Charles Decatur 8 BIGELOW

Maplewood Cemetery, Springville, Erie County, NY. (Find a Grave)

15336.A1A      Charles Decatur 8 BIGELOW, son of Charles Chandler 7 ( Job 6 , Paul 5, Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Roxanna (SAMPSON) BIGELOW, was born 04 December 1850 (see below) at Ashford, Cattaraugus, NY. We have little information on this family, except that he married on 21 May 1879 Jennie V. Pool and they resided in Buffalo, Erie, NY. Charles died 14 April 1926 Buffalo, Erie co, NY (see below)
Info below states: Charles b. 1850 in East Ashford, Cattaraugus co., NY, married Florence A. Irons, b. 1856. They had the following children: Elmer (see below), Harry and Theresa.

Children of Charles Deacatur & Florence A. (Irons) Bigelow:

15336.A1A1     Harry Bigelow, b. about 1879, d. 1973

15336.A1A2     Theresa Bigelow, b ___ ; d ______ ; m Harry Myers

15336.A1A3     Elmer Charles Bigelow, b 27 Feb 1881 in Smethport, PA, m. Mabel Cora Deming, d 13 June 1965 in Chautauqua co., NY. ( I have pictures of Elmer and Mable) (see below)

Children of Charles and Jennie (Pool) Bigelow, born in Buffalo:

15336.A1A4     Bessie, b 23 April 1881 probably 1882 see above; d 23 April 1882.

15336.A1A5     Bayard, b 19 June 1887.(see below)

15336.A1A6     Charles Chase, b 20 Feb 1891; d 1963;.buried: Maplewood Cemetery, Springville, Erie County, NY.  (see below)

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 376;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Bigelow Society records.

1880 Census Gowanda, Erie co, NY

Source: FHL Film 1254832 Nat. Archive Film T9-0832  page 454B
Charles D. Bigelow   Age 29 Birthplace NY; Fa: VT  Mo: MA
Occ: Life & Fire Insurance Agent

Jennie V. Bigelow      Age 20 Birthplace NY; Fa. OH Mo VT

1880 Census Keating, McKean co, PA
Source: FHL Film 1255154 Nat. Archive Film T9-1154  page 311D
Charles Bigelo   Age 25 Birthplace NY; Fa: Can  Mo: Can
Occ: Laborer

Florence Bigelo      Age 23 Birthplace PA; Fa. PA Mo PA
son Harry Bigelo     Age 9M Birthp PA; Fa: PA?? Mo: PA
Subject: Charles Bigelow
From Cindi Bigelow
Date: 08/30/2000
Since my last post, I have received a bit more information. I have Charles Decatur Bigelow, b. 1850 in East Ashford,
Cattaraugus Co., NY, married Florence A. Irons, b. 1856. The parents of Charles Decatur were Charles Chandler Bigelow,
m. to Roxanna Sampson.
I responded to below:
I am looking for information on Charles Bigelow, possibly in the Smethport, PA area, late 1800s (d. 1937) - he was married to Florence Irons. They had the following children: Elmer, Harry and Theresa.
Subject: bigelows
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 23:36:56 -0700
From: "Robert Smith" <  >
oops,on  Charles Decatur Bigelow  and many more names.

Posted by: Cindi
Date: March 04, 2002 at 08:46:03
I believe I am missing a generation in my lineage.
I have Charles Decatur Bigelow, b. 4 Dec. 1850, m. Florence A. Irons, d. 14 Apr. 1926 - listed as the son of:
Charles Chandler Bigelow, b. 18 Dec. 1807, m. Roxanna Sampson 20 Feb. 1829, d. 1 July 1890.
Those dates seem pretty improbable to me, and am thinking that there may be another generation between the two Charles.
Does anyone have any further information on these two, or verification of their connection?
Thank you.
Subject: Charles Decatur Bigelow
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 10:11:22 -0500
From: Cindi Bigelow <>
 Thank you for your help - here is what I have from Charles Decatur Bigelow, down.
additional spouse for Charles - Jennie Vaughn POOL

Children of Charles Deacatur & Florence A. Irons:

1     Harry Bigelow, b. about 1879, d. 1973

2     Theresa Bigelow, b. m Harry Myers

Elmer Charles Bigelow, b 27 Feb 1881 in Smethport, PA, m Mabel Cora Deming, d 13 June 1965 in Chautauqua co., NY. ( I have pictures of Elmer and Mable)

(primary source from Elmer down, Betty Bigelow Houghwot - living daughter of Elmer and Mabel)

Children of Elmer and Mabel:

15336.A1A31     Florence B., b. May 9, 1908, m. Norman Mawhir, d. Jan. 1994

15336.A1A32     Benjamin Elmer, b. Feb. 19, 1910 in Kane, PA, m. July 30, 1944 to Vera Charlotta Fredrica Munch (living), d. Oct. 29, 1979 Warren, PA Benjamin Elmer was a leather tooler, and owned Bigelow Leather and Canvas in Warren, Warren co., PA.

15336.A1A33     Ruth, b. 1911

15336.A1A34     Irene Letty, b. July 29, 1912, m. Frank Raycraft, d. Oct. 19, 1998 Copake, NY (source, gr. daughter of Irene)

15336.A1A35     Charles Eugene, b. 1914

15336.A1A36     Margarite Elizabeth, b. 1917, m. Mr. O'Heron

15336.A1A37     Oliver George, b. 1919

15336.A1A38     Burton Ardon, b. April 24, 1921, m. June _____, d. May 1, 1992

15336.A1A39     Mary Catherine (living), b. 1923, m. Mr. Orlando

15336.A1A3A     Betty Jane Louise (living), b. 1926, m. Merl Houghwot

15336.A1A3B     John, b. Dec. 4, 1929, m. June ______, d. July 23, 1999 Brocton, Chautauqua co., NY

15336.A1A3C     Francis Henry, b. 1929

According to Aunt Betty, many of the children, like their father Charles Decatur Bigelow before them, were afflicted with wonderlust, and the family is not sure what became of them. As one of those "dreaded in-laws", I can tell you that there are some very "colorful" people in the above listed generation. Benjamin Elmer was a leather tooler, and owned Bigelow Leather and Canvas in Warren, Warren co., PA.
I am still having problems with the Charles Bigelow line. Unless we are talking about a bigamist (and I am reasonably sure, from family stories, that this is not the case), the dates of the children don't work out - they are mixed between each other. I know that the father of Elmer Charles Bigelow, was named Charles - and I will admit that there does not appear to be another Charles Bigelow of the right time frame and location - however, there's the problem of the chilren's birth dates.
Getting information in New York State is difficult, especially if one does not have a church of record, or somewhere to search for more complete information. I have a trail for Elmer Charles Bigelow - the death information does not give me what I need to pursue his parents -I will see if I can rework the information and find some record of birth for Elmer Charles, that may have his father's middle name. I have tried searching through Florence Irons, and can only find Charles Bigelow.
I do know that the Elmer Charles Bigelow family traveled from PA to NY supposedly to relatives - for the birth of some children.
Cynthia (Cindi) Hewitt [Dunham] Bigelow
see private.
New Note:
Subject: Charles Decatur Bigelow, Jennie Pool & Florence Irons & Cindi Bigelow
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 16:00:03 -0700
From: Jeanne Bigelow Frederick
Dear Rod Bigelow,
I am Jeanne Bigelow Frederick, dau of Bayard Bigelow, Charles Decatur,
Job, Charles Chandler etc.  By the merest chance I saw the information
about Florence Irons & Charles Decatur Bigelow posted by Cindi Bigelow by
putting in Charles Decatur Bigelow's name in Google and requesting a
search.   I digested Cindi's information and then went to the 1880 census
and this is what I found:
        Charles D. Bigelow, a Life and Fire Insurance agt. married to
Jennie V. (Pool) Bigelow.  His father born in VT. &
mother Hannah Walker Bigelow born in MA which certainly fits.  They are
located in Gowanda, NY.  I have a small workbook of Charles
Decatur Bigelow and in the front it says, "Chas. D. Bigelow, Gowanda,
        The 1880 census also lists Charles Bigelo, a laborer married to
Florence Bigelo with a son Harry Bigelo living in Keating, PA.  This is
South east of the town of Smethport that Cindi
Bigelow talks about.  Charles Bigelo's parents are listed as both
born in Canada.
I am happy to send these census printouts by surface mail to you for your
perusal.  I tried to write Cindi Bigelow, but my e-mail came back as
I started out on the premise that it was entirely possible for both
families to belong to my grandfather Charles Decatur Bigelow, but after
finding that material in the census, I feel there were definitely two
Charles Bigelows (Bigelo), even though the one in Keating might also be
named Charles Decatur Bigelo.
Great Bigelow information and web pages!!!
Jeannie Frederick

Subject: Baguley Hall
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 22:26:57 -0400
From: "Bayard Bigelow, III"    <   >

    I am the grand nephew of Charles Chase Bigelow who did original tracings of family back to Baguley Hall, which I visited some years ago. Am trying to put together short version of family history for my son and ran into that attached beautiful picture of Baguley Hall. Though you might like a copy. Uncle Charlie was also an artist and did murals in Buffalo newspaper building which are not  on National registry of Historical Landmarks. His Niece is now over 80 and living in Sierra Madre, CA -- very interested in Bigelow stuff and a treasure trove of great family memorabilia.

Bud Bigelow
Burlington, VT

Subject: Bigelows
 Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 17:29:54 -0400
From: "Bayard Bigelow, III" <>
I am the great grandson of one of the Bigelows on the website and would like to update information before the generations disappear. The addition of a generation looks to my untutored eye to be a formidable process.
The lineage is Charles Decatur 8 BIGELOW
Father of Bayard Bigelow, Sr.
Father of Bayard Bigelow, Jr.
Father of Bayard Bigelow, III (private)

By my count my children are 12 generations removed from the father of fathers of Watertown, MA.

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