Andrew 6 BIGELOW

In memory of
who died
Sept. 11, 1834
in his 71 yr.

15133.2     Andrew  6 BIGELOW, son of  Charles 5 ( Joseph 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Lucy ( BENNETT ) BIGELOW was born Boylston (then included in Shrewsbury), MA 24 April 1764. He married (1) in 1785 Sarah Fawcett.  She was born _____ 1764, and died 25 January 1806, aged 41 years, having had 9 children. Andrew then married (2) 18 October 1806 Mrs. Lydia Whitney of Harvard, daughter of Elias Sawyer. She was born 09 September 1778, and outlived her husband by a number of years, dying on 10 January 1862. He lived in the east part of Boylston on the old road to Northborough. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and claimed pension, as did his widow after Andrew's death. He was a cobbler by trade, and at the time he claimed pension, in great poverty. (more)
1790 census: MA-Worcester-Boylston-Andrew Bigelow: l-0-3-0-0.

Mass Sold & Sail of Rev War, Vol II:
   Biglo, Andrew. Shrewsbury. Descriptive list of enlisted men; Capt. Rice's Co., Col. Cushings' regt.; age, 17 yrs; stature, 5 ft. 5 in.; complexion, light; occupation, farmer; residence, Shrewsbury; enlisted March 29.1781; enlistment, 3 years.
   Bigelow, Andrew. Private, Col. Benjamin Tupper's (10th) regt.; enlisted March 29,1781; rolls made up to Jan. 1, 1782; service, 21 mos, l day.

Children of Andrew Bigelow by Sarah Fawcett:

15133.21        Allethusa, b 21 Feb 1786; d 08 Feb 1811; m 21 Aug 1803 Calvin Dimton.

15133.22        Clarimond, b 17 May 1788; no death date; m 23 Mar 1817 John Hastings; res Sterling, MA.

15133.23        Lucy, b 09 Dec 1790; d 11 Sept 1796.

15133.24t       Jonathan, b 05 Apr 1793; d Collamer, OH _ Jan 1854; m 04 Apr 1821 Eliza Tappan. A Congregational minister. 8 children.

15133.25t       Solomon, b 18 Mar 1795; d 24 Aug 1870 Boylston, MA; m 24 Nov 1818 Rebecca Parker; res Boylston. 5 children.

15133.26t       Asahel, b 14 May 1797; d 16 Aug 1877 Hancock, NH; m l5 Sep 1830 Dorcas Homes. A Congregational minister, graduate of Harvard University and Andover Theological Seminary. 6 children, including early California and Arizona settler Henry A. Bigelow, who served in Arizona's first territorial legislarure.

15133.27        Mary, b 25 Aug 1799; no death date; m 17 Sept 1818 John Norcross. (see below)

15133.28        John, b  1801; d 01 Sept 1802, aged 1 yr, 6 mos.

15133.29t       William Pitt, b 10 Apr 1804; d after 1890 Newtonville, MA; m (1) 20 Apr 1831 Anne Newton; (2) 03 Apr 1844 Mehitable Puffer; res Worcester and Holden. 4 children.

Children by second wife, Lydia (Sawyer) Whitney:

15133.2A        Francis Wheeler Whitney b 27 Aug 1807; d 19 June 1872; m 13 Apr 1837 Harriet Stratton (1803-1869).

15133.2Bt       Andrew, b 13 Dec 1809; d 23 Apr 1882; m (1) 12 Oct 1841 Emma L. Blackler; (2) 28 Dec 1858 Nancy Jewett Wilder. A Congregational minister; graduated Amherst 1838, taught at Rochester Academy, and had an active ministry. Former President of New Engiand Historical and Genealogical Society. 2 children.

15133.2Ct       James, b 21 May 1812; d 08 Sep 1890 (aged 78); m Lucy Maria Adams (1817-1882); res Boylston. 7 children.

15133.2D        John T.E., b 15 Aug 1814; d 31 Dec 1888 Boylston; m 01 Jan 1851 Sarah Goddard. No issue.

15133.2E        Sarah Fassett, b 13 Mar 1817 Boylston,; d 18 Jan 1895 (aged 77) Boylston; m 01 July 1848 Newell Parker (1821-1903; buried Pine Grove Cemetery; Boylston, Worcester County, MA

15133.2Ft       Lydia Lucretia, b 26 Feb 1820; d _ Feb 1881 West Boylston; m 28 Sept 1847 George Warren; res West Boylston. 4 children, one of whom was: Charles Sumner Warren of Westborough, MA.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol I , p 210-211;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America; p 167;
MA vital records;
pension records.
Subject: A bigelow descendent
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 09:47:29 -0400
From: "Fran" < >
Dear Rod:
     I am so delighted to have found the family web site.  As I am a novice at genealogy, your site has been a terrific resource!  My line comes down through Andrew (6) Bigelow. His daughter, Mary Bigelow (15133.27), marries John Norcross in 1818.  Their daughter, Anne Mary Norcross , marries Joab Woodward in 1858.  Their daughter, Ida May Woodward marries my great- grandfather, Edwin E. Johnson in 1886.  The rest is history!
     As I am a member of a DAR chapter, I plan to do a supplemental for Andrew, as he served in the Revolutionary War.
     Would love to have copies of source documentation (including title pages) for Andrew Bigelow and his first wife, Sarah Fawcett, for their births, date of marriage, and their deaths.  If you know of anyone who has this information available, please let me know and I will contact them.  As I collect more on this line, I will send it to you to be added to the Bigelow history.
     Again, it is truly my pleasure to be completing another branch of the family tree!
     Fran Pittman
     642 Bonneau Lane
     Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
Find a Grave:
Andrew Biglo, the son of Charles Biglo & Lucy [mn Bennet] Biglo was born 24 April 1764 at Shrewsbury, Massachusetts [Shrewsbury B/R; Massachusetts V/R of parents]
Andrew Biglo of Shrewsbuy. Capt Rice’s co., Col. Cushing regt. Age 17 yrs; stature, 5 ft, 5 in.; complexion, light; occupation, farmer; residence, Shrewsbury; enlisted March 29, 1781; enlistment, 3 years. [Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War, Vol 2, pg 28] Andrew Bigelo, Private, Col. Benjamin Tupper's (10th) regt.; enlisted March 29, 1781; rolls made up to Jan. 1, 1783; service, 21 mos. 1 days.[Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War, Vol 2, pg 23] When his wife, Lydia applied for a widow's pension, the documents mention the Town of Boylston, Col. Tupper's regt as well as Beaman's regt. and 3 years of service.
Marriage #1
Andrew Biglow & Sallee Fassett, intentions of marriage filed 12 August 1785 at Shrewsbury, Massachusetts [Shrewsbury V/R]
Marriage #2
Andrew Bigelow of Boylston and Mrs. Lydia Whitney of Harvard married 23 October 1806 at Harvard, Massachusetts. [Boylston Marriage Intentions; Harvard M/R, pg 342]

Andrew Bigelow, age 70 years, died 10 September 1834 at Boylston, Massachusetts.
(Church rec & gravestone indicate he died the 11th) [Boylston D/R, pg 237;
Deaths from Church Records, pg 30] Deferred to Church and gravestone date for this memorial.

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