Jonathan Gordon 8 BIGELOW

16251.275      Jonathan Gordon 8 BIGELOW, son of Jonathan 7 ( James 6 , James 5 , James 4 , Jonathan 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Melissa (ABBE) BIGELOW, was born at St Albans, Somerset co, ME on 16 July 1839. He married (1) 12 August 1866 Lydia Given who was born 23 July 1840 and died 18 January 1890. He married (2) on 26 March 1896 Lulu S. Knight who was born at Winchester, VA in March of 1868.  Jonathan graduated from Amherst College and was a lawyer in Washington, DC. He defended President Garfield's assassin.  He was a Capt. in 80th U. S. Infantry during the Civil War after which he was instrumental in veterans causes and appeared before the Supreme Court on their behalf.  He was instrumental in getting a re-rating of the pensions of those soldiers who had lost a leg and an arm, This was the case he presented to the Supreme Court on an appeal from the decision of the Pension Commissioner. He died 29 December 1909 in Washington, DC and is buried at Arlington cemetery. (see obituary below)

Children of Jonathan and Lydia (Given) Bigelow:

16251.2751     Edward Maynard, b 02 Dec 1867 St Albans, ME; d ____; m __ June 1904 ??: (insurance man in Alexandria, VA); dau Julie Bigelow, b ___ 1905;

16251.2752     Clifford (Clifton) Montague, b 13 August 1874 Washington, DC; d 01 Aug 1902 Washington, DC; m Virginia Lee Michell; he was an attorney, and had 1 son and 2 dau; children (see below)

Children of Jonathan and Lulu S. (Knight) Bigelow:

16251.2753     Jonathan Gordon jr., b 10 June 1902; d ___ Feb 1996; m twice; 1 child (see below)

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 482;
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Abbe Genealogy; 1913.
Subject: Clifford Bigelow
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2001 13:41:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Patricia Bigelow <  >
 Dear Rod,
    Thank you so much for taking your time to help me out.  I am really interested in trying to get my family history in order because nobody in my family really knows.  I went to my parents house last week and looked through some pictures to try and get some names in order so that my search would be a bit easier.  My dad's name is Clifton Lee, (born 1941), my grandpa was Robert Montague, (born circa 1898), my great grandpa was Clifton Montague (born circa, 1872- he died at age 26 from TB, and was the State Vice Councilor in Virginia.  Married to Virginia Lee (Michell)).  His father was Johnathan Bigelow.  (I don't really know when he was born, and I don't know his middle name.  I do know that he fought for the Union army in the Civil War and I believe he was from Virginia.)
   If you could give me some tips on how I should go about tracking down my family lineage I would greatly appreciate it.  I'm trying to find out mostly about Johnathan Bigelow and his role in the Civil War for my Pro-Seminar on the American South.  Thank you so very much.  Patricia Bigelow

New Note:
Sunday 01/06/2008 9:29:57pm
Name: Millie kay (Williams)(Bigelow) Dirks
Location: Kensington, Maryland
Comments: My Mother was the Daughter of Jonathan Gordon Bigelow Jr. Her Grandmother was Lula (Knight) Bigelow. She was an only child as far as I know.

 I don't know much about his marriages. He was married the first time to my real Grandmother in the 20's. I never met her, she left them when my Mom was little. He remarried to a woman that I only knew as Lila. My Mom (Norma Bigelow 1925) was his only Daughter. She passed away in Febuary 1996.  He was Head Union Leader for D.C. Transit in the 50's. They all called him "Red".
He was also a pig farmer when my Mom was growing up. I have a few pictures of Jonathan 8 with his other son Wilson Bigelow back when he was a Lawyer in D.C. also J.G.Jr. as a Bus Driver and Baby.(more if you want them) send me an address and I'll send them out to you. I have an old story book that Lula (Knight) Bigelow wrote a little note, inside the front cover, to my Granddad when he was a boy. He passed away in January 1976. I am so glad to hear from you!! I would love to hear any more info you can come up with. I will send any other info to you that I can get my Dad to remember. He's 86. I truley miss my Granddad...he was alot of fun!
                                         Thanks for doing what you do!!
                                                   Millie Dirks

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