William Augustus 8 BIGELOW

15337.424     William Augustus 8 BIGELOW son of Ebenezer Elias 7( Elijah 6 , Noah 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1 and Mary (BENNETT) BIGELOW, was born 03 February 1867 Arcadia, Gratiot, MI. He lived in Gratiot county all of his life as a farmer, He married on 03 July 1889 Ida M. Day who was the daughter of J. M. and Cornelia (Hudreth) Day. She was born 06 Oct 1874 according to family records and, if so, was only 15 at her marriage. Ida died at Traverse City, MI on 18 November 1953 and William about 15 months later - on 03 April 1955 at Alma, MI. Both are buried at Alma.

Children of William and Ida (Day) Bigelow, all born in Gratiot county, MI:

15337.4241t     Glen A., b 30 July 1890; was living in 1984; m 12 June 1915 Hazel Delling; 4 children.

15337.4242t     Roy V., b Ol Feb 1893; d 22 Dec 1968; m Erma Clark who d 1954; 2 children.

15337.4243t     Oral Emerson, b 13 Feb 1895; d 29 July 1979 in car accident with his 2nd wife; m (1)18 Jan 1917 Mary Lou Chase and (2)17 Aug1944 Elsie (Anthony) Lacey Bigelow; 3 children by first m.

15337.4244t     Hazel, b 13 Aug 1897; m Ervin Kelly; res. Wyoming, MI; 3 children.

15337.4245t     Day, b 16 March 1898; d 28 Feb 1966 in AZ; m 04 Sept 1918 Cecile Riggs; 7 children.

15337.4246t     Charles A., b 30 April 1900; living 1984; m (1)10 Dec 1923 Iris Dean, (2)1947 Lulu (Beebe) Strong; 4 children.

15337.4247t     William R., b 03 Nov 1902; living MI 1984; m 06 Dec 1924 Irene Johnson; 9 children.

15337.4248      Addie, b 02 Oct 1904; d 30 Sept 1933 Gratiot co.; m Wilbur Wolfe; 1 son, Robert, raised by his maternal grandparents as Robert Bigelow, see below.

15337.4249t     Howard J., b 21 April 1907; living Elwell, MI in 1984; m 28 Oct 1929 Marcella Doepker; 9 children.

15337.424At    Howard Henry, b 03 Nov 1909; living Lansing, MI 1984; m (1) 03 March 1928 Helen Chase div. 1934, 1 child; (2)30 Oct 1937 Lillian Burgess, 5 children.

15337.424Bt     Donald, b 25 April 1911; living 1984; m (I) Iola ______. (2) Harriet Laura Nelson, she d 1944; 8 children.

15337.424Ct     Earl Russell, b 03 May 1914; living 1984; m (1) Lorna Johnson and (2)11 Dec 1964 Beatrice Riggles, 1 child.

15337.424Dt     Carl D., b 0l Jan 1917; living near Alma, MI 1984; m 19 Feb 1941 May Rockafellow; 4 children.

Robert Wolfe, son of Addie (15337.4248) was raised by William and Ida (Day) Bigelow and named Robert Bigelow, b 10 Aug 1926; m Betty ('I'hroop) Bigelow, had 3 dgtrs.
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Descendent note:
 Hi,I have been looking at all the information I can get my hands on regarding Bigelow's for the past couple of
 weeks. About 12 years ago or so Patricia Bigelow contacted my grandfather (now deceased), and then my father, Gerald
 Bigelow of Alma, Michigan for information about our family. My decendents are, according to Patricia Bigelow:
Gerald  Bigelow (10), William (9), William (8), Ebenezer (7), Elijah 6, Noah 5, Cornelius 4 Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1. The only information I can find on my grandfather, William (9) is his social security number and birth and death dates. I have lots of names, dates and history from our branch of  the family if you would like it, including the names of William's(8) fourteen children and many of their grandchildren since I grew up in the same town with many of my second, third and fourth cousins. Also our family now consists of several Bigelows of generation (13). If you already have most of this information please let me know where I can find it.
 Mary Ellen Bigelow Stewart-Ainley   email  maryellena@hfmgv.org

Subject: William Augustus (8) Bigelow m. Cornelia (Hudreth) Day
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 20:39:00 -0500
From:  Mary Ellen Ainley    <  mainley.mi@netzero.net  >
You have noted that William Augustus (8) Bigelow, son of Ebenezer Elias Bigelow married  Cornelia (Hudreth) Day.  Would
you please let me know the source of that information.  I have some conflicting information.
Mary Ellen Ainley
William married on 03 July 1889 Ida M. Day who was the daughter of J. M. and Cornelia (Hudreth) Day. This was quoted in volume 2 of Bigelow Genealogy, Loring Bigelow, editor. I will post your note on bulboard as well........ROD

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