson's parents were  Jonathan 7 & Melissa (Abbe) of Skowhegan Somerset Co ME. Jonathan's parents were James 6   & Betsy (Davis) also of same place. His parents James 5 & Mary (Sawyer) came from Templeton MA to settle the Kennebec Valley after the Revolutionary War. He was the son of
 James 4 & Sarah (?) Bigelow of Worcester MA.  James was the son of Jonathan 3 & Elizabeth (Bemis) of Weston MA. And, Jonathan was the son of Joshua & Elizabeth (Flagg). Joshua is the son of John Bigelow & Mary (Warren) of Watertown MA. We hope to see you at the reunion, but we are not sure of our travel plans, but thank you for the invitation! Keep us informed.

16251.27743   Frank Vining 10 Bigelow, son of Sullivan Lathrop (etc).  Frank said his branch of the family went up to the state of Maine, perhaps because his great great great grandfather James Bigelow had been up there with a regiment of the Massachusetts Militia.  James was a Major and his job was to intercept the British on their way down from Quebec to attack Fort Ticonderoga and then to NY.  Unfortunately, the "old boy" got lost and climbed up what is now known
as Mount Bigelow in Maine to try to find out where the British were.  He took up the rear so they could not retreat back to Quebec and that was the end of the British Army of Invasion.  There is a small town nearby Bigelow Mountain with a population of about 300 (?).  Frank said he had to turn back to find the place because he had gone through the town and didn't know it. One of his family, according to aunt "Carrie" took off for California, and prospected for gold and struck it rich. Perhaps he "put it in the Bigelow Bank of Ogden, Utah."  Frank's grandmother had told him of an "Aunt Bell" in Oakland CA. Some names listed in Mother Lothrop and Aunt Carrie's album were: Maxwell; Ford; Aretta Bell; Wing/ Foss; Ladd; Atwood; Chapman and Knowles."
His letter was to Laurel Bigelow Barklow, Rte. 2, Bx. 450, Ontario, Oregon.
Letter 6 Feb 1963 to Society.  He became a member of the Sons of the American
Revolution in Washington, DC, in Connecticut #4231 through General David
Humphrey's Branch.  See DAR Vol 138 #137879.

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