Joseph Smith 8 BIGELOW

1555C.115      Joseph Smith 8 BIGELOW, son of  Horatio Ripley 7 ( Horatio , Abraham 5 , Abraham 4, Thomas 3, Samuel 2, John 1 and Anne Lenthal (SMITH) BIGELOW, was born at Boston, Suffolk, MA 28 October 1848 and married on 27 April 1877 to Mary Cleveland Bryant. He was a Harvard graduate like his father and grandfather. This family lived in Boston and Cohasset, MA. He continued with his father's copper interests for many years. He died in 1930 and his widow in 1940 (?).

Children of Joseph and Mary (Bryant) Bigelow:

1555C.1151t    Joseph Smith, b 15 Feb 1878 Cambridge, MA; d_____196?; m 19 Sept 1912 Ernestine Gazan; at least 2 children. (see below)

1555C.1 152t    Henry Bryant, b 03 Oct 1879 Cambridge; d 11 Dec 1967 Concord, MA; m 14 Aug 1906 Elizabeth Perkins Shattuck; 4 children. He was a famous oceanographer and marine biologist; U.S. Gov't. service; Harvard University.

1555C.1153     Arthur, b 07 Dec 1881; d 196_; unm.

1555C.1154     Cleveland, b 22 March 1883; d 1964; m  Dec 1912 Frances Constance Folsom; 4 children.

1555C.1155     Mary Cleveland, b 29 Nov 1885; d______ m 29 Sept 1905 John L. Bremer, M. D.; 1 dgtr.

1555C.1156     Stephen Sojier. b 18 March 1893; d ; m Mary McDevitt; 1 dgtr.

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Subject: Joseph S. Bigelow
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 12:32:31 -0000
From: "Norman Mongan" <  >
Hello Rod
I was admiring the very extensive Bigelow material you have assembled on your website. I am seeking information on a Joseph S.Bigelow, who was President of the House of Good Samaritan, 6 McLean St, Boston in 1900. (now integrated into Mass Gen Hospital in Blossom St, Boston).  He might be the Joseph Smith Bigelow of Boston and Cohasset who figures in your Bigelow list. My grandaunt Elizabeth Mongan was a patient and died there in July 30, 1925.
I wonder if you might have information on Joseph S. Bigelow's role and career as President of that now long gone, acute care institution.
Many thanks
Norman Mongan

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