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1592C.358      Benjamin Franklin 8  BIGELOW, son of Amasa 7 ( Daniel 6 , Amasa 5 , Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John1 and  Phoebe (BOYCE) BIGELOW, was born at Chehelan Valley, OR on 16 May 1855.  He married (1) on 05 December 1877 (see below) Elizabeth Agnes Bissett who was born 27 December 1860 and died 09 December 1889 (see below) the mother of three of his children. He married (2) on 24 November 1891 Jane Keppel  who was born 24 November 18??.  Benjamin moved his family from OR into Butte co., CA where he farmed.  He died 08 December 1936 Turlock, Stanislaus co, CA, and his widow on 24 October 1937.

Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bissett) Bigelow, born at Gridley, Butte co, CA.

1592C.3581     Malvern, b 28 Oct 1878; d 28 Feb 1919; m Annie Marie Robbins and had 5 children; one dau known: Rosetta Vern Bigelow, b 21 May 1910 Gridley, Butte co, CA;

1592C.3582     Walter, b 27 July 1880; d 22 July 1885 Gridley; (aged 4 years 11 months 26 days. Son of B. F. and E.A. Bigelow)

1592C.3583     Roy, b 02 Sept 1885; d 26 June 1965; m (1) 18 June 1908 Bertha McDonald, m (2) 15 Feb 1942 Minnie Wackman; no children. (see below)

Children of Benjamin and Jane (Keppel) Bigelow, born at Gridley, Butte co, CA.

1592C.3584t    Amos, b 15 Feb 1893; d 30 Sept 1983 Turlock, Stanislaus co, CA; m 10 Dec 1914 Etta Gladys Post; 3 children;

1592C.3585     Gordon, b 24 Sept 1895; d 19 Oct 1918; m Orilla Evans; no children;

1592C.3586     Grace, b 03 May 1897; d 07 Dec (Mar 1968?) Nampa, ID; m Ray(not Roy?) Rector; 1 dgtr: Marilyn Rae Rector; (see below)

1592C.3587     Edith, b 31 May 1900; d __ 1974 Humboldt co, CA; m (1) Clifford Sorem; m (2) 20 Dec 1967 Karl Robinson;

1592C.3588t    Balfour, b 04 Sept 1903; d 08 Jan 1959 Turlock, Stanislaus co, CA; m 28 Nov 1935 Mrytie Jane Colburn; 5 children;

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 428-429;
Bigelow Society records in correspondence with many family descendants;
personal contact with descendants.
Butte co, CA Marriage Records: 5 Dec 1877 Abine Place or Biggs Station;
Elizabeth needed consent of parents;

Note 012708:
Subject: bigelows
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 02:09:51 -0500
From: "Elizabeth" <>

I am a descendant of Benjamin Franklin (8) Bigelow.  I came across your site unexpectedly actually…found the page where he and some of his descendants are listed. I found many mistakes in names anyway…and I do not know if I have enough information on hand to correct them.  He was my great grandfather.  His FIRST daughter was my grandmother: Grace, who married RAY Rector (NOT ROY)…and my mother, their only child was Marilyn Rae Rector.  I am the only daughter in my family too, had 3 brothers of whom one is gone.  My remaining brothers do not have children of their own.  I had 3 and so far have 3 grandchildren.  I am not sure I could get all the statistics up to date…but it pains me to see all the inaccurate information.   My line was from his second wife named Jane Keppel (NOT Heppel).  Also, Balfour’s wife’s name was Mrytie (NOT Myrtle).  My grandmother Grace died Dec. 7…and I will have to look up the year.

Well, if you are interested, will try to get back to you on more info.  I no longer have much contact with any Bigelows.  They have not been too interested in contact, especially since my mom died in 2001.  And I have not seen any of them since about 1968 or so.  We moved to Idaho, from California when I was in my teens.  Many of them at that time were in California.  My great grandma Jane’s mom came to California in a covered wagon.  So my firstborn, born while hubby finished up the Navy days in California is a 5th generation native born Californian, of which not many can claim I understand.  My grandmother and my mom and grandpa too were indeed among the very finest people who have ever walked this planet.  I wish I could say that of all my kin, but anyone who knew them loved these 3!  They never knew a stranger and loved everyone that would have anything to do with them.  Grandma was a teacher for 38 ½ years in California.  Grandpa farmed.  My mom helped my dad run his auto repair business while she was able.  I have been curious about my roots and have done some work on some of it along.  I confess I do not know as much as I wish I did.  I think my brother has our Bigelow book however, so may be able to more accurately “fill in the blanks” from him, eventually.
Sincerely, Elizabeth Embree

Gridley Cemetery stones

Same site as above (probably Bertha (McDonald) Bigelow)

Elizabeth Agnes (Bissett) Bigelow

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