Cornelius 8 BIGELOW

Edina Cemetery; Edina, Laurentides Region, Que

15336.571      Cornelius 8 BIGELOW, son of George 7 ( Cornelius 6 , Paul 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Margaret (KERR/CARR) BIGELOW, was born about 1829 in Chatham township, Argenteuil, Quebec. His father died in 1845 and Cornelius was responsible for the support of his mother and siblings until his mother married again. On 19 January 1852 he married his first cousin, Jane Persis Bigelow (15336.581) who was born about 1837. The 1861 census states that Cornelius was 36 and Jane 24 years at their next birthday, while the 1871 census says 40 and 39 respectively. No records have been found to confirm either birth years. Jane died 25 July 1878 Pine Hill, Chatham twp, Argenteuil, Quebec, and on 28 April 1882 Cornelius married Mrs. Sarah (McMeekins) Gould, but as the combined families were not compatible, a separation took place. Cornelius farmed in the Pine Hill and Dalesville areas of Chatham township. He died of a sudden heart attack at the home of his son, George, on 14 April 1901 at Dalesville. Both Cornelius and Jane are buried in Edina cemetery there. The stone has birth of Cornelius as 1819 and his wife as Jane Mac Adoo (1832-1878)

Children of Cornelius and Jane (Bigelow) Bigelow:

15336.5711t    Daniel, b 02 Aug 1853; d______ 1933/4 Dalesville, m 30 March 1879 Sarah Jane Lee; res. Dalesville; 4 daughters.

15336.5712     William, b 04 April 1855; d 13 Dec 1878; unm.

15336.5713t    George Henry, b 0l Aug 1857; d 28 Nov 1932 Dalesville; m Jane Carr (1853/5-1930); 5 children. (see below)

15336.5714t    Cornelius Albert, b 15 May 1860; d_____1914 Glen Almond; m (1) 30 May 1883 Emily (Bigelow) Stewart (15336.5216), had 1 child by first marriage and 3 by Cornelius, she died and he m (2) Urania (Bigelow) Storey (15336.5218) who had 2 children by first marriage and 3 with Cornelius.

15336.5715t    Charles Nelson, b 10 June 1865; d 30 April 1890; m Sarah Jane Keatley; 2 children.

15336.5717     Andrew, b 13 Feb 1867 (age 7 on 1871 census); d 30 July 1878.

15336.5716     Henry, b ca 1866 Chatham (age 5 on 1871 census); d 30 July 1878.

15336.5718     Lemuel, b 28 July 1869 (not on 1871 census); are Henry and Lemuel the same person? Family records state Lemuel Henry (?)b 28 July 1869, but 10 June 1869 on baptismal record; Lemuel Henry d in early manhood in a logging camp; unm.

15336.5719t    Margaret Lucinda, b 03 Sept 1872; d 05 Feb 1952 Grenville; m 08 Aug 1893 Sylvester Bigelow (15336.5285); 10 children. 

15336.571A     James Calder, b 19 July 1875 (family record, but 15 Jan 1876 on baptisamal record; d 03 March 1934; m 08 April 1914 Elizabeth J. McGibbon; (1874-1938)1 adopted son.

 There were other children, specifically a son and daughter, have been mentioned but unproven.

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Subject: Bigelow - Calder - Carr
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 19:12:31 -0400
From: Jean Calder Zinck  <   >
 Hi I am trying to find out about my great grandmother Sarah Carr who married John Calder in 1845 at St. Mungos church in Cushing Quebec. They lived in Dalesville. I cant find anything on the Carrs or Kerrs but I keep coming up with Margaret
Carr who married George Bigelow and Jane Carr who married George Henry Bigelow. I can't help but thinking that there is a relationship between these Carrs, Bigelows and the Calders. I also know that a James Calder who lived with the Johanna Heatlie and James Calder was really a Bigelow. Do you know anything about these Carrs that might help me with my research. I have found that Sarah Carrs father was named Francis and mother was Mary and I know of one  brother named Bernard and that they were RC from Ireland Maybe Cork.  Help!!!! Thanks   Jean Calder Zinck

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