Celestia E. 8 BIGELOW

(see below)
15336.842      Celestia E. 8 BIGELOW, dau of Thomas Sumner 7 ( Elisha 6 , Paul 5, Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Clarissa (JACOBS) WARNER BIGELOW, was born at Akron, Summit co, OH on 23 March 1835 and married Benson Huntley on 24 September 1854 at Akron. Benson was born in 1832 and died on 01 March 1885 in Mercer county, IL.  Celestia died at Port Byron, Rock Island co, IL on 12 September 1912. ( error April 1912).
( see hist. note below)

Children of Benson and Celestia (Bigelow) Huntley, all born at Preemption, Mercer, IL:

15336.8421     George W. HUNTLEY, b 20 Aug 1856; d 26 Nov 1914; m Mrs. Caroline (MILLER) Bragg (b 21 July 1861 d 27 Oct 1946) in 1884. Three children. (Cause of death: suicide by drowning in the Mississippi river, following brother Bert's death. Body found March 5, 1915; George's son Earl died in the same fashion June 29, 1924)  (see below)

15336.8422     John Julius HUNTLEY, b 15 Oct 1859; d 27 Aug 1928 Van Nuys, CA; m 27 Nov 1884 Rose Schmidt. 4 children.

15336.8423t    Mary Clara HUNTLEY, b 09 Nov 1860; d ___ Mitchellville, IA; m 07 Nov 1881 Truman Pierce. (see below)

15336.8424     Lincoln Edward HUNTLEY, b 09 June 1863; d ____ ; m 10 Jan 1893 Anna Bell Van Vorhees;

15336.8425     Laura Ellen HUNTLEY, b 08 Sept 1865; d 02 Jan 1883 Reynolds, IL;

15336.8426t    Charles Hiram HUNTLEY, b 18 June 1868; d 31 Jan 1956; m _ Jan 1896 Anna L. Britton; 3 children;
 1 child known; Rolland Huntley (see below)

15336.8427     William S. HUNTLEY, b 18 June 1871; d ____ ; m 23 Aug 1896 Laura Jane Hadsen;

15336.8428     Bert Benson HUNTLEY, b 07 Feb 1871; d 18 Nov1914; m 16 April 1902 Minnie Moody b1875; (Cause of death: suicide by drowning in the Mississippi river)

15336.8429     Abbie Frances HUNTLEY, b 24 Aug 1877; d 11 Apr 1909 Olympia, Thurston co, WA; m 06 Apr 1896 Charles Vandervere;

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg ;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Genealogy of a Branch of the Bigelow Family, by Rev. Lincoln Huntley;published 1923;
records of Bigelow Society historian/genealogist.
vital records OH and IL; Bigelow society records.
Bigelow society records;

From: Deb Quilty
Attached is a picture of Celestia Bigelow Huntley (1835-1912). Also, a transcript of her obituary is provided below.
Mrs. C. B. Huntley
Mrs. Celeste Bigelow Huntley, who had been a resident of Mercer and Rock Island counties since 1853, died Saturday afternoon at 1 o’clock at the home of her son, John B. Huntley, at Port Byron, aged 77 years and six months. Mrs. Huntley was a native of Akron, Ohio. Benson Huntley, the husband, died 27 years ago. Of nine children born of the union seven survive: George W. Huntley, Rock Island; John J. Huntley, Port Byron; L. E. Huntley, Cherokee, Iowa; Charles H. Huntley, Andalusia; William and B.B., Port Byron, and Clara M. Pierce, Mitchellville, Iowa. Mrs. Huntley also is survived by two brothers and a sister. She had been a member of the Christian church since she was 16 years old. Burial will take place in Reynolds.
Obituary from: The Moline Evening Mail, Moline, Illinois, Tuesday, September 24, 1912, page 10.

e-mail 29 Mar 1999 from Joseph A. Huntley (Kenneth, Rolland, Charles, Benson, Luman, Lemuel, Samuel, John, Aaron, John Huntley, immigrant from England), e-mail:
looney@flippin.net, website: http://huntley.ontheweb.nu.
Joe Huntley stated:  From information I received, there is a discrepancy in one of the children of Benson and Celestia (Bigelow) Huntley's children, his grandfather, Charles Huntley which shows middle initial as E but his real name is Charles Hiram Huntley, interred in Andalusia, IL and his wife's name was Anna I. Britton, which he felt should be Anna.  Benson's family lines on his website above.
Subject: Celestia Bigelow
Date: 12 Jan 2002 06:54:15 -0800
From: Debra Quilty
Celestia E. Bigelow 1835-1912 (I am her great-great grand daughter)

My line of decent from Celestia is:
Celestia Bigelow Huntley 1835-1912
George Huntley 1856-1914
Myrtle Huntley Quilty 1885-1961
Robert Quilty 1922-1999
Debra Quilty -

The connection to Celestia is very interesting to me as, due to your work, it is the oldest line I have and enables me to apply to DAR. (Incidently, my sisters name is Celeste, and is her namesake.)
I would be interested in any information you have on all her children. (Rev. Linclon Huntley sounds interesting!)
New info 01/16/2002:

Subject # 1: New Information

Comparing the information you gave me with what I have, I found the
following bits of information you might be interested in:

1. Benson's year of birth calculated from his gravestone.

2. Celestia's date of death from her gravestone. Also their is a
discrepancy with her year of birth: According to her gravestone she
died at age 76 years, 5 months, 29 days. Her obituary says she was 77
years and 6 months. This would make her year of birth 1835 or 1836?

Note: Celestia had a second marriage in 1897 to Mitchell Huntley b
1824 d 11-27-1910 (Brother of Benson?). The marriage may have ended in
separation or divorce?

3. George's cause of death and wife's (Caroline Bragg) maiden name,
dates of birth, death, marriage and number of children from obituary.

4. John Huntley number of children from family contact.

5. Charles Huntley date of death and day of marriage from obituary.

6. Bert Huntley cause of death, date of death, marriage and wife's
year of birth from obituary and family contact.

I have added the above 6 points with your info below:

Subject #2 Historical Footnote:

Celestia & Benson Huntley were pioneers to Rock Island County, and are
buried in the family plot in the Reynolds cometary, Reynolds, Rock
Island County, Illinois. (Reynolds sits on the border between R.I. and
Mercer Counties) Of their 9 children: two died childless in Rock
Island County (Laura & Bert) five left the area (John, CA.; Clara, IA;
Lincoln, IA; William, IA.; Abby, WA.) Two remained in Rock Island
County (George and Charles). Of George's three children: 1. Myrtle
Edith b August 2, 1885, died Dec 4, 1961 married Charles Quilty (b Nov
9, 1878, died July 12, 1939) on Aug 9, 1905 and they had eight
children and 30 grandchildren. 2. Earl b 8-9-1896 died childless
6-29-1924 3. Celestia b 12-23-1898 died in infancy July 6, 1899.
Charles Huntley still has male descendants in Rock Island county, one
of whom is Joe Huntley.
Subject #3: Joe Huntley,
Joseph A. Huntley (Kenneth, Rolland, Charles, Benson, Luman, Lemuel,
Samuel, John, Aaron, John Huntley, immigrant from England),
I have tried and failed to access the web page:
http://huntley.ontheweb.nu.  Also I attempted to e-mail:
looney@flippin.net, and my e-mail came back.
I have found some data on the internet for a John, Aaron, John,
Samuel, and Lemuel. I need more info to connect them with Benson.
Yours Truly,
Debra Quilty

From Jillinda Hall;

I just was reading on the Bigelow site.  I am related by:

1.Celestia Bigelow

2. Mary Clara Huntley md. Truman Pierce

3. Abbie Mae Pierce Allis

      b: March 16, 1886, KA

      d:  October 4, 1974, Yreka, CA   

4. Florence Eliz. Allis Mallery

      b. March 27, 1918, Denver, CO

      d.  October 4, 2007, Roseburg, OR

Jillinda Allis Mallery Hall

     b. July 5, 1946, Eugene, OR

  <>I have info on  the Huntley family.  My grandmother Abbie met her first cousin Pearl in a rest home in Yreka, CA in approx.  1970.  Pearl is the daughter of John Julius & Rose Schmidt Bigelow .  Pearl adopted a son who died prior to Pearl.  Pearl left all her history to me.  She was a morman and had extensive documentation.I am sure you have alot of history, but just wanted you to know of my family.  Mary Clara had several children and there are 1-2 living grandchildren.<>
Jillinda Allis Mallery Hall  j46hall@rosenet.net<>

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