Ferrand 7 BIGELOW

Ferrand Bigelow Family (see below)

159B1.17      Ferrand 7 BIGELOW, son of Elisha 6 ( Elisha 5 , Elisha 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Rhoda (GODDARD) BIGELOW, was born on 11 September 1808 at Reading, Windsor, VT. He married on 16 October 1836 Caroline M. Hibbard, daughter of Fredrich Hibbard. She was born at St. Arrans, (Canada), 15 October 1812. As a young man, Ferrand migrated to Eagle, Waukesha, WI where he settled the remainder of his life. Ferrand and Caroline died the same year - 1887, she on 10 May and he in November, both at Eagle. (Howe states his death to be 11 Dec 1886). She is buried in the Old Cemetery, Eagle and we presume him to be there also.

Children of Ferrand and Caroline (Hibbard) Bigelow, all born at Eagle, Waukasha, WI:

159B1.171t    Lucia Ann, b 02 Jan 1839; d 03 Jan 1912 Whiting, Monona, WI; m 17 Aug 1858 James Hopkins; 9 children.

159B1.172t    William Henry, b 13 June 1840; d 16 Sept 1911 Whiting; m 11 July 1868 Alice Betts; 7 children.

159B1.173t    Elverton Pod, 13 Feh 1842; d 23 Nov 1893; m 16 Mar 1868 Mary Jane Betts; 6 children.

159B1.174     Franklin, b 30 Jan 1844; d 30 July 1864 Battle of Petersburgh; unm. (see below)

159B1.175     Orpheus Hibbard, b 27 Sept 1846; 22 March 1921; m 30 Oct 1875 Charlotte Wilford; 4 children.
(see below)

159B1.176     Minerva, b 08 Aug 1849; d 17 Aug 1910; m  March 1870 George James, 2 children: Royal and Arch James.

159B1.177     Arthur, b 30 Oct 1853; d 08 Jan 1856 Eagle.

159B1.178     Sarah, b 24 Jan 1856; d 18 Feb 1930; m James Wilford; 6 children: Linda, Lottie, Fred, Laura, Sadie and twin son Artie d age 5 and ? d at birth.

William Henry Bigelow "B" and his two younger brothers, Elverton and Franklin served in the Union Army from Wisconsin;
William Henry and Elverton survived, but Franklin did not;
Upon their return to Wisconsin, they married sisters; Alice Marie and Mary Jane Betts
William enlisted in the Union Army 12 August 1862 and discharged 26 June 1865;
Source of photo and notes from Mildred "Milly" May Fuoss Vance (great-granddaughter of William Henry)

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 157;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Histories of Walworth and Waukesha Counties;
marriage records WI;
correspondence with descendants:

From: John Daniel Parkinson  johnparkinson45@aol.com <>                     
21 Jan 2011 
Hello Rod ;
I live on the East side of Cleveland,Ohio.   I recently google searched for my great-great grandfather:  Ferrand Bigelow;  father of my great-grandfather Elverton Pod Bigelow.   I have digital photographic images from Feb 2006, see attached files, of daguerreotype or possibly tin-types (I am not sure which these are, but both are on thin sheet metal)  of

           My father David Bigelow Parkinson, born in 1911, had these original images.  His sister, my Aunt Ruth Marie Parkinson, born in Aug 1908, had a photographic picture on paperboard that showed Elverton's Civil War Unit "in and about the defenses of Washington, D.C".   I am sending you digital images of that image of Battery A soldiers.   My cousin Bruce Parkinson and his wife Kathy indicated to me that both Elverton and his older brother Willie (Wm Henry Bigelow) were in the same artillery group at the same time during the Civil War.

          Aunt Ruth remembered Elverton is the third from the right AND his older brother William Henry is second from the right. The two brothers are standing next to each other in Ruth's photo image.  Both the third from the right (Elverton the younger brother) and William Henry the second from the right have very prominent high cheek bones in their faces.This is also attached below.   David and Ruth Parkinson's mother was Minnie M. Bigelow.   I find the Battery A image you have posted on line with William Henry Bigelow identified as the farthest right person ('B') shows a Civil War artillery setting with 12 attending soldiers.  Comparing your on line image with Ruth's photo image containing 11 attending soldiers;  I believe that Elverton is in the on-your-site artillery emplacement image standing to the extreme-most left.   I can match many of the other 9 men's faces in Ruth's image as being in common to both the Battery A images (Yours on line and Aunt Ruth's). See Page 2      


            John Daniel Parkinson  

            4926 Geraldine Road

            Richmond Heights, OH

Subject: Bigelows Eagle Wisconsin
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 13:43:31 EST
From: Bill Hartwell        WHart123@aol.com
 Last July, I took a trip in my new RV and one of the places I went was to Eagle Wisconsin to vist the grave of my Granmother on my Mothers side. Her maiden name was Bessie O. Bigelow.  I found the main Bigleow family  headstone
in Eagle's OLD cemetary.  The only picture I took was of my Uncle Moody's grave as he was the only Bigelow I could remember when I was around seven. I did find my Grandmothers grave in Eagle's Oak Ridge cemetary.  She married a Will Stephens, but he passed away 2 years before I was born.  Thought this might all be of some interest to you. I know very little about my Mothers side of the family and am starting to get interested now that I am retired.
Bill Hartwell
More 04/29/2000
Rhoda Goddard married Elisha Bigelow (great-grandfather and mother of Sadie) in 1797. She died 1812 and he married second wife Persis Page.  They lived at Reading Vermont.
Children by Rhoda Goddard were:
Franklin Welthea (weld), Lucia (Severance), Crylon or Crilan, and Ferrand - (grandfather)
Ferrand Bigelow married Caroline Hibbard, October 16th 1836 - children lived at Reading Vermont and Eagle Wisconsin.
Sarah Bigelow (Mother) - their 8th and youngest child.
See page 118 of my genealogy......Bill Hartwell
Children of Orphus and Charlotte: (from Bigelow Society Library notes)
159B1.1751     Frank, b ____ ; d ____ ;     
159B1.1752     Bessie O., b ____ ; d ____ ; 
159B1.1753     Moodie H., b ____ ; d ____ ; (see stone below)(1877-1945)     
159B1.1754     Lottie, b ____ ; d ____ ;      

The responses below ID these stones.................................ROD
Subject: Re: Bigelow Eagle Wi
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 13:34:14 EST
From: WHart123@aol.com
Actually I did find my Mothers side of the family listed on your website under Activity Oct 98.
/fer7b117.htm">Bigelow, Ferrand (7) = fer7b117.htm</A>
I got an email from a Bigelow cousin, who gave me the info.
Subj:    Hi Bigelow cousin
Date:   2/18/99 11:03:57 AM Pacific Standard Time
From:   wraithp@charter.net (Parkinson)
To:     WHart123@aol.com
Hi Bill,
Sure was neat to see the Bigelow headstone on Rod's site.  I have pictures of it also.  My husband is dec. Ferrand-Elverton-Ethel-Gerald Parkinson-Bruce (hubby)
Moody and Bessie were Ferrand's son Orpheus' children.  Elverton was Orpheus older brother. Their sister Sarah married Orpheus wife's brother James Wilford.  I have much on these lines, and am looking for more, as Bigelow Society wants the Generations down from Ferrand. I have contact with one of Sarah's desc. and she is in touch with a Stephens cousin.  I will be getting more information from them also.  I would like to gather all Ferrand's line, and then submit to Big. Soc. If
you can send me gedcom file on your connection, I will credit you as source.
Kathy Parkinson
wraith@lakefield.net ?? old?
More from Kathy:
Greetings Rod,
 It is good to see the Bigelow site up and running again! 
Two of the children of 159B1.17   Ferrand 7 BIGELOW married Wilford  siblings.  I have recently been in contact with descendants and would like to add their families to the long list of Bigelows. 
Kathy Parkinson  < wraithp@charter.net >

This is the info I was looking for. Now I know why I have such a great attraction to the town of Eagle Wisconsin, all of my mothers side of the family came from there, and my Fathers side of the family (Hartwell) had a summer home there for years. The pictures of the Bigelow Headstone that I sent you is of this line of Bigelows.  If you are related to Isaac3, then we
may indeed be cousins.  Thanks for the great website as I happily found what I was looking for.   Bill Hartwell
159B1.174     Franklin, b 30 Jan 1844; d 30 July 1864 Battle of Petersburgh; unm.
From: "Mike Rice" < mrice4@wi.rr.com >
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 6:34 PM
Subject: Franklin Bigelow Civil War Soldier
Dear Rod, I've been doing research for a book for our Eagle Historical Society on the men from Eagle Wisconsin in the American Civil War titled "Eagle In The Civil War - The Eagle Boys Are Well". We've recently received several letters home from Eagle soldiers and one of them was from Franklin Bigelow to his father Farrand on August 9 1862. I've attached a transcribed copy with the original grammar he used. On your genealogy site, you have a transcribed copy of a letter from Elverton Bigelow. Do have a copy of the original, any other letters, pictures, etc that would add to the historic record? I am including a transcribed copy of the letter we have from Franklin and also a copy of a deed for 80 acres of land purchased here in Eagle dated March 25, 1841 and signed by US President William Harrison. The Bigelow family has a great history in this area. Hope to hear from you soon,
Mike Rice, Historian
601 Old Prospectors Trail
Eagle, WI 53119

This is the letter mentioned above:
August the 9th 1862
Dear Father
We are in camp within 20 miles of Helena [Arkansas] and Gen curtis is thare with forty thousand men and I think that we will joine him and march on to little rock, whare old hineman is reported to be.  if he is thare his fortifications will get stormed it ante thought that he will stay at little rock and fight we will halve to follow them into texas and so on as they did old prise.
We got news last night that the god damd rebels had gon back into Mo and was just as bad as they was when we first went thare.  it may take us back and if it does, we will halve to stay thare a good while.  now father donte you let orfe inlist for of all plases in the world a soldier has the hardest I halve got broke in I can stand it now and the prouibility is that thare will be some Drafting done.  if thare is I would advise bill to inlist then he can halve a chois of in the ofisers whitch Drafted men don’t.
I hante got discouraged yet for I think that this ware ante a going to last more than a year at the out side and I donte know how they are a going to cery it on that long they cant after all of their nigers are confiscated.  that is what made the ware last as long as it has for a long as the women and nigers can can be left unmolested they can rase enough to keep this ware a going when these nigers are to work for as thare ante no white men to work the plantatons.  thare is a plantation close here that has got 550 acres of corne and they had 600 last year and the corn was sent to memfiheus.  thare was 100 nigers left it it and gon to carts they took 100 mules 8 wagons 7000 lbs of bakin that will help a little. them nigers help in the armey a goodele thy can cook and wash and if thare is eny nasty job to be done then the nigers do it.
the corn that is on this plantation will be gathered this faul by nigers for uncle Sam instead of the damd rebels.  that is whare we can get the advantage of them.  now take thare nigers away and it kill them.  in our reg thare is about 500 so you see thare wont be mutch work done whare we halve ben.  that is all that I can think of this time Write soon and send me some po stamps from your ever true sone Franklin Bigelow

Deed for 80 acres

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