Elisha 6 BIGELOW

159B1.1       Elisha 6 BIGELOW, son of Elisha 5 ( Elisha 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John1 and  Wealthea (GORTON) BIGELOW, was born 05 February 1775 at Colchester, New London county, CT. As a young man he migrated to Vermont and settled at Reading, Windsor county. He married (1) 06 November 1797 Rhoda Goddard, daughter of William and Rhoda (Goddard) Goddard. She was born 1773, and died at Reading 25 January 1826. (see below) Elisha married (2) 11 March 1827 Persis Page. Elisha carried the mails for many years from Windsor to Rutland, before the days of railroads. He died at Reading, Windsor county, VT 20 February 1840.

Children of Elisha and Rhoda (Goddard) Bigelow, all born Reading, Windsor co, VT:

159B1.11     Franklin, b 21 July 1798; d 09 Aug 1852 Troy, Walworth co, WI; m 22 May 1826 Laura Perkins-15951.51.

159B1.12     Anson, b 25 Sept 1799; d 30 Sept 1800.

159B1.13     Wealtha, b 18 Mar 1801; d 12 Nov 1878 Little Praire, Walworth co, WI; m 18 Mar 1830 John Weld (b 27 Jan 1795; d 24 Apr 1884); moved 1837 to WI. Family not known.

159B1.14     Lucia, b 22 Aug 1802; d 11 Dec 1879 Eagle, Waukesha, WI; m 30 Mar 1823 Isaac Severance (d 1877); moved to WI spring of 1838. Family not known.

159B1.15t    Cryton, b 17 May 1804; d 11 Sept 1846 Little Prairie, Walworth, WI; m 05 June l834 Roseanna Cobb. 7 children.

159B1.16     Joseph Nelson, b 29 June 1806; d 20 Nov 1835 Windsor, VT; unm.

159B1.17t     Ferrand, b 13 Feb 1808; d Dec 1886 Eagle, Waukesha co, WI; m 16 Oct 1836 Caroline Hibbard. 8 children.

159B1.18t     Arvilla, b 08 Jan 1811; d Milwaukee, WI 1848; m 05 Jan 1840 Timothy Wainwright. 2 sons.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I, pg 284-285;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
vital records VT;
marriage records WI;
histories Walworth and Waukesha counties, WI;
correspondence with descendants.
Descendant note:
My husband is 11 gen. from John Bigelow. I have quite a bit on Elisha's descendants in WI, including children for Wealtha (3), Lucia (4), Cryton (8), Arvilla (2 sons), Ferrand (8).  Also have offspring of Ferrand's children for several more generations.
The last time I saw a Bigelow Society printout (abt 1987) the full names of Elverton 8 Bigelow's daughters' husbands were not listed.  Since Ethel & Minnie married Parkinson brothers, I have lots on them.  My husband is grandson of Ethel.
Let me know if you want these lines, and how to proceed.  I have Family Tree Maker 5.0, can make gedcom file for you.
Kathy Parkinson         wraith@lakefield.net

Subject: Bigelow INFO
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 17:33:55 EDT
From: Bill Hartwell       WHart123@aol.com
Hi Rod,
I recently found some papers in with my Granfather Hartwell's stamp collection. They are apparently something my Grandmother Bessie Bigelow (Stephens) daughter of Orpheus Bigelow put together when she was in the process of joining the DAR. I just bought an IBM program called Via Voice, which is a speech recognition and type program. It makes going through old papers pretty easy. I just read what was there, and fixed the few things the program did not understand. I am sending what I have so far, and don't know if it is of any interest to you. Some of these have info on the Civil War.
Bill Hartwell
page one
Extracts from the Fulham Genealogy page 158, on file at the St. Paul historical library.

Thomas Goddard (10th great Grandfather) - married Anne, sister of Sir George Gifford.

Richard Goddard (9th Great Grandfather) of Upham and Swindor England. (married Elizabeth) (son of Thomas G. and Ann Gifford)  built a mansion at Upham - (long account of its beauties I did not copy-also speaks of the Bell of Goddard still
used in a chapel there, presented by a Richard G.)

Edward Goddard, (6th Great Grandfather) second son of Richard and Elizabeth married Priscilla, daughter of John D'Oyley by Ursula. (he was very wealthy, but afterward much reduced in wealth by oppression. During the Civil War he belonged to the Parliament side, his house was beset and demolished by Cavaliers who also plundered his substance.  He escaped through the midst of them in disguise but died soon after.) (13 children John, and James Francis Richard etc.)

William Goddard (5th Great Grandfather) got word son of Edward G. and Priscilla D'Oyley of water town (latter) was a
(page 2)
wholesale grocer of London, and the seventh son of Edward and Priscilla. Baptised February 28, 1627. Died October 6th 1691. Married Elizabeth Miles- died February 1697. He met with losses at sea, lived too expensively, and became greatly reduced in his property. His mother-in-law Mrs. Foote, a widow having a brother living in New England, lent him L100 sterling, taking a mortgage on his house and land for security.  He died without paying Mrs. Foote, so she gave the claim to William and he came over to New England to secure it. Finding no property but the mortgaged estate, in view of his strained condition, he decided to remain in America and sent for his family.  This was in the year of the Great plague 1665, and as it was the law of the country that no emigrants could carry more than 5 lbs. in specie from the country, he stored his merchandise and furniture in London. The family settled in Watertown in 1665, and the great fire of 1666 in London destroyed all this property.  His wife's Mother's cousin, dying, left him a legacy of L400
(page 3)
sterling.  They had six children born in London, three of whom died young, and six born in America, 3 of whom also died young.  A curious circumstance of the six surviving son's is that the three born in England have a light complexion and red hair, and the three born in America had dark complexion and dark hair and were distinguished as the " Indian boys " The six survivors were-William, Joseph, Robert, Benjamin, Josiah and Edward.

Edward Goddard ( 4th great-grandfather of Sadie) of Watertown, Boston, and of Framingham. Mass. son of the above parents was born in Watertown March 24th 1675, died in February 4, 1754  married June 1697 Susanne Stone, (born on
November 6, 1675, died February 4, 1754, the daughter of Simeon and Mary (Whippte) Stone of Watertown.) Edward Goddard was a school master in Watertown from April 12, 1697 to about 1707, when he moved to Boston and became a teacher there.  On March 25, 1714, he went to Framingham where he taught grammar school several years with a salary of 40 lbs. he afterward held various public offices.
(page 4)
He was Selectman for 10 years, town clerk for 18 years, treasurer two years, Represenative 9 years, and many years justice of the peace in Framingham. He was captain of a company of horse and for three years a member of the Council. An obituary notice of him says - " He was a person of very good natural powers, inquisitive and curious genius, industrious spirit and considerable improvement in both divine and political knowledge, esteemed for sobriety, integrity, judiciousness and piety in his youth, being of so good a character and a very accurate writer and drafter in almost all sorts of writing and arithmetic in Boston, where he behaved himself to great cceptance."  Being a person of such parts, improvements and principles and of undaunted courage. He was one of the greatest and most steady Patriots both of civil and religious liberties in their largest extent that ever appeared in the General Assembly in his day.  He died of the epidemic fever
(page 5)
that had caused the deaths of his son David (Jan 19) his son Benjamin (Jan 28) and his wife Susanne (February 4th,) call within three weeks.  Nine children born and Watertown and Boston.
I only copied two of them, Edward and Reverend David.
   1. Edward Goddard, a farmer of Shrewsbury.  Born May 4th 1698, died October 13,1777  married Elizabeth Hapgood.  He had 12 children, one of them being Roda Goddard, who married her cousin - see below.

   2. Rev. David Goddard, (3rd great grandfather of Sadie) (son of Edward Goddard and Susanne Stone) born September 26th 1706, married Mercy Stone of  Watertown, August 19th, 1736.  Died January 19th 1754. Mercy Stone was born --, died January 4, 1753, and he married and he married second wife Mrs. Martha Nichols. He was graduated from Harvard University in 1731 receiving the title of Mr. In January 1736, he was called as pastor of the church and society in
Liecester, with 300 lbs. for settlement, and 100 lbs. for salary, and was ordained June 30th 1736. He continued as pastor until his death, caused by the great epidemic fever a few weeks after his second marriage.  Nine children born in Leicester. (we
follow Rev.William their son)

Rev. William Goddard (second great-grandfather of Sadie) son of Rev. David
(page 6)
Goddard and Mercy Stone, married August 14th 1765 his cousin Rhoda Goddard (as shown top of page 5) who was born (February 25th) March 7, 1740, died December 7th, 1820 in Pittsfield Vermont, having married second time February 11th 1793 National Stone of Shrewsbury. He was graduated from Harvard College in 1761 receiving the title of Mr. and settled as Minister at Westerland in 1764.  In 1775 he was dismissed from his ministerial office on account of ill health and removed to Orange Ms in 1778, and (afterward was much enfeebled in health by a convulsive fit, one account is this, and not the other) afterward he removed to Petersham Ms where he died.  One looked explained above, by saying he was the Minister of the Congregational Church at Westmorland until he became interested in some Free Willers who settled near, and they espoused
their cause and was labored with by his church for it.  Then he left and gathered together a church at Orange and again established in other church at Petersham Ms., making three churches he founded. He had 11 children one of
whom was Rhoda Goddard, who married Elisha Bigelow.
(page 7)
His sermons can be found in the library of the American Antiquarian Society.

Rhoda Goddard married Elisha Bigelow (great-grandfather and mother of Sadie) in 1797. She died 1812 and he married second wife Persis Page.  They lived at Reading Vermont.
Children by Rhoda Goddard were:
Franklin Wellhea (Weld), Lucia (Severance), Crylon or Crilan, and Ferrand - (grandfather) Ferrand Bigelow married Caroline Hibbard, October 16th 1836 - children lived at Reading Vermont and Eagle Wisconsin.
Sarah Bigelow (Mother) - their 8th and youngest child.
See page 118 of my genealogy......Bill Hartwell
to be continued?

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