James Amasa 8 BIGELOW

1592C.232      James Amasa 8 BIGELOW, son of John 7 ( John 6 , Amasa 5 , Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Jane (SMITH) BIGELOW, was born 19 April 1852 in Pugwash, Nova Scotia. On 22 July 1875, he married Agnes Elizabeth French in Aukland, New Zealand. James immigrated first to New Zealand and then Australia from Nova Scotia. He and 2 of his brothers were ship builders. One source reports that Amasa and Agnes both died in Sydney, NSW(New South Wales) (see below)

Children of James Amasa and Agnes Elizabeth (French) Bigelow:

1592C.2321     Ernest John, b 19 Oct 1876 ; d 28 Oct 1939 (aged 63); m (1) 1898 Maria Catherine Stewart (b 14 Nov 1878; d 20 Dec 1930 (aged 52)); m (2) 1937 Jessie Duncan Perfrement (b 1903; d 23 Mar 1969 (aged 6566)(see below)

1592C.2322     Amasa Edgar, b 14 Jul 1880 Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia ; d 1978 at about age 97 in New South Wales, Australia ; m 09 Aug 1904 Mary Jane Fenning (1875 - 1944)

1592C.2323     Cora Malvena, b 07 Aug 1882 ; d 15 Oct 1949 (aged 67) ; m (2) 1940 Stewart John Duffell (b 18 Jan 1887; d 29 Mar 1949 (aged 62))  m (1?) John Quinn?; 4 children (see below)

1592C.2324     Clifford Miner, b 30 May 1878 ; d 18 Dec 1916 (aged 38) France; m 1901 Elsie Ada Dunk (1881 - 1922)

1592C.2325     Charles Rockwell, b 1884 in New Zealand ; d ______ ; m 1907 Bertha Louise Borig (1889 - 1979)

1592C.2326     Percy Bigelow,  b 05 June 1885; d 29 Oct 1885;

1592C.2327     Henry Louis, b 22 Mar 1888; d 21 Feb 1956 (aged 67) ; m 19 Nov 1913 Ellen Mary "Mary Ellen" Hannah (1893 - 1968) ; 6 children; (see below)

1592C.2328     Agnes Elizabeth, b 10 Jan 1892 ; d 09 July 1959 ; m Charles Edward Harradine (b: 26 Oct 1889 d: 30 May 1943); 5 children; res. Sydney, Australia; NEW (see below)

1592C.2329     Cyril Albert, b 1891 Richmond, Victoria, Australia ; d 30 Apr 1972 ( aged 81) Nowra, New South Wales, Australia; m 07 Feb 1920 Nellie Tobin (1888 - 1973)

1592C.232A     Lillah Ivy, b 1895 in Richmond, Victoria, Australia ; d 22 Mar 1971 (aged 76) Manly, New South Wales, Australia; m 17 Feb 1923 Harold William "Jack" Knight ( 3 dau lived on the northern beaches of Sydney 2008: June, Betty- Emma (deceased), and Pam) (see below)

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I, pg 280;
Addendum Oct 2006;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Research of Larry Nelson Baxter.
Note 2023:
Hi Rod, my name is Robert Wells and I am a direct descendant of James Amasa Bigelow, he being my Great Great Grandfather on my mother's side.  My mother is Lola Bigelow, daughter of Alexander Bigelow who is the son of Ernest Bigelow, eldest son of James.  I was wondering if you would like further information regarding our part of the family?  Also I would like further information if available of the Bigelow Society.  I live in Newcastle Australia close by to where Ernest was born.  My mother Lola is still alive aged 88 about to turn 89.  Hope this information is of assistance to you.
Kind Regards Bob.   < roberwells6@gmail.com >

1592C.2321     Ernest John Bigelow, b 19 Oct 1876 ; d 28 Oct 1939 (aged 63); m (1) 1898 Maria Catherine Stewart (b 14 Nov 1878; d 20 Dec 1930 (aged 52)); m (2) 1937 Jessie Duncan Perfrement (b 1903; d 23 Mar 1969 (aged 6566)


1592C.23211     Donald Amos Bigelow, Private, b 1899 Jumbunna, South Gippsland Shire, Victoria, Australia; d 17 Jul 1953 (aged 5354) Wallsend, Newcastle City, New South Wales, Australia; m 1923 Thelma G Corbett (1906-1968)

1592C.23212    Jean Agnes Bigelow, b 1901 Jumbunna, Aust; d 1985 (aged 8384) New South Wales, Aust; m _____ Nichols;

1592C.23213    Clifford Edgar Bigelow, b 1909 West Wallsend, Aust; d 08 Jun 1965 (aged 5556)

1592C.23214   Alexander James Bigelow, b 11 Sep 1911

Note 04/19/2008:
Subject: James Amasa Bigelow (born 1852 Nova Scotia **NZ-Aust.)
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2008 15:48:25 +1000
From: "Robyn Futcher" < rfutcher@bigpond.net.au >
Dear Rod
Thank you so much for all the hard work you've done, researching the Bigelow Family.  I've only just stumbled across this website and have been delighted to find out so much about my family's history.
My (maternal) Great Grandfather is James Amasa Bigelow (born 1852 in Nova Scotia) and my Great Grandmother is Agnes Elizabeth French.  They married in 1875.
My Grandmother is Agnes Elizabeth Bigelow (b: 10 Jan 1892 d: 9 Jul 1959) who married Charles Edward Harradine (b: 26 Oct 1889 d: 30 May 1943)
Agnes and Charles (Ted) had five children and lived in Sydney, Australia.
Heather Lillah (b. 19 Mar 1922 d. 7 Nov 2001) - 5 children
Edward Amasa (b. 8 Jul 1924 d. 12 Sep 1970) - 4 children
Joy Lorraine (b. 11 Jul 1928 d. 14 Mar 1995) - 1 son (deceased)
Yvonne Mercia (b. 13 Nov 1929.....) - 3 children
Noel Robert (b. 14 Oct 1936.....) - 4 children
My mother, Yvonne has told me many stories over the years of her childhood memories.  The Bigelow's were indeed a very musical family!  Grandmother Agnes' singing voice was "like a bell" said her proud grandaughter.
Yvonne remembers all her uncles and aunts and mother, singing at weddings and parties entertaining friends with their amazing voices.
Her mother, Agnes played the piano by ear and was a very talented musician, who had the privilege of playing for Peter Dawson (Australian singer), when they were both at the same party.  Aggie pretended to read the sheet music while she played and he sang...Peter was the only one who picked up on the fact that she couldn't read a note (Agnes forgot to turn the page..)  They both had a laugh about it afterwards....
One of the things that Yvonne remembers is that her Grandfather, James Amasa was an inventor (his one claim to fame was inventing the beer tap)...the family were either very wealthy or at other times, very poor ...Grandfather would spend all the money on inventions.
Yvonne's aunt Lillah married Jack Knight and had three daughters and lived on the northern beaches of Sydney.
June - 4 children
Betty-Emma (deceased)
Pam - 4 children
That's enough to be starting with, I guess....Thanks again for opening up a whole new world of family genealogy for me!  I can see myself spending hours on the internet doing research now..... is that a good thing or not??? lol
With kindest regards
Robyn Futcher
1.  Great grandmother Agnes Elizabeth Bigelow, with her two daughters Agnes & Lillah
2. The three sisters, Bigelow - Agnes, Cora and Lillah

Subject: Bigelow descendent!
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 16:15:31 +1000
From: Leonette Hathorn     Leonette47@hotmail.com
 Dear Rod
 On browsing the net, I came across the Bigelow Family Tree and was most interested to discover that I have
relations all over the world that I have never even heard of, let alone met.   Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Leonette Hathorn (nee van der Walt).  Born in Sydney, Australia on 26 July 1947 daughter of Violet Agnes Ruby Quinn and Rudolph Stephanus van der Walt...but I am leaping ahead!
 I have managed to ascertain via numerous sources that I am a direct descendent of Amasa Bigelow born 11
February 1755 in Colchester, Connecticut.  He being the son of Isaac Bigelow and Abigail Skinner and great great grandson of John Biglo.  My great grandfather was James Amasa Bigelow born 19 April 1852 in Pugwash, Nova Scotia who married Agnes Elizabeth French in Auckland, New Zealand on 22 July 1875, my grandmother was Cora Malvena Bigelow one of nine children born to them.   Cora Malvena married John Quinn and this is where I come unstuck as unfortunately I do not have dates of marriage between my grandparents.   My mother Violet Agnes Ruby Quinn born 17 November 1908, is one of four children (and still alive).   I have some sketchy information on the Bigelow genealogy but there are so many - where does one start.   Thanks to the internet some of the pieces of puzzle have been found.  I would appreciate information on the prospect of joining the Bigelow Society once my heritage is ascertained and look forward to hearing from you by return.
 Yours sincerely
Leonette Hathorn

Cora Duffell
Rookwood General Cemetery; Rookwood, Cumberland Council, New South Wales, Australia
1592C.2323     Cora Malvena, b 07 Aug 1882 ; d 15 Oct 1949 (aged 67) ; m (2) 1940 Stewart John Duffell (b 18 Jan 1887; d 29 Mar 1949 (aged 62))

More on James Amasa

Subject: bigelow family info
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2007 10:55:05 +0000
From: Christine Morris < tarraganda@hotmail.com >

Hi my name is Christine Morris (nee Evans) my mother is Marjorie Evans (nee Bigelow) we live in Australia.
 I have just discovered the Bigelow site ..... I can't believe how wonderful it is.... such an amazing amount of work and such a pleasure to use.
 My lineage is ....
 Christine(11) Marjorie(10)Henry(9)James Amasa(8)John(7)John(6)Amasa(5)Isaac(4)Isaac(3)Samuel(2)John(1).
 I have 4 children who are also very interested in all this....
 My mother has just turned 90 and has written her memoirs and it was from this that I have been able to piece together so much information in just 1 afternoon. Thank you for the part you have played in enabling this. The photographs and stories have certainly been fascinating to read ... I have made the effort to Email some of the people who I have found that I am related to and I'm hoping to make some worthwhile family connections ... particularly while my Mum is still alive to get some pleasure from and maybe befefit the family with some of her amazing memories of the Australian branch and some of the New Zealand Branch as well.

1592C.2326     Henry Louis, b ___ 1888; d ____1956 ; m Ellen Mary ( Hannah); 6 children; (see below)

Cyril Albert Bigelow, b 17 Dec 1923; d 17 Jun 2007 (aged 83)

I cannot get any further info from your data past James Amasa Bigelow m Agnes French in Auckland NZ. 
My Grandfather Henry Louis Bigelow (born 1888) was the son of Amasa (James) and Agnes. 6th of 9 children. 
Ernest, Amasa, Cora, Cliff, Charles, Henry, Agnes, Cyril and Lillah. 
My Mother believes Amasa and Agnes both died in Sydney NSW. To my Knowledge 2 of Lillah's daughters are also still living in Sydney as is my Mother Marjorie. 
My Mother is one of 6 children born to Henry and Ellen (nee Hannah). 
We have become quite a large branch of the family. My Mother had been in contact with one of her cousins who was Madeline Quinn (nee Bigelow) and has detail of her children.
I'm sure we could furnish you with added details which could be added to the Web Site.
From Guestbook:
My Mother was Marjorie Helen Bigelow (born 25/9/1917) She is still living. Her Father was Henry Louis Bigelow,Born 1888, died 1956)one of nine children...Ernest,Amasa,Cora,Cliff,Charles,Henry,Agnes,Cyril,Lillah. Their father immigrated first to New Zealand and then Australia from Nova Scotia. He and 2 of his brothers were ship builders.My mother Marjorie was one of 6 children, they have all remained in Australia and reared families. I was just amazed at the extent of names on the Bigelow Family Tree . I believe some research has been carried out on our family tree but would be grateful for any information that might be relevent.
More from Christine:
The Bigelow network seems enormous. It is hard to comprehend that it was only last Saturday that I actually discovered the Society and within this week have recieved so many Emails from interested and interesting people. We Australian Bigelows seem small in number by American standards but our particular family is very close and my Mother especially keeps us altogether. She is a very diligent "corresponder".  
     I have a huge interest in History and enjoy dabbling in all this but have only limited time to contribute, but I am only too willing to do what I can to fill in the gaps. My Mother is 90 and has a great memory, so I'm sure she will be an invaluable help. My cousin Paul Bigelow also left a message on the Guest Book back in 2001 ... I believe he has been fossicking around in this also. He visited my Mother recently and spoke of some the intersting information he has sourced, so he too may be willing to assist with some of this. He is nearing retirement and he may have more time to commit than myself. He is quite shy (unlike me!) and maybe he and I could be a good team.
              I live in rural NSW on a property. My husband and I with the assistance of our 4 children are involved with breeding and showing Poll Shorthorn Cattle.  So my isolation makes some of the research a little slower. Fortunately the computer age has enabled me to keep up to date and in touch with family. The pages I have browsed through on the Society pages have been so interesting. I'm sure I have only just scratched the surface. I have had several Emails from a Mike Biglow who is a wealth of knowledge and has passed on some fascinating information which I have already shared with my brother who lives near my Mother. She is thrilled to have so much of her heritage explained.  
             I tried to contact Leonette Hathorn. The email address is no longer current. My mother remembers both her mother, Violet and gr mother Cora. I am hoping that somehow we may track her down so she can talk to my Mother about her past. I think my Mum could fill in some details for her. Perhaps she has remarried or moved overseas ... a lot of water can go under the bridge in 6 years. I'm sure these are the frustrations of family genealogy.
            I have also made contact with a Richard Bigelow here in Australia and he is going to put me in touch with his parents who have also been doing some research. A Ken Mutch in New Zealand has an enormous amount of Bigelow research to share ... his wife is a descendant of John Bigelow who my Gr Grandfather James Amasa (known as Amasa) left Pugwash with. My mothers cousin Jim (James Bigelow) had done quite a lot of research and had shared it with Ken Mutch. Jim's research material has been passed on to his neice Jennifer (nee Quinn). My Mother was very close to these cousins and helped Jim to keep her immediate families details quite current.
           We have no idea why Amasa left John in New Zealand and travelled and settled here in Australia.
 As you are interested in history you may be interested in my Mother's memories. She remembers that James Amasa Bigelow (known as Amasa) her Grand Father was apparentaly an inventor of some kind.(she says he wasn't very good and had some fanciful ideas that didn't amount to much). We have no idea why he left his brother in New Zealand after travelling from Pugwash. The ship building business they began in New Zealand seemed to be going well but he and his wife came on here to Australia. Perhaps like many others he had heard of the Gold Rush here and thought he would make his fortune... but no evidence to suggest this was really the case. He died when her father Henry Louis was about 12 and left the family in very poor circumstances. Henry was the sixth of 9 children ... hence the number of Bigelows in Australia.
        At 12 my Grand Father had to find work and left home with just a small bag to make his way in the world. These are the stories that bring the family tree to life and I am very conscious of the need to keep the records of these details. The anecdotal stories that I have heard my Mother and the family speak of with great humour and fondness need to be recorded not just for our sake but also the further extended relatives who would find the Australian story interesting. My Grand Father and his siblings were extremely musical and travelled around NSW performing with a Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta Company.
       The musical trait has been evident in many of their children, grand children and now great grandchildren. Our family "get to gethers" have always been opportunities for us to share our music around the piano etc. One of my sons is particularly talented and has had the lead roles in Les Miserable, Guys and Dolls, Fiddler on the Roof and My Fair Lady musicals and in his progam profile always makes mention of his Gr Grand Father's Talents that he feels he has inherited. Both my parents were singers and I am also a trained singer, and my eldest daughter has a lovely voice and hopes to do more with that when she finishes studying at University. Another cousin and his wife were also very musical and it was through them and music that I met my husband. Their son is also involved with theatre and he is studying this at University. We have often wondered where Billy Bigelow came from ... Carousel has always been a favourite musical. Mike Biglow gave us an explanation regarding this. I'm sure there are many more interesting stories rattling around in the archives, waiting to be told.
       Again thank you for contacting me. I will be spending some extended time with my Mother over the Christmas Festive Season and will endeavour to engage her services to get the ball rolling on this branch of the family.
With Fondest Regards
The Bigelow Society received an e-mail from Leonette (van der Walt) Hathorn, Leonette47@hotmail.com, 10 May 2001. She is the granddaughter of Cora Malvena Bigelow who married John Quinn and who is the daughter James Amasa and Agnes Elizabeth (French) Bigelow. I am not sure that this e-mail address is current but it would/could be of help to you in contacting Leonette. I am guessing that she lives in Sydney.
More from Christine Morris:
. I have had a brief look through this site and read with interest some of the posts. I am a descendent of James Amasa (8) Bigelow. He left Pugwash in Nova Scotia with his brother John in about 1874. John went to New Zealand, and James Amasa married Elizabeth French while he too was in New Zealand. After their marriage they came to Australia in 1875. James Amasa was my great grandfather... His son Henry Louis was my Grandfather (b 1888) and my mother was Marjorie Bigelow. (b 1917) My great grandfather was an inventor. He designed a beer pump (engine) which pumped beer from a cool cellar to a tap on the hotel bar. My sons think this gives them "bragging rights" with their mates. We are quite a large branch of the Bigelow clan here in Australia. My husband and I travelled to Canada in 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent in Nova Scotia and Maritimes region. We also went to Boston. I felt an amazing connection there. It must be my interest in history that made me feel so "at home". I'd love to return to the USA and Canada with a little more time to explore and meet up with some of the Bigelow relatives.

1592C.232A     Lillah Ivy, b 1895 in Richmond, Victoria, Australia ; d 22 Mar 1971 (aged 76) Manly, New South Wales, Australia; m 17 Feb 1923 Harold William "Jack" Knight ( 3 dau lived on the northern beaches of Sydney 2008: June, Betty- Emma (deceased), and Pam)
Lillah Ivy Knight formerly Bigelow
Born 1895 in Richmond, Victoria, Australiamap
ANCESTORS ancestors
Daughter of James Amasa Bigelow and Agnes Elizabeth (French) Bigelow
Sister of Ernest John Bigelow, Clifford Miner Bigelow, Amasa Edgar Bigelow, Cora Malvena (Bigelow) Duffell, Charles Rockwell Bigelow, Percy Bigelow, Henry Louis Bigelow, Cyril Albert Bigelow and Agnes Elizabeth (Bigelow) Harradine
Wife of Harold William Knight married 17 Feb 1923 in St Phillips Presbyterian Church, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
[children unknown]
Died 22 Mar 1971 at about age 76 in Manly, New South Wales, Australiamap

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Lillah Ivy Bigelow was born in 1895 in Richmond, Victoria, Australia [1], the daughter of James Amas Bigelow and Agnes Elizabeth French.

She married Harold William Knight on 17 February 1923 in the St Phillips Presbyterian Church, Macquarie St, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [2] and their children were June Bigelow (Knight) Riley, Betty Emma Knight and Pamela Dotson (Knight) Gimbert.

Lillah passed away on 22 March 1971 in Manly, New South Wales, Australia [3].

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