Cryton 7 BIGELOW

Cryton Bigelow
Little Prairie Cemetery; Troy, Walworth County, WI
AKA Creighton

159B1.15      Cryton 7 BIGELOW, son of Elisha 6 ( Elisha 5 , Elisha 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Rhoda (GODDARD) BIGELOW, was born at Reading, Windsor, VT on 17 May 1804 and married on 05 June 1834 Roseanna Cobb. She was born in Windsor county, VT on 10 February 1816. This family migrated to WI about 1838 and settled in Little Prairie. Walworth. He died at Little Prairie on 11 September 1846 (aged 4142) and she in May of 1852.

Children of Cryton and Roseanna (Cobb) Bigelow:

159B1.151     Horatio Nelson, b 10 March 1835 Reading, Windsor, VT; d 30 Sep 1915 (aged 80) West Union, Fayette County, I; m 1870 (1868?) Sarah C. "Dora" Woolsey; b 15 Dec 1845 LaFayette, Onondaga County, NY; d  20 Feb 1926 (aged 80)Conway Springs, Sumner County, Kansas; Headstone in West Union, IA; 1 known child. Eda A. Bigelow, b 1871 Wisconsin; d 18 Jan 1955 (aged 8384) Conway Springs, Sumner County, Kansas; m 1917 Augustus Guy Sherwood (1873-1954) (Horatio buried in the West Union Cemetery in West Union, IA, with a wife named Sarah C. )

159B1.152     Malinda Ann, b 28 Aug 1838; d 27 Apr 1918; m ___ 1858 Sheldon P. Woolsey; res. La Crosse, WI; 2 children.(see below)

159B1.153     Francis Albro (Francis Albertis), b 22 July 1840 Little Prairie, WI; d ____ ; m 26 Sept (April?) 1867 Julia Catherine Newton, b 10 March 1847; d 31 July 1869; res. LaCrosse; 1 child. (see below)

159B1.154     Laura Jane, b 22 Dec 1842 Little Prairie; d ___ ; m Rensselaer Paine who d May 1862; res. Arcadia, WI; 4 children. (see below)

159B1.155t    Volney Albertus, b 09 Sept 1843 Little Prairie; d 16 April 1904 LaCrosse; m 20 Dec 1866 Letitia Brookliss; res. LaCrosse; 5 children

159B1.156     Mary Josephine, b _ Little Prairie (?); d  _ ; m______ Coburn.

159B1.157     George Oscar, b 1846 Little Prairie.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 157;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America; pg 352; # 953-2141;
History of Walworth County;
family records.
Bigelow Society Library has Marriage cert. dated 26  Sept 1867:
"Francis Albertis Bigelow, m Julia Catherine Newton, dau of John and Cynthia B. (____ ) Newton"

Subject: Missing persons in Elisha 6 Bigelow
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 20:15:47 -0500
From: Kathy  >

My husband is 11 gen. from John Bigelow.  I was copying the pages from your site.  When I got to Elisha 6 Bigelow, I could not access his children, though they are highlighted. I have quite a bit on Elisha's descendants in WI, including children for
Wealtha (3), Lucia (4), Cryton (8), Arvilla (2 sons), Ferrand (8).  Also have offspring of Ferrand's children for several more gen.  Are you interested?? The last time I saw a Bigelow Society printout (abt 1987) the full names of Elverton 8 Bigelow's daughters' husbands were not listed.  Since Ethel & Minnie married Parkinson brothers, I have lots on them.  My husband is
grandson of Ethel. Let me know if you want these lines, and how to proceed.  I have Family Tree Maker 5.0, can make gedcom file for you.  Kathy Parkinson
Subject: Melinda Ann Bigelow / Sheldon P. Woolsey
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 00:41:57 EDT
From: Chuck Taylor
Thanks for helping me put a piece of the puzzle together.
Sheldon P. WOOLSEY and Malinda are buried just a few rows over from my grandparents in the same cemetery.  As I am a WOOLSEY descendant, I found your website MOST interesting!  I'm still looking for Sheldon's parents, but you've helped me solve the dilemma of what Malinda's maiden name was.  They are buried with several of their children.  I have a photo of their headstone if this interests you.
BTW, Horatio Nelson BIGELOW is buried in the West Union Cemetery in West Union, IA, with a wife named Sarah G.  Could this be the same "Dora" as you have him listed with.  Shows that they had one child.
Thanks again,
Chuck Taylor
Austin, TX
Subject: Melinda Ann Bigelow / Sheldon P. Woolsey
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 12:39:24 EDT
 Hi Rod,
My paternal grandmother was Agnes Ida WOOLSEY.  She told my mom once upon a time, that Sheldon P. WOOLSEY was a relative.
Is there anything in your realm, that indicates whom his parents were?
According to census and cemetery records, I show the following children, as "known":

Alta M. WOOLSEY, b. 21 May 1859 WI, d. 21 Dec 1878, Fayette Co., IA
Minna WOOLSEY, b. 29 Mar 1870 IA, d. 23 Aug 1870, Fayette Co., IA
Mattie WOOLSEY, b. 29 Mar 1870 IA, d. 17 Aug 1870, Fayette Co., IA.
Volney J. WOOLSEY, b. abt 1871 IA  (no final disposition on this person).
Frank B. WOOLSEY, b. 2 Feb 1873 IA, 22 Dec 1878, Fayette Co., IA.
(Baby) WOOLSEY, b. 15 Aug 1876 IA, D. 15 Aug 1876, Fayette Co., IA.
Alice C. WOOLSEY, b. May 1880 IA, (no final disposition on this person).

Sheldon, Malinda and children are all buried in the Dunham Grove Cemetery, Randalia, Fayette Co., IA. (about two rows over from my grandparents).
Randalia is in Center Township.

My cemetery book for the West Union Cemetery shows that Horatio Nelson married Sarah G. (nee unk), and had daughter Eda.  Horatio and Sarah are
buried in the West Union Cemetery, West Union, Union Township, Fayette co., IA.  Your web site indicates that he married a Dora.  I wonder if they
are one and the same person.  It does say that they had one child. Dates for Horatio, b. 1835, d. 30 Sep 1915.  Sarah G., b. 1845, no death
date listed. Again, thanks for the help that your website provided me.
I notice that your website spells Sheldon's wife's name as "Melinda." It is recorded as "Malinda" on her headstone. (As you'll see.)

Best Wishes,
Chuck Taylor
Austin, TX
List Manager:

Subject: Cryton Bigelow
Date:  Sat, 1 Dec 2001 12:24:10 -0500
From: "Richard Warner" <  >
 Received OOPs  when trying to access Cryton Bigelow from index.. Do not find his daughter Laura Jane in the Bigelow index.
Richard Warner

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