Elijah 6 BIGELOW

15337.4      Elijah 6 BIGELOW, son of Noah 5( Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1 and his third wife Elizabeth ( ___ ) BIGELOW, was born 2 May 1799 at Cambridge, Washington county, NY. During the War of 1812, the family moved to Blenheim, Schoharie county, NY. Elijah was married, circa 1830, to Freelove Anna (Earl). They settled in Andes township, Delaware county, NY, and lived there until after 1845.
     They then moved to Michigan, settling first in Livingston county, Michigan, where the tenth child was born, near Howell, and the oldest daughter married. By 1853, however, when Elijah's younger brothers Cornelius and William came to Michigan, they all moved north to Montcalm county, and lived in Bloomer township, near Carson City. It is thought that Elijah also lived briefly in Isabella county, but by 1870 was in North Shade township, Gratiot county. There he died 13 Nov 1878. His wife Freelove, born 10 May 1812, was living in 1870, but we have no record of her death, which was before 1880.

Children of Elijah and Freelove A. (Earl) Bigelow, the nine oldest born Andes twp, Delaware co, NY:

15337.41     Mathilda, b 28 Aug 1831; no death date; m 19 Mar 1853 Adam Smith. Family unknown.

15337.42t    Ebenezer Elias, b 8 July 1833; d ____ (1890's); m 23 Feb 1860 in Montcalm co, Mary Bennett; res Gratiot co. 5 children.

15337.43     David Pomeroy, b 8 June 1835; died before 1839, in Andes twp.

15337.44     Abel, b 31 May 1837; d 21 Mar 1868 Gratiot co, unm., he served in the Civil War, Co F, 13th MI Inf.

15337.45     Abraham, a twin, b 21 July 1839; no further record after 1860.

15337.46     David, a twin, b 21 July 1839; died before 1850, probably in NY.

15337.47     Mary Catherine, b 17 Feb 1842; no record after 1850.

15337.48t    Phoebe Jane, b 21 Mar 1844; d 25 June 1881 Gratiot co; m Truman David Brown. 8 children.

15337.49     Zedock Pomeroy, b 30 June 1845; served in Civil War until 1865, after which we have no further record-either died or went west.(see below)

15337.4A     Frances Emily, b 16 Feb 1849 Howell, Livingston co, MI; no further record.

15337.4Bt   George Albert, b 21 June 1854 near Carson City, Montcalm co, MI; d 8 Sep 1945 Midland, MI; m Sarah A. Bailey (they later divorced). He farmed near Midland, MI many years. 6 children.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I, pg 243-244;
Pension record Noah Bigelow;
Bible records, courtesy Mrs. Maude Wood, Alma, MI;
census and vital records MI;
Michigan Volunteers in Civil War;
correspondence with descendants;
cemetery records and obituaries, MI.:
From: randi witek
To: alstreit@mandellstreit.com
Sent: Friday, October 18, 2002 12:29 PM
Subject: zedoc/zedic Bigelow

       According to what info I have, there were 2 , one spelled Zaddock
       and he lived in North Shade township and my great grandfather Zadoc, who lived in Pine River
       township a few miles away and it shows on the Michigan Civil war records that Zaddock P was 28
       yrs and Zadoc was 17. The family of my great grandfather had a  farm of 40 acres and until about 20
       years ago was still in the family. According to rootsweb civil war pages Zaddock P Bigelow is buried
       in California. My great grandfather is buried in Oak Grove cemetary St.Louis Mi (gratiot county)
       along with Elijah & Frelove Bigelow ( my g.g. grandparents). The other Bigelows buried in the family
       lots are as follows: Abel b.? d.1869, Abram no info, Albert (my grandfather) Angie 1882-1883, Asa
       1870-1879, Carl 1914-1918, Elijah (g.g.f.) d.1878, Eliza (wife of Zadoc) Everett 1885-1885, Frelove (wife
       of elijah) James L, 1890-1894, Johney J 1880-1887, Mary A 1874-1879, Maryetta (my grandmother
       wife of albert) 1888-1951,  Oliver E (my great uncle) 1868-1944, Willard E (son of oliver) 1916-1998,
       Zadoc d. 1914 (my great grandfather) Sarah (divorced wife of George Bigelow) I took my mother up
       to the cemetary and I have some pictures of the headstones. We still have many family in the area
       there of St.Louis/Alma Mi. I'll have to do some digging to get all my info together again. I work and
       also do alot of workworking/crafts for the winter shows so it might take me awhile to get it to you,
       but I will!!! It is great finding new relatives. I am confused about some things and as this is really all
       new for me I hope I'll be able to help.  Thanks again and really would love to hear from you again
       and the best way to figure out whats what with all these names. The Gratiot county historical society
       put together a book of ALL persons buried in Gratiot county by each cemetary, they did this from
       cemetary records, church records, public records  and bibles. A lot of work went into this book as
       each member took time to go to the cemetary and check the headstones. Next time I'm up that way
       I'm getting a copy. Anyway thanks and hope to hear from you. your new found 8th cousin, Randi
       (Stafford) Witek

Descendent note:
 Hi, I have been looking at all the information I can get my hands on regarding Bigelow's for the past couple of
 weeks. About 12 years ago or so Patricia Bigelow contacted my grandfather (now deceased), and then my father, Gerald
 Bigelow of Alma, Michigan for information about our family. My decendents are, according to Patricia Bigelow, Gerald
 Bigelow(10), William(9), William Augustus 8 , Ebenezer 7, Elijah 6, Noah 5, Cornelius 4 Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1. I have been unable to connect via the internet to Ebenezer (7) or William (8). The only information I can find on my grandfather, William (9) is his social security number and birth and death dates. I have lots of names, dates and history from our branch of  the family if you would like it, including the names of William's(8) fourteen children and many of their grandchildren since I grew up in the same town with many of my second, third and fourth cousins. Also our family now consists of several Bigelows of generation (13). If you already have most of this information please let me know where I can find it.
Mary Ellen Bigelow Stewart-Ainley   email  maryellena@hfmgv.org

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