1592C.2      John 6 BIGELOW, son of Amasa 5 ( Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Rosina (CONE) BIGELOW, was born 24 September 1775 at Cornwallis, Kings county, Nova Scotia. He was married, in ______ 1798, to Sarah Tyrxa Newcomb. Sarah was born 31 August 1780, the daughter of Benjamin and Abigail (Sanford) Newcomb. They lived in Pugwash, Nova Scotia. He died there 10 May 1845. She died _ March 1852 (headstone) at Palmerston, Nova Scotia.

Children of John and Sarah T. (Newcomb) Bigelow:

1592C.21t     Amasa, b 17 Feb 1799; d 20 July 1886 Centreville, NS; m (1) Margaret Woods, and (2)10 Oct 1877 Allison Walton; res Boston, MA. 3 known children.

1592C.22      Benjamin, b - 1801; d ____ ; m Rachel Richards.

1592C.23t      John, b 10 Mar 1803; d 22 Nov 1885 Palmerston, NS; m (1) 31 Jan 1833 Jane Smith (b 1817; d 18 Apr 1835); m (2) Mary Ann Calkins  (Rockwell?); (see below)

1592C.24t     Isaac Newton, b ____ 1810; d ____ 1884; m (1) 03 Mar 1850? Margaret Lucille Eaton; m (2) Sarah Elixa _____ ;

1592C.25t     Elizabeth, b ____ ; d _____ ; m Hezekiah Hull; 4 children: Jane, Judson, John Prior, and Mary Alice Hull; (see below).

1592C.26t    Tyrzah Sarah, b __ 1814 Pugwash, NS; d ____ 1879 New Zealand; m 1834 Levi Woodworth Eaton.

1592C.27t    Gideon, b 27 Dec 1817; d 27 July 1894 ; m 11 July 1844 Caroline Eaton; res Centreville, NS. 6 children.

1592C.28t    Alice; b ca 1817-1820; d ____ ; m (1) 1836 Nathan Harris Eaton; 10 children (many died as infants)

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I, pg 280;
Addendum Oct 2006;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Research of Larry Nelson Baxter.
Note from Bigelow Society:
1592C.23  R3305, John 7 Bigelow, son of John (Amasa, Isaac, Isaac, Samuel, John) and Sarah Tyrza (Newcomb) Bigelow, was born 10 Mar 1803 and died 19 Apr.  He married 31 Jan 1833 Jane Smith (d. 18 Apr 1835).  In March 1843, John married (2) Mary Ann Calkins or Caulkins, who was 43 at time of marriage.  Two children by 1st marriage and five children by second marriage. His eldest son, 2nd. m. died in New Zealand.

Note:  from Roy Bigelow, P.O. Box 420, Auckland, New Zealand writes:  Vol. I, page 280, 1592C.23, John Bigelow, conflict in records where one states his second wife, Mary, was 43 at m. to John while another states she b ca 1824 and m. John, 1843.  Also reported she d. in NZ on 22 Nov 1883; another conflict states John died in Auckland, NZ and bur there (?).  "Forge" Quarterly magazine of Bigelow Society, Jul 1997, Vol. 26, No. 3, page 56.

Note from Descendant:
Ken Mutch   E-Mail:
 New Zealand

My Mother in Law was a Bigelow. I have been gathering information on the family Bigelow for some years -along with the huge amount for all our other connections. I have a connection in Australia - James Bigelow. We have exchanged info over the  last year. The line comes through:
1. John Bigelow - Mary Warren
2. Samuel - Mary Flagg
3. Issac - Mary Bond
4. Issac - Abigail Skinner
5. Amasa - Rosina Cone
6. John - Tyra Newcomb
7. John - Mary Rockwell (NZ)
8. John Smith - Mary Anne Brown (NZ)
9. John Harold - Eva Eliza Matthews (NZ)
10. Doris Eva Bigelow - Roy Brockett (NZ)
11. Sandra Brockett - Ken Mervyn Mutch (NZ)
Ken Mutch
Name: Frank Gaze
 From: 2 Telford Terrace, Oakura 4650, New Zealand
 Time: 2000-03-22 08:33:40
 Comments: I am the eldest grandson of William Bigelow, eldest son of John S Bigelow, eldest son of John ? Bigelow who arrived in Auckland, NZ, from Pugwash Nova Scotia in 1850.
More 02/16/05:

From: Frank and Margaret Gaze < >

I corresponded with you some years ago about our family history.  This year is the 100th anniversary of my mother’s birth and I am compiling information for a centenary life of her.Looking at the website you maintain, I need to add further children of John Smith (8) Bigelow-28870.

You already have

  1. William 9 Bigelow (my grandfather)
  2. John Harold 9 Bigelow – a bookseller in Auckland until around 1960 

Then came: 

  1. Frederick (3 sons - ?, Terrence,  Brian) wounded in World War I
  2. Reginald
  3. Olive (Mrs Stewart – husband was a grocer and politician in Northland, NZ)

I hope I have them in the right order. We have lost touch with the next generation.

William 9 Bigelow had three children:

John E Bigelow b 1902 (2 children Margaret, Elizabeth, both alive)

Felicia Mary Bigelow b 1905 m Noel Shaftesbury Gaze 19 May 1932 (3 children Christopher Franklin, Olwyn Anne (m Halder), Stuart Goodwin, all alive)

Winifred Amy Bigelow b ?1907 m Douglas Bird (1 child: Barbara alive)  Winifred also raised three children of her husband by former wives.

I will probably be in touch with you later about other aspects of the earlier history.

What is unclear to me at present is which related families apart from my immediate ancestors travelled from Nova Scotia to New Zealand around 1850 and how many stayed. >From the family trees I have seen there seem to have been at least two other families who came here.


 Frank Gaze

Subject: Bigelow descendent!
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 16:15:31 +1000
From: Leonette Hathorn
 Dear Rod
 On browsing the net, I came across the Bigelow Family Tree and was most interested to discover that I have
relations all over the world that I have never even heard of, let alone met.   Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Leonette Hathorn (nee van der Walt).  Born in Sydney, Australia on 26 July 1947 daughter of Violet Agnes Ruby Quinn and Rudolph Stephanus van der Walt...but I am leaping ahead!
 I have managed to ascertain via numerous sources that I am a direct descendent of Amasa Bigelow born 11
February 1755 in Colchester, Connecticut.  He being the son of Isacc Bigelow and Abigail Skinner and great great grandson of John Biglo.  My great grandfather was James Amasa Bigelow born 19 April 1852 in Pugwash, Nova Scotia who married Agnes Elizabeth French in Auckland, New Zealand on 22 July 1875, my grandmother was Cora Malvena Bigelow one of nine children born to them.   Cora Malvena married John Quinn and this is where I come unstuck as unfortunately I do not have dates of marriage between my grandparents.   My mother Violet Agnes Ruby Quinn born 17 November 1908, is one of four children (and still alive).   I have some sketchy information on the Bigelow genealogy but there are so many - where does one start.   Thanks to the internet some of the pieces of puzzle have been found.  I would appreciate information on the prospect of joining the Bigelow Society once my heritage is ascertained and look forward to hearing from you by return.
 Yours sincerely
Leonette Hathorn

1592C.25t     Elizabeth, b ____ ; d _____ ; m Hezekiah Hull; 4 children: Jane, Judson, John Prior, and Mary Alice Hull;
There was an Elizabeth married to an Alex Colburn, buried in the Bigelow Section  of the Palmerston cemetery of Pugwash.
This Elizabeth died 13 May 1896 ; AE 74 which would give b ca 1822.

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