Joshua Cushman 8 BIGELOW

Joshua Cushman 8 Bigelow

16251.212      Joshua Cushman 8 BIGELOW, son of Joshua Cushman 7 ( James 6 , James 5 , James 4 , Jonathan 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Eliza (PISHON) BIGELOW, was born at Norridgewock, Somerset co., ME on 18 January 1826.  He went into Australia and married there 27 November 1856 Margaret "Maggie" Thompson who was born in Carlisle, England on 21 September 1836.  They both died at Bright, Australia - she on 14 January 1910 and he on 25 December 1912.

Children of Joshua and "Maggie" (Thompson) Bigelow, all born in Australia:

16251.2121     Charles Snow, b 02 Nov 1857; d ____ ;

16251.2122     Eliza Maggie, b 23 Dec 1859; d ____ ;

16251.2123     John, b  09 Mar 1960 Bruorong, Queensland, Australia; d 24 Mar 1867;

16251.2124     James Amasa, b 09 Apr 1862 Yackandandoh?, Victoria, Australia; was married and had at least 1 son, James.

16251.2125     Fannie Elizabeth, b 10 Apr 1864; died young;

16251.2126t    Joshua Cushman III, b 01 Apr 1866 Yackandandoh; d 26 Oct 1929 Brisbane, Australia; m Mrs. Margaret ( ___ ) Hamilton; 3 children. (see below)

16251.2127     Alonzo, b and d 1869;

16251.2128     Alonzo Thompson, b 18 May 1870; d 20 Feb 1910;

16251.2129t     Alphonzo George, b 26 Jan 1872; d 02 Oct 1926; m Caroline Edith Bolger; several children;(see below)

16251.212A     Hiram Preston, b 16 Aug 1876; d _____ ;

16251.212B     Ernest Sidney, b 31 July 1879; d ______ ;

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 478-479;
Howe,Bigelow Family of America; page 446;
Family Bible;
Photos from J. Lewis; R.S.D.; Evansford 3371; Australia; copies in Bigelow Society Library
See page 2 for more photos;

Seated Left to Right:
Eliza Maggie Bigelow, Joshua Cushman Bigelow, and wife Margaret (Thompson)
Standing Left to Right:
Alphonso George Bigelow, and far right Ernest Sydney Bigelow
others not identified (full size picture)

New Note:
Date: 01 Nov 2004
From: Anthony Bigelow  >
Seeking information on Joshua Cushman Bigelow, born 15 December 1797, Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine.
I am related to his first son, Joshua Cushman Bigelow jnr. born 1826, Norridgewock, Maine.
Any information gratefully received.

Reply from Michael Barris: has Joshua Cushman Bigelow (15 December 1787, Showhegan, Somerset County, Maine-9 May 1887), the son of James Bigelow and Betsy Davis. I cannot trace him further. His spouse is Eliza Pishon, whom he married 7 October 1823 in Skowhegan.

Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 19:38:36 +1100
From: Leslie Cushman Bigelow  >
Joshua Cushman Bigelow 16251.212t    Born USA, married & died in Australia
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 I am great grandson of above, my father Leslie William Bigelow, my grandfather Alphonso George Bigelow (see below).
 Leslie Cushman Bigelow

16251.2129   Alphoso George 9 Bigelow, son of Joshua Cushman 8 II Bigelow, etc. and Margaret
(Thompson) Bigelow, was born 26 January 1872 in Australia. He married Caroline Edith Bolger and had several children. Alphonso died 02 October 1926.
Children of Alphonso and Margaret (Hamilton) Bigelow:

16251.21291   Leslie William, b __ 1900 ; d ___ 1969 ; m ??; son; Leslie Cushman Bigelow;

16251.21292   Margaret, b ____ ; d ____; m  Maurice William Isaac; son: Maurice Alphonzo Isaac; married with children;

16251.21293    Lilian May, b ___ 1907; d ___ 2002; m Archibald McDonald HADDOW (1902-c1998) (see below)

16251.2126   Joshua Cushman 9 Bigelow, III, son of Joshua Cushman 8 II Bigelow, etc. and Margaret
(Thompson) Bigelow, was born at Yackandandoh, Australia on 01 April 1866 . He married at unknown date m Mrs. Margaret ( ___ ) Hamilton; Joshua died 26 October 1929 Brisbane, Australia; 3 children.
Children of Joshua and Margaret (Hamilton) Bigelow:

16251.21261   Raymond, b ____ ; d _____ ; m ??; dau. Gwen Bigelow;

16251.21262   James Amicey, b ____ ; d ____; m 10 Sept 1824 Eva Jenkins at Nambour, Queensland, Australia;
son: James Edgar Bigelow, b 17 Aug 1925 Brisbane; m 15 Apr 1949 Jean Joyner; 2 children; (FTM)
dau: Valerie Bigelow, b 10 Oct 1932 Cooparoo, Aust.; m 09 Apr 1949 Ronald Keith Henderson; 6 children; (FTM)

Note from

                               Joshua Bigelow in: American Australian Heritage Exhibition in Australia
Posted by: keith smiley (ID *****7916) Date: June 12, 2005 at 21:59:37
Melbourne: TUESDAY June 7th, 2005
At the Museum of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia,the first-ever American Heritage Exhibition which was entitled Cowboys,Church Bells and Curtain Calls' was launched by the US Consul General, Mr David Hopper, with guest speakers, Dr David Greene, CEO Museum Victoria, and famous Australian movie actor Gus Mercurio - keynote speech was given by Keith Smiley, who is founder of the Australian Society of American Descendants which proposed the idea of an American heritage display. Joshua Cushman Bigelow was mentioned in the exhibition and catalogue and in the speech given by Keith who coordinated the research and put the exhibition together. He is the great great grandson of Shepherd Parkman Smiley who was from Skowhegan in Maine, and descended from Francis Smiley of Haverhill MA who arrived in 1727 from Antrim Nth Ireland - the Bigelows in Australia used the name of their family home 'Bloomfield' which is so close to Skowhegan where the Smileys, Westons, Dinsmores, Snow and many other Somerset families came from and were mentioned in the exhibition..

The Exhibition received nearly a full page of editorial in the daily Melbourne tabloid newspaper, The Age, and has been well-received throughout the capital city and the State of Victoria. The Exhibition will remain open until August 22nd.
The Exhibition is expected to travel thoughout capital and regional cities in Australia.

Keith concluded his speech by saying that "finally American immigrants are being recognised for their contribution to Australia with this wider Project, and will thus be placed on the multicultural map of Australia."

If you can contribute to this body of knowledge regarding American Australians, or wish to have more information go to:
or write:

Keith Smiley
PO Box 2130
Bayswater Victoria,
Australia 3153
Or email:

Guest Book: Friday 06/29/2007
Name: Ruth Symons
Location: Australia
Comments: Hi, my husband, Anthony (known as Tony) is descended from John BIGELOW as follows.
* Anthony Bruce SYMONS
* Shirley Jean HADDOW 1929- m) John William SYMONS 1929-2004
* Lilian May BIGELOW 1907-2002 m) Archibald McDonald HADDOW 1902-c1998
* Alphonzo George BIGELOW 1872-1926 m) Caroline Edith BOLGER
* Joshua Cushman BIGELOW 1826-1912 m) Margaret THOMPSON
*Son of Joshua Cushman7 (James6, James5, James4, Jonathan3, Joshua2, John1). Ruth and Tony Symons

Lilian May (Bigelow) Haddow (seated)
Children (left to right)
Nola Valerie Sedman, Douglas MacDonald Haddow, Norma Margaret Fielder
Shirley Jean Symons, June May Weston, Joy Lilian Lewis

In order of Birth:
1. June May (Haddow) Weston,
2. Joy Lilian (Haddow) Lewis
3. Shirley Jean (Haddow) Symons
4. Norma Margaret (Haddow) Fielder
5. Douglas MacDonald Haddow,
6. Nola Valerie (Haddow) Sedman,

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