Carl Chesley 9 BIGELOW

15337.12D4      Carl Chesley 9 BIGELOW, son of Alexander Alvin 8 ( Levi 7 , Noah 6 , Noah 5, Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Lucy (Hallock) BIGELOW, was born 24 October 1876 Walnut, Pottawattamie co, IA.  Carl married 29 September 1896 Nettie Aliice (see below) McAdams, at Swea City, Kossuth, IA. She was born 18 September 1878 in Stryker, Williams co, OH, the dau of Samuel Haines and Margaret Ellen (Staley) McAdams.  She died 21 August 1950 and Carl died 16 April 1953, both in Winona, Winona co, MN.

Children of Carl and Nettie (McAdams) Bigelow:

15337.12D41     Leonore Ellen, b 16 Feb 1898 Gibbon, Buffalo co, NE; d 21 Sept 1968 Urbana, Champaign co, IL; m 27 Sept 1921 Horace Keith; she had diabetes and died from the effects of this disease.

15337.12D42     baby boy Bigelow, b 07 Jan 1900 Lamberton, Redwood co, MN; d 14 Feb 1900 Lamberton, Redwood co, MN;

15337.12D43     Harold Alvin "Bud", b 04 May 1901 Lamberton, Redwood co, MN; d 05 Sept 1943 Racine, Racine co, WI; m Myra Wieczorek;

15337.12D44     Ida Beatrice (twin), b 25 May 1903 Flasher, Morton co, ND; d 17 July 1903 Flasher, Morton co, ND; when born, she was what they called a 'blue baby', lack of oxygen.

15337.12D45   Iva Beatrice (twin), b 25 May 1903 Flasher, Morton co, ND; d 30 Dec 1992 Mapleton,, MN; Iva was married/annulled;

15337.12D46t    Lelia Viola, b 20 Dec 1907 Flasher, Morton co, ND; d 22 Dec 1907 St. Paul, Ramsey co, MN; m Edwin Everett Nelson; 5 children; (see below)

15337.12D47     infant Bigelow, b 07 Mar 1916 Stockton, Winona co, MN; d 07 Mar 1916 Stockton, Winona co, MN; (see below)

15337.12D48t    Cecil Carl, b 11 June 1921 Stockton, Winona co, MN; d 26 Dec 2011 Mapleton, Blue Earth County, MN; Cecil has a PHD in Economics; m 03 Mar 1945 Dorothy Ann Papich in Minneapolis, MN; (she b 24 June 1923 Chisholm, MN and d 19 Mar 2011 Mankato, Blue Earth County, MN); 3 children: Robert Harold Bigelow and Janine & Mary Bigelow (were adopted in Mankato, MN).

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 380 child;
censuses NY, NE;
research by Bigelow Society historian/genealogist;

Nettie (McAdams) and Carl C. Bigelow

Nettie (McAdams) and Carl C. Bigelow (earlier)

Carl C. Bigelow in wagon; In this picture Carl has both arms.
He lost his right arm in sawing lumber accident.

Children of Carl and Nettie Bigelow
(L to R) Back Row: Leonore and Harold
(L to R) Front Row: Lelia and Iva Bigelow

Allice is spelled correctly with two i's.  She died at the home of her daughter, Lelia Nelson, in Goodview, MN
(which is now incorporated into Winona.)
Records in the McAdams family Bible state that Carl and Nettie were married in the Flax Patch area...
this is the name they called the S.H. McAdams homestead or farm in Swea City, IA

Pat bigelow...Bigelow Family Society and Family bible of Merle
(Bigelow) (Mitchell) Finck.
The Levi Bigelow family moved from Rock, WI to Iowa in 1871 then Reuben moved to Omaha, NE.
Correspondence between family descendants and Bigelow Society genealogists; censuses and vital records of IA and NE; Valley co. courthouse, Ord, NE.
Information, Valley Co. Courthouse, ORD, NE, Probate Records and Marker in Cemetery. Source for book: Birth information and Pat Bigelow, Bigelow Family Society. Children:  2nd MD Probate Records.
FORGE, October 1978, Vol.7, #4, p.78 has William Bigelow, 9th generation, of Kimberly, Idaho, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary 17 Jul 1978, with wife and both their families. Among those present were Bill's sisters, Merle (Bigelow) Finck and Shirley (Bigelow) Sewell.  See Vol.1, #1 and articles after 1978 for fascinating story of 2 Rev. soldiers and their migrations.
This baby might have been 'still born'...but when doing temple work, the
temple sealer was impressed that we should seal her to her parents.  Therefore,
we did.  She is buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in the old section, up high on
the hillside (west side of cemetery) in an unmarked grave.  We have hunted for
it but could not find any markings.  They were poor and could not afford to buy
a regular lot marker.  There was supposed to have been a simple stick type
marker but back in the 40's and 50's when we searched, nothing could be found.
Information from Carol Valentine 1996

15337.12D46    Lelia Viola 10 BIGELOW, was born 20 December 1907 at Flasher, Morton co, ND. She married at unknown date Edwin Everett Nelson. He was born 27 May 1915 at Swea, He died 14 April 1983 at Cannon Falls, Goodhue co, MN. Lelia died 22 December 1979 at St. Paul, Ramsey co, MN. Both are buried in Cannon Falls.

Children of Edwin and Lelia (Bigelow) Nelson:

15337.12D461t     Lee Walter Nelson, b 30/31 July 1938 Winona, Winona co, MN; d ___ ; m 20 Aug 1960 Carol Jean Shueler(b 29 Jan 1941 Winona, dau of Clarence Austin and Harriet Frieda (Stark) Schueler); 2 children known: Cindy Mae and Wayne David Nelson (FTM);

15337.12D462t     Carol Ann Nelson, b 03 Jan 1940 Winona, Winona co, MN; d ___ ; m (1) 12 Oct 1958 Frederick Edward Arthur Rossin (1935-1972); 2 children: Eric Edward and Laurie Ann Rossin (FTM); m (2) 01 Aug 1974 Robert August Valentine, at Logan, Cache co, UT; 1 son Jeffrey Edwin Valentine (FTM);

15337.12D463t     Jerry Warren Nelson, b 28 Feb 1941 Winona, Winona co, MN; d ___ ; m 12 Feb 1961 Glenda Fay Rogers (b 27 Mar 1941 Santa Rita, NM, dau of Lee and Ula Bly (Greer) Rogers); 3 children; Michael Warren, Jo Ann and Ronald Edwin Nelson (FTM);

15337.12D464t     Norman Anton Nelson, b 10 June 1945 Richmond, Contra Costa co, CA; d ___ ; m 09 July 1967 Loretta Louise Goodwin at Sioux City, Woodbury co, IA; 2 children: Robert Lee and Katrina Louise Nelson (FTM)

15337.12D465t     Donald Edwin Nelson, b 16 Feb 1951 Winona, Winona co, MN; d ___ ; m 29 Nov 1974 Marta Lynnette Ralston (b 02 Aug 1952 Sioux City, IA, dau of Lowell and Alma Lenore (Peacock) Ralston); 2 children: Erin Lynnette and Brooke Noel Nelson (FTM)

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