Ariel Tinkham 8 BIGELOW

16251.335     Ariel Tinkham 8 BIGELOW, son of Aholiab 7 ( George 6  , James 5 , James 4 , Jonathan 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Rebecca (BRAY) BIGELOW, was born at Skowhegan, Somerset co, ME on 11 August 1838.  He married on 05 February 1865 at Smithland, IA Sarah Elvira Beers.  She was born 01 November 1844 at Salem, NY. Ariel lived in ME, GA, LA, MS, into IA 1859 and SD.(see below)  Sarah died at Salix,Woodbury co, IA on 22 December 1924 and Ariel there on 06 August 1932?. Both are buried Graceland Cemetery, Sioux City, IA(see below)
Children of Ariel and Sarah (Beers) Bigelow, all born at Salix except the oldest:

    16251.3351     Rose Susanna, b 05 Nov 1866
    Manona co, IA; d _____ ; m George Nelson Gibbs;

16251.3352t    Charles Haviland, b 09 Dec 1868 (09 Dec 1872?) Onawa; d 16 Oct 1940; m 18 June 1890 Tina Ellen Hollar (b 11 Sept 1872; d 27 July 1963) at Bethany, PA Tina was daughter of Gordon C. and Hepsibah (Timbros) Hollar; 5 children;

16251.3353     Warren Tinkham, b 08 Nov 1870; d _ Dec 1958 Sioux City, Woodbury co, IA; m Clara Greenstreet;

16251.3354     Belle Maude, b 30 Aug 1872; d  24 Aug 1941 Sioux City, Woodbury co, IA; m Ruel DeWitt Markell who was killed in 1933 in the Milk Wars of SD; 5 children; (see below)

16251.3355     George Farley, b 09 Sept 1874; d _ Oct 1939 Sioux City; m 30 Sept 1896 Myrtle Pearl Vanderford; 6 children (see below)

16251.3356     Fanny Leora, b 16 Nov 1876; d _____ ; m Winfield Scott Moore (b 25 July 1868 Douglas co, MO; d 26 Apr 1926 Manilla, Crawford co, IA; 2 children: 1: Ruth Elvira Moore, b 13 July 1899 OK. 

16251.3357     Laura Keene, b 31 Jan 1881; d _ May 1959 FL; m (1) John E. O'Meara; m (2) Steve Shackel;

16251.3358     Madge Elvira, b 04 Jan 1884; d _____ ; m(1) Michael L. Duggan; m (2) William G. Porter;

16251.3359     Nettie Olive, b 20 Mar 1889; d 23 Aug 1936 ; m Vincent Thayer or Thayer Vincent?;

sons and dau of George Farley Bigelow known:
Jerry K. Bigelow and grandson: Steven F. Bigelow;
Ora Lester Bigelow b. 1897; d. 1924 in Springfield co. MO;
Alice, b. 08 June 1910 IA; d 23 Jan 1996 in MA, unmarried, military service.


The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 484;
Records of Bigelow Society historian/genealogist [prior to 1995].

Change by source, Mary Boyce, of TN and research by grandaughter,
Cordelia (16251.3726), which would make the name, Tinkham Ariel Bigelow.
Pioneer Settler, 93 years old, lived full life of adventure.  Ariel Tinkum Bigelow has been county resident for 60 years.  By Beatrice S. Painter,
Special Correspondent, The Journal. Elk Point, SD. 
Ariel Tinkum Bigelow, one of the oldest pioneers of Iowa and South Dakota recently celebrated his 93rd birthday anniversary.  He has been
a resident of Woodbury co. 66 years, and has dwelt in IA 70 years.  He homesteaded near a natural spring near Rapid City, SD., not far from the spot the Coolidges spent a summer vacation, in 1978.  He has owned plantations in Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi and has the honor of having shown 100 head of thoroughbred stock at the first fair held in Woodbury co. (see below)
     When he arrived in Sioux City, in 1859, there was only a village, consisting of about three blocks of log cabins and frame buildings.  At that
time only two buildings were standing where Salix now stands, and of the 150 people then residing in Onaway only one besides himself now is living.  Yet, despite his age and life of thrilling adventure and many hardships, Mr. Bigelow goes about his daily occupations with a firm tread, upright carriage, clear eyes, firm unwrinklied skin, and wonderful mental vigor.  Looking at him, it is hard to realize his age is so near the century mark, for with a weight of 200 pounds and a height of more than six feet, always well groomed, he would pass for a man of middle age.  He never is ill, never has worn glasses, yet is a great reader, needs no cane and never has known rheumatism.
     A year ago Mr. Bigelow had three ribs broken, and a Sioux City physician who treated him at that time, gave him a thorough examination and was
immensely surprised to find a man of his age so organically sound.  He told Mr. Bigelow that, barring injury or death by accident, he should live at
least 20 more years.
     Mr. Bigelow was born in Maine 8 Nov 1938 and when 6 years old, migrated with his parents to Illinois, going up rivers and lakes by steamboat to
Chicago and thence by canal boat muledrawn, to LaSalle, and from there across the prairie to Princeton, IL, where the family settled. When he was only 16 years old, his father, a carpenter, died, leaving him to support himself, his mother and two sisters. He went to work, and being "handy" never lacked employment. The next year he invested his savings in a part interest in a grain threshing outfit, and the following year was able to purchase it
outright.  Then he purchased a farm, making a small down payment, and paying the balance in yearly installments.
     In 1859, Mr. Bigelow started for Iowa, driving across country with 100 head of cattle and 50 head of horses.  He settled near Onawa.  However, after losing a number of head of cattle in the marshes, and finding it necessary to keep a team of horses ready at all times to pull the beasts out of the
mire, he decided to move on.  This time he located at Salix, and purchased the 27 room hotel, now known as the Manona house.
     ELOPES TO MARRY:  In 1873 he and Sarah Beers eloped to Smithlans, Iowa, and were married.  When she died six years ago last Christmas Day,(2 May 1924) they had rounded out 60 years of wedded life.  About the time of his marriage, he and a brother-in-law went into stock raising on an  extensive scale. At the end of 14 years, the partners decided to try a new venture in the new west.  They went to the Black Hills, overland, driving 500 head of cattle.
     At Peno Springs, they found four wagon outfits, beside which lay the dead bodies of four young men, evidently brothers, who had been scalped.  At this point, they met a wagon freight train guarded by soldiers and accompanied it the rest of the journey.
     Upon the half section of land which they homesteaded near the present Rapid City, they built a log cabin, and for a number of years raised stock
there.  In the meantime his wife continued to operate the farm at Salix, Iowa.
Note:  The clipping says married 1873.  Other papers say 1855.  Oldest child born 1866. 
Sarah Beers was born 1844 and married in 1865.
     In 1884, Mr. Bigelow purchased and operated a store in Salix, but a fire destroyed the building and its contents. Fire on five occasions caused Mr. Bigelow great loss. In 1874 his farm residence burned down during the night, he and his family luckily escaping alive.  In 1860 fire destroyed his barn and several head of thoroughbred horses, and only five years ago the residence on his farm was destroyed by fire.
     During the years immediately following the Civil war, Mr. Bigelow made many trips to markets in southern states with mules and horses, some of which he traded for farms and plantations.  He has traveled in all sections of the United States, but still finds this section the best in which to reside.
     Mr. Bigelow is the father of nine children, seven of whom are still living, has 20? grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.
     Despite such a long adventurous life of his own, this hardy pioneer never tires of reading adventure and detective stories.  When not at work at
chores around the farm, he can be found with a book or magazine in his hand, deeply engrossed in the thrills of fiction.
     He died at Salix, Woodbury co, IA 08 June 1932.  He was born in Skowhegan, Maine 08 November 1838. 
Sarah Beers was born at Salma, Washington co, NY 01 November 1844; died 22 December1924 at Salix.
Bigelow Society received this article 06 August 1974 from Mrs. E. H. Warrington, 6827 Shavellson, Houston, TX 77055.

Subject: Ariel Tinkham Bigelow's link is broken
From: Susan Larson < >
Please fix "Tink's link"! :) . He was such a character. Brought both the first short-horned milking cattle to the Northwest Territory of the US and the first Percheron horses. Died at the age of 94 in a house of ill-repute. (link fixed....................ROD)
More from Susan Larson:
Ariel Tinkham Bigelow brought the first shorthorn milking cattle from Scotland to the Northwest Territories, as well as the first Percheron horses. Bigelow Park near Salix, Iowa is named after him. A.T. also sent all of his daughters to college - something highly unusual at the time in rural Iowa.
Belle Bigelow Markell died in 1939.  Ruel DeWitt Markell was killed in 1933 in the Milk Wars of South Dakota. They had four sons who survived childhood (John D. Markell b. Nov. 1894 d. Oct 1895 and one daughter Carrie, died in infancy in 1904 (Feb. 5 - Feb. 22). Frank Markell b. 1896 - d.1975; Harry Bigelow Markell b. 1899 - d. 1937; James Warren Markell b. 1902 - d. 2002; Keats Coe Markell b. 1912 - d. 2000
Most of the family are buried in the Markell plot in Graceland Cemetery, Sioux City, IA. Keats Markell is buried in Shirland Cemetery, Shirland, IL. James Warren Markell is buried in Willwood Cemetery in Rockford, IL.
Susan Larson - great-grand-daughter of Belle Bigelow Markell.
Even More from Susan  :

Laura Keene O'Meara Shackel died in May, 1959 in Florida (conversation
1 June, 2006 with her grand-daughter-in-law Bonnie Briggs). Laura had
one daughter, Alice who married Lyle Briggs and had two sons, William
S. and Russell. Both of Alice's sons are dead. William has two adopted
children Russell has four children. Laura also had one son, name
unknown, who died at the age of 12.
George Farley Bigelow died in Oct 1939, and was buried in Graceland
Cemetery, Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa on 26 Oct 1939. He had another
son Ora Lester Bigelow b. 1897 d. 1924 in Springfield Co. Missouri and
a daughter, Alice, b. 8 Jun 1910, Iowa, died 23 Jan 1996 in MA,
unmarried, military service.
Warren Tinkham Bigelow died in Dec 1958 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA
Belle Maude Bigelow Markell died 24 Aug 1941, in Sioux City, Woodbury,
IA, just short of her 68th birthday.
Nettie Olive Thayer died 23 Aug 1936 (source: Belle Bigelow Markell's birthday book)

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