Elverton Pod 8 BIGELOW

Elverton Pod Family ca 1886 (see below)

159B1.173      Elverton Pod 8 BIGELOW, son of Ferrand 7 ( Elisha 6 , Elisha 5 , Elisha 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Caroline (HIBBARD) BIGELOW, was born at Eagle, Waukesha, WI on 13 February 1842. He married there on 16 March 1868 Mary Jane "Bettie" Betts who was the daughter of Jonathan and Lucinda (Ewer) Betts. She was born 22 November 1845 at Eagle. Alter the birth of their first child, they moved to Whiting, Monona county, IA. Elverton died there 23 November 1893 and she died 15 June 1931 and at the time was survived by 5 children, 22 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren according to her obituary. Elverton served in the Civil War. He was at the Ford Theatre when President Lincoln was shot.

Children of Elverton and Jennie (Betts) Bigelow:

159B1.1731t    McClellan (Mack), b 08 July 1869 Eagle; d 0l March 1949? Whiting, IA; m 05 May 1894 Cynthia Jane Crawford; 4 children.

159B1.1732     Louisa Jane "Louie", b 17 Nov 1873 Whiting, IA; d 23 Nov 1949 Whiting; m 24 Feb 1897 Elmer E. Hopkins (-159B1.1712-son of Lucia Ann 8 Bigelow) ; 5 children.

159B1.1733     Budd Elverton, b 18 Nov 1875 Whiting, IA; d 21 March 1933 Waldron, AR; m 09 Sept 1903 Annie Mathilda Hughes; 7 children.

159B1.1734     Arthur Earl, b 01 Oct 1878 Whiting, IA; d infancy.

159B1.1735     Ethel Maybelle, b 26 March 1881 Whiting, IA; d 26 May 1965 Green Bay, WI; m James Nelson Parkinson.(see below)

159B1.1736     Minnie M., b 24 May 1885 Whiting, IA; d_____ Green Bay; m F. D. Parkinson.(This should be Truman David Parkinson)

Elverton Pod Family ca 1890 (see below)

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 435;
Histories of Walworth and Waukesha Counties, WI;
Bigelow Society records from correspondence with family descendants;
2010 notes:
Dear Rod,

I would like to add these pictures to Elverton Pod Bigelow’s page (#8173).  I think the first picture was taken about 1886 and the second one was taken around 1890.

Also, in the first paragraph of the page, Lucinda Betts maiden name was Ewer.

Jeannie Brown < jebrown@clarkpest.com >

info from: Mrs. Ralph Shinn; Lamar, NE
New Note3:

Friday 03/16/2007 11:56:24pm 
Name: Theresa Marie (Cadena) McCollum
E-Mail: treatsrn@sbcglobal.net
Location: Pampa, TX
Comments: I am the daughter of Rosemary Lynn (Parkinson) Cadena and Juan Antonio Cadena;
granddaughter of Catherine Jane (Clemons) Parkinson and Keith Nelson Parkinson,
son of Ethel Maybelle (Bigelow) Parkinson and James Nelson Parkinson.

New Note2:
Subject: oops
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 19:22:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: belen wong <wlin_ph@yahoo.com>
    how could i get to the page where i can find
ethelyn parkinson?..had been trying to contact her
since 1965...would appreciate it if you have a phone
no. so that i could call her up...
  thank you for your help.....
New Note:
Subject: Ethel Maybelle Bigelow
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 17:10:40 -0500 (CDT)
From: W9JEF@webtv.net (Jim Parkinson)
           PO Box 6921
           Siloam Springs, AR 72761-6921
     She was my paternal grandmother.  I am the eldest son of her third born child and second son, Keith Nelson Parkinson, who was born
01September 1909 in Styles Junction, Wisconsin; and presently lives in Green Bay.  He Married Catherine Jane Clemons on 01 March 1938 (her 21st
birthday)  Her youngest child, Louise, b 1910, also lives in Green Bay.
     I can't remember the date of her death; it was late1962, or early 1963.   I can supply further information on request; also please note
Kathy Parkinson's new e-mail adr: wraith@charter.net   or wraithp@charter.net Thank you.

Descendant note:  see also  David Bigelow 10 Parkinson
   Have you anything on Charles Hawkes Bigelow, who married circa 1845 to a Miss Briggs?  Marriage was in Northhampton or Springfield MA. (I also have an extensive line in Briggs)
   Just got some information on my Temple line, and several Bigelows tie in there also. Same for my Hoag & Haseltine lines.
I keep collecting folks.  I take all branches of families, as one never knows when one will find a vital connection.
   Will have to wait a bit for Ferrand's line.  I didn't connect with cousin Lucille, so I do not have her branch yet.  She is descended from Ferrand's youngest, Sarah.
   I have Civil War service cert. for Elverton, William and Franklin B. ;all sons of Ferrand. Elverton and William both served most of the war. Franklin enlisted and was killed in the mine explosion at Petersburg, VA. Also have cert. for Francis A. Bigelow.
   I also have letters Elverton wrote, one in 1865 when the armies were gathering around Washington DC to be mustered out.  As soon as I can gather info., it would probably make an interesting article for the Forge.
   I also have info. on Elverton's granddaughter Ethelyn Minerva Parkinson, dau. of Ethel Bigelow and James Nelson Parkinson. She is still living at 92.  She made her career as a children's books author.  This might also be of interest to the Forge.  Her "double cousin" was David Bigelow Parkinson, son of Truman David Parkinson & Minnie Bigelow. There has already been an article about him in the Forge.   Kathy Parkinson   E-mail    wraith@lakefield.net
Subject: Ethelyn M. Parkinson
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 20:32:17 -0600
From: Kathy Parkinson <  wraith@lakefield.net  >

Ethelyn Minerva Parkinson, daughter of James Nelson Parkinson and Ethel Maybelle Bigelow died Jan 8, 1999, she was born in Oconto co. WI Sep. 13, 1906. Ethelyn was a successful author, I can give you more on her if you would like.

Ethelyn Minerva Parkinson 10, Ethel Maybelle Bigelow 9, Elverton Pod 8,Ferrand 7 , Elisha 6 , Elisha 5 , Elisha 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John1

One of the "lost" lines contacted me after seeing my message posted to Ferrand's file.  Thanks, we will supply that info also when I get the lines together. Kathy

Subject: Elverton Bigelow Civil War info
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 13:47:30 -0500
From: Parkinson <wraith@lakefield.net>
 Here are some additional items on Elverton Bigelow 1842-1893. He mentions in another letter that he was in VA
most of the war.
Elverton 8, Ferrand 7 ( Elisha 6 , Elisha 5 , Elisha 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John1)

Kathy Parkinson (husband Bruce Parkinson 11, Gerald Parkinson 10, Ethel Maybelle 9 Bigelow)

Obtained from Wisconsin Veteran's Museum:
Elverton Bigelow

Offical Record: Entered service April 26, 1861.  Enlisted into Company K Second Wisconsin Infantry from Eagle, Wisconsin.  {also listed as "Elerton"} Coporal, transferred in the company to Battery A, First Wisconsin Heavy Artillery, December 8, 1861.  Corporal, Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sergeant Major: mustered out of service July 6. 1864, term expired; see Company E.   Engagements: Blackburn's Ford, VA,  Bull Run 1st, VA

Sergeant Major Elverton Bigelow

Official Record: Entered service April 25, 1864.  As Staff from Eagle, Wisconsin.  From Company A; transferred to Company A  as First Sergeant. No battle records found.

Junior 1st Lieutenant Elverton Bigelow

Official Record: Entered service September 19, 1864.  Enlisted in Company E First Wisconsin Heavy Artillery from Eagle, Wisconsin.  Mustered out of service June 26, 1865.   No battle records found.

Family history: No list of injury was found, but he recieved a wound to the foot/leg at sometime, and came home to Eagle and was nursed by youngest sister Sarah

 Letter is as exact as possible, to the original.  To keep the original “flavor” no attempt has been made to correct grammar, punctuation or spelling. Typed from orig. by Kathy Parkinson.   Any comment by me are in brackets[]

                                                Head Qrs Co “E” 1st Reg Wis
                                                Fort ORorke Va
                                                May 18th 65       [1865]

Dear cousin
        Your ever kind letter came to hand last eve found your friends all well
and all O.K.  I am the officer of the day and nothing to do Franks and
Shermans Army are all coming to Washington  the country is covered with
camps now  they are a hard looking set of men but all feel gay
there is to be a grand review in Washington  I wish it was in hell
I think that reviews had ought to be ____[pay?] out  the weather is very
hot and dry and there will be no end to the dust

well they have caught old Jef and most of his click and it is my opinion
they will know what it is to fool hemf [??]  they are trying those that
were linked in with Booth in the murder of Lincoln and those that attempted
to kill Stanton  there is no dout but what they will hang them all.  Arthur
you know I was not much of a Lincoln man when at home but his corse that he
took after he was reelected changed my mind  before he was killed I was in
for him up to the handle  I want they should hang every man that was
connected with his murder

        the last letter from Eagle they were all well and Emma was out to Eagle on
a visit  you spoke of our spending the fourth of July  in Wis  We will have
a good timne if We, do  Will [Elverton’s brother] is well and all right  he
is in the Band  I see him every day We had a gay dance last week more fun
that a little  I have got a gay girl in town  I will send her Photo as soo
as I get it which will not be long  she is a girl that I just got
acquainted With  her name is Hattie Burrows ain’t it a nice name
I must close for this time   give my best wishes to all the Bgs [Bigelows]
and write soon

                                        E Bigelow

I have heard that the 22nd Regt has arrived and are in camp about three
miles from here I am going to see Luke Masy tomorrow  perhaps I will go
this afternoon  I have heard he from him he is well and all right
                                        no more this time
                                         excuse this from
                                          your ever Coz
                                                E. Bigelow
Elverton - left; Wm. Henry- right
More pictures below:
From: John Daniel Parkinson  johnparkinson45@aol.com <>                     
21 Jan 2011 
Hello Rod ;
I live on the East side of Cleveland,Ohio.   I recently google searched for my great-great grandfather:  Ferrand Bigelow;  father of my great-grandfather Elverton Pod Bigelow.   I have digital photographic images from Feb 2006, see attached files, of daguerreotype or possibly tin-types (I am not sure which these are, but both are on thin sheet metal)  of

           My father David Bigelow Parkinson, born in 1911, had these original images.  His sister, my Aunt Ruth Marie Parkinson, born in Aug 1908, had a photographic picture on paperboard that showed Elverton's Civil War Unit "in and about the defenses of Washington, D.C".   I am sending you digital images of that image of Battery A soldiers.   My cousin Bruce Parkinson and his wife Kathy indicated to me that both Elverton and his older brother Willie (Wm Henry Bigelow) were in the same artillery group at the same time during the Civil War.

          Aunt Ruth remembered Elverton is the third from the right AND his older brother William Henry is second from the right. The two brothers are standing next to each other in Ruth's photo image.  Both the third from the right (Elverton the younger brother) and William Henry the second from the right have very prominent high cheek bones in their faces.This is also attached below.   David and Ruth Parkinson's mother was Minnie M. Bigelow.   I find the Battery A image you have posted on line with William Henry Bigelow identified as the farthest right person ('B') shows a Civil War artillery setting with 12 attending soldiers.  Comparing your on line image with Ruth's photo image containing 11 attending soldiers;  I believe that Elverton is in the on-your-site artillery emplacement image standing to the extreme-most left.   I can match many of the other 9 men's faces in Ruth's image as being in common to both the Battery A images (Yours on line and Aunt Ruth's). See Ferrand (7) Page 2      


            John Daniel Parkinson  

            4926 Geraldine Road

            Richmond Heights, OH
More from John:
     Here is a digital image of the Elverton Pod Bigelow 'pendant or locket' disk with EPB in his civil war uniform. It is shown next to a modern State of Wisconsin twenty-five cent piece U.S. quarter. I am attaching 3 image files to the e-mail and am printing the same photos immediately below. The actual 1860's disk looks rather dark most like the photo with the quarter. The other two images have been enlarged, enhanced and lightened, by my computer controls.  I do not know whether I had previously sent images of this early photographic imaged disk to you; but I do not see these on your Bigelow website for my great-grandfather:  Elverton Pod Bigelow.  You are welcome to use any or all of these on your Bigelow website.


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