Ebenezer Elias 7 BIGELOW

15337.42      Ebenezer Elias 7 BIGELOW son of Elijah 6  (  Noah 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1 and Freelove A. (EARL) BIGELOW, was born 08 July 1833 in Andes township, Delaware, NY. The family moved to Howell, MI in the late 1840's, then in 1853 to Bloomer township, Montcalm county. There he married on 23 February 1860 Mary Bennett -her parents and other data unknown. They settled in Gratiot county and in 1863 Ebenezer enlisted in Co. K, 21st Infantry, Michigan Volunteers and again, in 1864, in Co. A, 23rd Infantry. After the Civil War, he remained in Gratiot county, and is supposed to have died in the 1890's.

Children of Ebenezer and Mary (Bennett) Bigelow, all born Arcadia, Gratiot, MI:

15337.421      Erastus, b 08 April 1862; d 21 June 1928 Gratiot co.; unm.

15337.422      Albert, b _ Jan 1864; supposedly lived with his brother Erastus and farmed with him; d______ unm. in 1900 and living in Jonesfield, Saginaw co.

15337.423      Mary, called Polly, b 1865; no further record after 1870; supposed to have married ______ Parker.

15337.424t     William Augustus, b 03 Feb 1867; d 03 April 1955 Alma, Gratiot co.; m 03 July 1889 Ida Day; 13 children + 1 adopted.

15337.425       Diantha Hulda, b 30 Dec 1868; d Denver, CO; m (1) ______ Purvis; (2) 28 Feb 1893 Darius Kelsey.

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Descendent note:
 Hi, I have been looking at all the information I can get my hands on regarding Bigelow's for the past couple of
 weeks. About 12 years ago or so Patricia Bigelow contacted my grandfather (now deceased), and then my father, Gerald
 Bigelow of Alma, Michigan for information about our family. My decendents are, according to Patricia Bigelow:
Gerald  Bigelow (10), William (9), William Augustus 8, Ebenezer 7, Elijah 6, Noah 5, Cornelius 4 Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1. The only information I can find on my grandfather, William (9) is his social security number and birth and death dates. I have lots of names, dates and history from our branch of  the family if you would like it, including the names of William's(8) fourteen children and many of their grandchildren since I grew up in the same town with many of my second, third and fourth cousins. Also our family now consists of several Bigelows of generation (13). If you already have most of this information please let me know where I can find it.
 Mary Ellen Bigelow Stewart-Ainley   email  maryellena@hfmgv.org

Name: Chuck Bigelow       compman@coredcs.com
From: Wisconsin
Time: 2000-08-23 02:32:37
Comments: I first came across your website a little over a year ago. My Father and I have found it very informative. You
 have done a great job. My Father has gotten very interested in finding out more about his extended family. He has now found the grave of his greatgrandfather Ebenezer Elias Bigelow(7). 15337.42. My family and I visited Bigelow Mountain in Maine this summer. Also saw a Bigelow Hill in the same area. We have also visited Bigelow, Missouri (very small village in northwest Missouri). Anyone have any information on it? Keep up the good work.

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