Aylmer (Elmer) 9 BIGELOW

c stewart
St. Andrew's United Church Cemetery; Gatineau, Outaouais Region, Quebec, Canada
Mrs. Elmer Bigelow "30 Oct 1928"
(Age 68 years)

15336.5271      Aylmer (Elmer) 9 BIGELOW, son of Jeremiah 8 ( Adam Chester 7 ,Cornelius 6 , Paul 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Lucinda (Reaume) BIGELOW, was born at Buckingham township, Papineau, Quebec on 06 June 1855. He married Christine Stewart) (see below on 21 March 1878. They resided in Buckingham where Aylmer died 09 February 1934. Christine died 30 Oct 1928 (aged 68 years)(see above)

Children of Aylmer and Christine (Stewart) Bigelow, all born Buckingham, Quebec:

15336.52711     James Ernest, b 06 Feb 1883 Buckingham; d 08 March 1928 Cobalt, Ont; m Mary Nancy Stewart , 12 children (see below)

15336.52712     Jessie May, b 07 Aug 1895; d 09 July 1980 Ottawa, Ont.; buried Buckingham,Quebec; m (1) 30 Aug 1913 John Coleman Parke (1882-1920); m (2) 1921 William Amos Baldwin (1897-1984); (see below)

15336.52713     Talbert Aylmer, b 24 Jan 1899; d 29 Oct 1965 Pembroke,,Ontario,Canada; m (1) 12 Jan 1924 Mamie Mallish; also (see below) and Mallish Family.

15336.52714     ?Robert Allan, b 4 Apr 1891 Glen Almond, Papineau, Quebec; d 10 Oct 1977 Buckingham, Papineau, Quebec; m 21 June 1911 Louisa Mallish (sister of Mamie above-so Robert possible son of Aylmer?); 8 Children:
             1.Desmond, b 28 Jan 1911 Buckingham; d 20 Mar 1911;
             2.Edward Talbert, b 5 Feb 1916 Buckingham; d 07 May 1930;
             3.Margaret Eileen, b 21 Jan 1920; d ___ ; m Teasdale Hill.
             4.Nora Shirley Louise, b 1922
             5.Sadie Kathleen, b 1924
             6.Robert Lionel, b 1926
             7.Lewis David, b 1927
             8.BIGELOW, b 1929
             and 15336.543219    Charles, b ___ ; d ___ ; m Sue ____ ; 1 child known:
                          a.  Kerri Sue Bigelow, b 8 Dec 1976 Cadillac,, MI.
Sharon has this Robert as son of James Riley 9 Bigelow (15336.521A) and Elizabeth Bigelow (15336.5284).(also children Gordon (below), Venard, Steve, Lizy listed as children of James Riley (9))

15336.52715     ?Gordon Stanley, b 03 Feb 1895 Glen Almond, Papineau, Quebec; d _____ ; m 21 June 1916 Rhoda Mallish (sister of Mamie above-so Gordon possible son of Aylmer?); 3 children:
   1.Sylvia Eileen, b  6 May 1919 Buckingham; m Earl Parcher;Children:
       1.Dolly Eliza Ann PARCHER
       2.Simon Earl PARCHER
       3.Vivian Judy PARCHER
       4.Glen Roy PARCHER
   2.Myrtle Valerie, b 13 Sep 1921 Buckingham; m 04 Dec 1953 Homer SHARPE; Children:
        1.Barbara SHARPE
        2.Alan SHARPE
   3.Herbert Evans, b  08 June 1931; d 26 Mar 1934;

15336.52716     ???

15336.52717     ???

15336.52718     ???

15336.52719     ???

15336.5271A    ???

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 360;
Church and vital records Buckingham, Quebec;
correspondence between family members and Bigelow Society genealogist;
Bigelow Society historian/genealogist records.
"Forge" 1980 Vol. 9, No. 4, p. 79.

Subject: Talbert Bigelow
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 11:47:09 -0600
From: Sharon Bigelow <  sab@telusplanet.net  >

I have done some research of my own and have concluded that Talbert Sr. Bigelow's father was Aylmer Bigelow.
So it goes something like this John1, Samuel (2), Samuel (3), Cornelius (4), Paul (5), Cornelius (6), Adam(7), Jeremiah 8, Aylmer 9, Talbert Sr. 10 , Talbert Jr. 11, Sharon (12) that's me, and Eric (13) this is my son.

Subject: James Bigelow
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 11:47:09 -0600
From: Carol Gabriel    rsgabriel@shaw.ca
(see below)
I understand that you may have information that could help me with my family tree research.  My father's father's mother was a Biglow, Mary Eva Biglow, she was born May 7 1903, but possibly 1904.  It is a long story, if you are interested I will tell you about it later.

The earliest Biglow I have is James Ernest Biglow, he was born February 06, 1883 in Buckingham, Quebec.  He died in March 1928 in Cobalt, Ontario.  I think that he is buried beside his wife Mary Nancy Stewart, who was born in August 06, 1886 in Buckingham, Quebec.  She died July 03, 1952 in Cobalt, Ontario.

Children of James Ernest and Mary Nancy (Stewart) Bigelow:

15336.52613.1    Mary Eva Biglow                           May 07, 1903
15336.52613.2    Christina Biglow                            1905
15336.52613.3    Edward Biglow                              1907
15336.52613.4    Lillian Violet Biglow                       1909
15336.52613.5    Stephen Biglow                             1909
15336.52613.6    Cecil James Biglow                      August 06, 1913
15336.52613.7    Louella Biglow                               1910
15336.52613.8    Grace Pearl Biglow                       1915
15336.52613.9    Ernest Peter Biglow                      1917
15336.52613.A    Hazel Annie Biglow                       January 02, 1923
15336.52613.B    Janet Victoria Biglow                    October 17, 1924
15336.52613.Ct    Stanley Nelson Biglow, b 17 Jan 1927 Cochrane, Ont; d ____ ; m 15 Mar 1948 Helen Recker (b 24 Apr 1929 Wheatley, Ont); 10 children known (see below)

    Does any of this information match what you might have?  I really hope so because I have no idea where to go with this now.  I have no idea where any of these people live now, or where any of their children are. Please help me!
Thank You
Carol Gabriel
Subject: James Bigelow and Mary Stuart
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 23:41:00 -0600
From: "Elaine Bigelow" <bigelowe@mb.sympatico.ca>
I have been researching without much luck.  I am trying to find a connection between these bigelows and the bigelows on your page.  They were supposed to have originated from Scotland and landed in Valdore Quebec. My father-in-law Stanley Nelson Bigelow was born in Wawa Ontario, (siblings: Ernest, Gladys, Janet, Hazel and Cecil), his parents were supposed to be Stuart and Bigelow from Wawa, or even Cochrane Ontario.  His mothers name was Grace and fathers name was Nelson or Stanley.  A Bigelow family member, sister Glady's or Janet was supposed to have done a crest, clan and genealogy trace which went from Wawa to Quebec to Scotland.  The Bigelow and Stuart lines were supposed to have crossed over either in Scotland or in Quebec where they were actually distant cousins who married and all can be traced back to Stuarts in Scotland, I have never been able to reach the people who might have this information.  I once saw a genealogy tree paper of this search (back in the days when I was too young to be interested in more than surviving with my family).  Nelson's wife Helena (Recker) was supposed to have submitted information to Pat Bigelow in Alaska, I actually telephone Pat, a very sweet lady, many years back and talked to her and she said they she could never connect these Bigelows to the Bigelow Society.  Is there any way to find out if Pat might have received the family tree record I speak about and have it put it in "an unfulfilled Bigelow traces file" with your organization.  Can you provide me with a direction to go in next?  I surely appreciate any assistance from you or your readers.  The reason I left out crucial information like dates, birthdays, etc are, I don't have any, anything I provide would be guesswork.  The only date I can provide without error is this:  Nelson Stanley Bigelow and Helena Recker were married in St. Theresa's Church in Windsor, Ontario in 1948, I believe it was an RC church because their children were all baptized RC.  Oh yes, one more important fact - Stanley Nelson Bigelow was a Baptist, the family was believed to have been Baptist as well when they lived in Quebec. Nelson Stanley Bigelow and his spouse Helena Recker has died, as well, their son
Ronald has also died.  I will send you my own grandchildren's information as well, (their father was Douglas, deceased).
Ernest, brother of Nelson Stanley has also passed away.  (I will be sending this page on to Ernest and Dorothy's son so that they may fill in the blanks on dates for Ernest's passing.  Thank you again.
Elaine Bigelow
Winnipeg Canada
(see below)

15336.52711    James 10 BIGELOW, son of Aylmer (Elmer) 9  ( Jeremiah 8 , Adam Chester 7 ,Cornelius 6 , Paul 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Christine (Stewart) BIGELOW, was born at Buckingham township, Papineau, Quebec on 06 February 1883. He married Mary Nancy Stewart at unknown date. She was the daughter of James and Mary (Bigelow) Stewart. She was born 06 August 1886 also at Buckingham. She had a brother , Charles Stewart, born 19 August 1880 Buckingham. He married Janet Ellen Bigelow on 27 April 1899 and had 8 children.) James was a miner, probably in Cobalt, Ontario, where he died on 08 March 1928. His wife Mary died 02 July 1952.

Children of James and Mary (Stewart) Bigelow:

15336.527111t    Mae Eva, b 07 May 1903 Cobalt, Ont; d ______ ; m 20 July 1919 Phillip John Cannon; 8 children;

15336.527112     Christina, b ___ 1905; d _ Sept 1927; m Peter Smith;

15336.527113     Edward, b ____ ; d ______ ;

15336.527114     Stephen, b ____ ; d ______ ;

15336.527115     Louella, b ____ ; d ______ ;

15336.527116     Lillian Violet, b ___ 1909; d ____ 1934; m Albert Campbell;

15336.527117     Cecil James, b 06 Aug 1913 Cobalt, Ont; d ______ ;

15336.527118     Grace Pearl, b ____ 1915; d ______ ; m Scott Stewart; m Robert Thompson; m Fred Gidlow;

15336.527119     Ernest Peter, b 11 Sept 1920 Cobalt, Ont; d _____ ; m 09 Mar 1944 Dorothy Pariset (she born 03 Nov 1917, London, England); 3 children: Brian John, Valerie Joan, and Roger William Bigelow;

15336.52711A     Hazel Annie, b 02 Jan 1923 Cobalt, Ont; d 11 Oct 1981Windsor, Ont; m Clifford St Denis;

15336.52711B     Janet Victoria, b 17 Oct 1924 Cobalt, Ont; d ____ ; m Ernest Bloomfield;

15336.52711C     Stanley Nelson, b 17 Jan 1927 Cochrane, Ont.; d _____ ; m 15 Mar 1948 Helena Recker (she born 24 April 1929 Wheatley, Ont.; d ____ ; daughter of Henry and Helen (Siefker) Recker);
Stanley Nelson also known as Nelson Stanley. He was a Martin car builder, and resided in Windson, Ont.; 10 children;

  Carol Gabriel

  Descendants of James Stewart
  Generation No. 1

  i. JAMES DUNCAN STEWART, b. April 03, 1853,Buckingham Township, Quebec, Canada; d. March 08, 1928, Cobalt, Ontario,

  Generation No. 2

  JAMES DUNCAN2 STEWART was born April 03, 1853 in Buckingham Township, Quebec, Canada, and died March 08, 1928 in
  Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. He married MARY ANN BIGELOW July 15, 1876 in Buckingham, Quebec, Canada, daughter of JAMES
  BIGELOW and MARY BIGELOW. She was born March 04, 1859 in Buckingham Township, Quebec, Canada, and died July 02, 1952 in
  Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

  Children of JAMES STEWART and MARY BIGELOW are:
  i. MARY NANCY STEWART, b. August 06, 1886, Buckingham Township, Quebec, Canada; d. July 02, 1952,
  Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.
  ii. CHARLES STEWART, b. August 19, 1880, Buckingham Township, Quebec, Canada; d. September 27,

  Generation No. 3

MARY NANCY STEWART was born August 06, 1886 in Buckingham Township, Quebec, Canada, and died July 02, 1952 in Cobalt,
  Ontario, Canada. She married JAMES ERNEST BIGELOW, son of AYLMER BIGELOW and CHRISTINA STEWART. He was born February 06, 1883 in Buckingham Township, Papineau, Quebec, Canada, and died March 08, 1928 in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

  Children of MARY STEWART and JAMES BIGELOW are:
  i. MARY EVA BIGELOW, b. May 07, 1903, Cobalt, Ontario, Canada; d. December 27, 1986, Wawa, Ontario,
  ii. CHRISTINA BIGELOW, b. 1905; d. September 1927; m. PETER SMITH.
  iii.EDWARD BIGELOW, b. 1907; d. 1907.
  v. STEPHEN BIGELOW, b. 1909; d. 1909.
  vi.LOUELLA BIGELOW, b. 1910; d. 1910.
  vii.CECIL JAMES BIGELOW, b. August 06, 1913, Colbalt, Ontario, Canada.
  viii.GRACE PEARL BIGELOW, b. 1915; m. (1) SCOTT STEWART; m. (2) FRED GIDLOW; m. (3) ROBERT
  ix. ERNEST PETER BIGELOW, b. September 11, 1920, Colbalt, Ont; d ____ ; m 09 Mar 1944 Dorothy Pariset (1917-  ); 3 children: Brian John, Valerie Joan, and Roger William Bigelow.
  x. HAZEL ANNIE BIGELOW, b. January 02, 1923,Colbalt, Ontario, Canada.
  xi. JANET VICTORIA BIGELOW, b. October 17, 1924, Colbalt, Ontario,Canada; m. ERNEST BLOOMFIELD.
xii.   STANLEY NELSON BIGELOW, b. January 17, 1927,Cochrane, Ontario, Canada.

  CHARLES STEWART was born August 19, 1880 in Buckingham Township, Quebec, Canada, and died September 27,1958. He married
  JANET ELLEN BIGELOW April 27, 1899 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She was born December 25, 1880 in Buckingham Township,
  Quebec, Canada, and died September 10, 1938 in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.


Children of Stanley Nelson and Helen (Ricker) Bigelow:

15336.5261C.1    Douglas Wayne, b 24 Sept 1948 Windsor, Ont; d 03 Nov 1973 Elma Manitoba; m (FTM) Elaine Podolchak;3 children (FTM)
15336.5261C.2    Kenneth James, b (FTM) Windsor Ont; m (FTM) Linda Coleman; 2 children (FTM)
15336.5261C.3    Barbara Jean, b (FTM) Windsor Ont; m (FTM) David Lyons; 1 son known (FTM)
15336.5261C.4    Ronald Nelson, b (FTM) Windsor Ont;
15336.5261C.5    Mary Ann Loraine, b (FTM) Windsor Ont;
15336.5261C.6    Gerald Francios, b (FTM) Windsor Ont;
15336.5261C.7    Joseph, b 27 Apr 1960 Windsor; d 27 Apr 1960 Windsor;
15336.5261C.8    Caroline Elizabeth, b (FTM) Windsor Ont;
15336.5261C.9    Myron Paul, b (FTM) Windsor Ont; (see below)
15336.5261C.A    Maureen Cheryl, b (FTM) Windsor Ont;

Note 12/02/06:
Myron Bigelow   < mp_bigelow@yahoo.ca  >  wrote:
Hello Rod,
   My name is Myron Paul Bigelow I am the son of Nelson Stanley and Helena(Recker) Bigelow from Windsor Ontario Canada. I am the second youngest of my family and the youngest son. To make a long story even longer I am the brother in law of Elaine Bigelow that has helped in the family tree on the Bigelow Society web site.   My son has a project and I'm sure you know how that story goes. I spoke to Elaine and she put me on to the Bigelow Society site and I am having a great time reading all I can. I have photos and information and dates as to when members of my family have passed on and when they were married children and so on. This email is to see if you yourself or any one else can assist me in getting this information to the correct people so we can update the information. Thanks; Myron Bigelow

LaSalle Ontario

<>From: Colette Brown  < colettejbrown@hotmail.com >
Subject: Jessie Mae Bigelow - Searching for the name of her parents who came from Scotland
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 00:41:29 -0500
Hi Rod
<>My name is Colette Brown I am doing family search on my husband's side of the family. His mother was Ermagarde Margaret Baldwin.  I am searching for the parents
of Jessie Mae Bigelow. I know that her family was originally from Scotland.  Wondering if you have any links to help us.<>
William Amos Baldwin was born on Dec 28th 1897 in Lachute Quebec died Feb 24th 1984. He arrived in USA  on July 3rd, 1923 at Malone, New York accompanied by his wife Jessie May Bigelow born August 7th, 1895 
in Buckingham, Quebec and died July 9th 1980 and was interment St Andrew's United Church Cemetery, Buckingham, Quebec. Her family came from Scotland. This was her second marriage. I have no details of the first marriage.

She gave birth to 2 daughters: 

1-Grace Elizabeth Park, born August 16th, 1914 in Port Hope, Ontario  She married MacMurray and gave birth to Heather Mac Murray.  Heather married McNally. Heather gave birth to three daughters: Dallas, Georgia and Jessica.

2- Ermagarde Margaret Baldwin born May 11th 1922 in Lachute, Quebec. died July 5th, 2004. Internment St- Stephens Anglicn Cemetery Buckingham, Quebec. This was her daughter from her second marriage.  Ermagarde Margaret Baldwin had one child:  Alistair James Brown - (his father James Rowland Clement Brown Born June 5th, 1896 in Clarke Township Ontario and died November 5th, 1958 in Toronto, Ontario.)

Alistair James Brown b April 13th, 1944 in Pembroke, Renfrew Co. Ontario. Alistair James Brown Married Marie Colette Eleonore {Fortier) Brown in Timmins, Ontario on Sept 16th, 1944? (64). they had two children:  Ian James Brown and David Glenn Brown.  Ian James Brown married Lisa (Petkovich) Brown and had two children Ethan McKenzie Brown and Darby Alexandra Brown. David Glenn Brown had two children:  Dalton McPherson Brown and Garrett Edward Knudsen Brown.

<>The family of William Amos Baldwin resided in Jamesville, N.Y. after moving to the U.S. and before moving to Syracuse, N.Y. where they lived until their return to Canada in 1930.

Children of Aylmer and Christine (Stewart) Bigelow, all born in Buckingham, Quebec:

15336.52711     James Ernest 10 Bigelow, b 06 Feb 1883 Buckingham; d 08 March 1928 Cobalt, Ont; m Mary Nancy Stewart 12 children

15336.52712     Jessie May 10 Bigelow b 17 Aug 1894; d 9 July 1980 Ottawa Ont. buried Buckingham Quebec; married twice.  Second marriage to William Amos Baldwin b Dec. 28th, 1897 in Lachute Quebec. d. February 24th, 1984. She had two children (1) Grace Elizabeth Parke born August 16th, 1914 in Port Hope, Ontario.  (2) Ermagarde Margaret Baldwin; born May11th 1922 in Lachute, Quebec "Forge" 1980 Vol. 9, No. 4, p. 79.

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