Adam Chester 8 BIGELOW

15336.526      Adam Chester 8 BIGELOW, son of Adam Chester 7 ( Cornelius 6 , Paul 5, Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Laurene (SMITH ) BIGELOW, was born about 1830 (age given as 13 when baptized on 13 September 1843). On 31 January 1853 he married Julia Ann Lonsdale the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Ogden) Lonsdale who was born 26 May 1837 at Chatham township, Argenteuil, Quebec. Adam was a farmer, logger in Buckingham and Portland townships. He died before 1882 as his widow married (2) Joseph Newton on 21 August 1882. Joseph b ca 1849, d 05 Oct 1886 and she married (3) a Mr. ______ Bradley. Julia died in a flu epidemic after World War II about 1919. She had operated a dairy after the death of Adam.

Children of Adam Chester and Julia (Lonsdale) Bigelow, all born Buckingham, Quebec:

15336.5261     George Henry, b 03 Jan 1854; d 23 Oct 1871 Buckingham - drowned in log jam; body interred 15 May 1872; unm.

15336.5262t    Susanna, b 07 Feb 1855, d 03 Aug 1941 Kelvington, Sask.; m 12 Oct 1875 John S. Hall; res. Glen Almond, Quebec; 13 children.

15336.5263     Cornelius, b 28 Jan 1858; d 14 Jan 1879 in a mine explosion; m 28 Feb 1878 Caroline Palmer, who m (2) Edmund Lonsdale on 13 Nov1882; no Bigelow children.

15336.5264     Mary Anne, b 06 Feb 1860; listed on 1871 census - no further information; said to have m and moved to eastern Canada.

15336.5265t    Melinda, b 19 Feb 1862; d 08 June 1944 Ottawa, Ont.; m (1) Ferdinand Hoelki; m (2) 01 June 1887 Joseph Timothy Masson,  and (3) 04 Oct 1917 William Graham; 6 children. (see below)

15336.5266t    Jeremiah, b 18 Feb 1864; d 27 Dec 1945; m 02 March 1887 Margaret McCarty; 14 children.

15336.5267t    Sarah Ann, b 14 March 1866; d 06 March 1952 Vancouver, B.C.; m 18 Jan 1887 Hamilton Thomas Proudlock, from whom separated about 1908; rcs. Kenora, Ont., and Vancouver, B.C.; 6 children.

15336.5268     Elizabeth, b 16 March 1868; d 19 Dec 1953 Honolulu; m 24 May 1888 San Diego, CA Walter Shaw; no children.

15336.5269t     George, b ______ Buckingham; d _____ ; m Sarah _____ ; 8 children (see below)

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 359;
Correspondence between family members and Bigelow Society historian/genealogist;
vital records Quebec;
census records.

15336.5269     George 9 Bigelow, b ______ Buckingham; d _____ ; m ca 1900 Sarah _____ ; 8 children

Children of George and Sarah Bigelow:

15336.52691     Lucinda Mae, b 12 Aug 1902; d _ Oct 1918 Cobalt, Temiskaming, Ont;

15336.52692t    Leona Beatrice, b 22 Sept 1904 Poltimore, Papineau, Que; d ____ ; m 20 Aug 1931 Lloyd Mayberry; 1 child Marlene Mayberry  (Leona #2962563351)

15336.52693t    George Leonard, b 21 Mar 1912 Cobalt, Temiskaming, Ont; d 31 Aug 1970 Halleybury, Ont; m 02 Sept 1931 Ella Smith; 6 children; (George #5962563351)

15336.52694     Percy Sullivan, b 06 May 1914 Cobalt; d 13 July 1954; unmarried; (Percy #6962563351)

15336.52695t    Nelson Ellard, b 30 Mar 1917 Cobalt; d ____ ; m 06 Dec 1939 Jean Lalonde; 6 children (FTM)(Nelson #7962563351)

15336.52696     Iona Lucinda "Onie", b 20 May 1920 Cobalt; d ____ ; m 09 Dec 1943 William Skinner; 3 children; (FTM)(Iona #8962563351)

15336.52697     Victoria Ann, b 28 Jan 1923 Cobalt; d _ Mar 1929; (Victoria #9962563351)

15336.52698    Frances Victoria Teressa, b 07 Sept 1927 Cobalt; d ____ ; m 24 Oct 1952 Newman Skinner; 2 children (FTM) (Frances #10.962563351)

6 of Children from Lorne Bigelow  < >
From New Liskeard, Ont:
My grandparents were George and Sarah Bigelow born in Buckinham, Quebec.
They had daughters Leona, Onie, Frances and sons, Leonard, Nelson and Percy.
     Leonard from Cobalt married Ella Smith from Buckingham, Quebec; Leonard and Ella had sons, Victor, Ronald, Verdun and Lorne and daughters Judy and Faye.
     Nelson married Jean Lalonde and they had daughters Lucille, Therese, Patsy and son Gary.
     There were two other daughters but we don't know their names.
     Percy was unmarried and died at an earlier age from diabetes.
     Frances married Newman Skinner from Newfoundland.
     Onie Bigelow married William Skinner, from Newfoundland.
     We had all the children mentioned by Lorne Bigelow, of George and Sarah in our database, but not George or Sarah. According to our numbering system George appears to be the son of Adam Chester Jr and Julia Lonsdale, but not confirmed.  7th child found as well, not attached until now........Rod 2011

Subject: Questions
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 02:08:13 -0800
From: "P. Steer" <  >
After about 15 years I have pulled out my genealogy research and have come across my grandfather's Bigelow Society papers. Amongst them was a letter which makes reference to a second book being put together. Can you tell me if this book was ever done and whether or not I can get copies of the 1st and 2nd books? Are there more than 2 books? I am copying my genealogy and giving it to nieces and nephews and I would like to give them these books as well. My grandfather was A.A.Mason of Verdun Que, going back to his mother Melinde Bigelow, to Adam Chester Bigelow, to Adam Chester Bigelow (the 1st), to Cornelius and Persis (Harris) Bigelow.
Thanks so much for your information on membership for Canadians and the info below that you sent. I am the great grandaughter of Joseph Timothy Mason (spelled Masson in my grandfather's baptismal record) and Melinda Bigelow.
Their son Alric Adolphe Mason is my grandfather and Orville H. Mason is my father so I guess the Bigelow name stopped with my great grandmother as far as our branch of the tree is concerned. Thanks so much again for a wonderful
web site. I will be sending in my registration.
Thanks so much in advance for you help. Please send responses to this email to email address,
Yours truly,
Brenda (Mason) Steer

Bigelow Society has:
Victoria MASON, dau of Joseph Mason and Melina (Melinde?) Bigelow, b 25 Nov 1899
m 31 July 1910 Garnet Wolsey Bigelow,
b 24 May 1899 Glen Almond, Papineau, Quebec, Canada; d 17 June 1953 Glen Almond
1.Irene Viola BIGELOW, b 14 July 1920 Glen Almond
2.Doris BIGELOW, b 20 Sep 1921 Glen Almond
3.Lionel Garnet BIGELOW, b 3 Apr 1923 Glen Almond; m Shirley Brown; 1 son David Bigelow known.

Subject: GGG Grandfather BIGELOW
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 15:33:51 -0800
From: Terry Lane
(Great Great Grand-Daughter Of Adam Chester BIGELOW and Julia Ann Lonsdale.
Personal Email Address:
Hi there I am searching for the lost side of our family.

Adam Chester Bigelow, Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec
M: Julia Ann LONSDALE   31-Jan-1853  St. Stephen's Anglican, Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec

Son:  of Adam Chester and Julia Ann
B: 18-Feb-1864  Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec, Canada    D: 27-Dec-1945  Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada
M: Margaret McCARTY  01-Mar-1887 Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Children of Jeremiah and Margaret Everett Bigelow:
B: 15-Apr-1889 Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec,  D: 19-Nov-1919 Hailebury, Ontario, Canada
    1st Wife:  Alice Shanahan  M: 06-Apr-1912  D: 19-Nov-1918 Hailebury, Ontario
    2nd Wife: Emma Lacourse  M: 19-Jun-1919
Corneiles Bigelow
B: 19-Jul-1890  Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec      D: 02-Dec-1954
    1st Wife:  Mary Elizabeth (Betsy) KIRWAN           (Children: Stella, Freeman Corneilus Samuel, Wilbert Stanley, Muriel)
    2nd WIfe:  Alphonsine (Riopolite) CHALFOUX    (Children: Donald, Violet, Gordon)
Adam Chester Bigelow
B: 19-Jan-1892  Lac Ste. Marie, Quebec, Canada    D: Unknown
    Wife:  Geraldine, UNKNOWN        Daughter: Rachael Violet Bigelow
Charles Ernest Bigelow
B: 12-Oct-1893 Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec      D: 30-Nov-1957 Kirkland Lake, Ontari, Canada.
Ellard Bigelow
B: 01-Nar-1905 Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec      D: 1912 World War I
Stephen Bigelow
B: UNKNOWN    D: Unknown
Jeremiah Samuel Bigelow
B: 21-Jan-1897     Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec      D: 12-Jul-1949 Englehart, Quebec, Canada
George Bigelow
B: 16-Jul1898        Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec      D: UNKNOWN
Suzanne Bigelow
B: 26-May-1900     Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec    D: 17-Nov-1982 Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada
Clifford Lee Bigelow
B: 1893            Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec      D:     1967    New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada
Nelson Bigelow
B: 1903    Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec          D: 02-Jul-1968    Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada
Wesley Bigelow
B: 1905    Buckingham, Papineau County, Quebec          D: 16-Jan-1976 Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

There's alot more, but I think this will help me in my search for the BIGELOWS that we belong too.
Terry Lane
(Great Great Grand-Daughter Of Adam Chester BIGELOW and Julia Ann Lonsdale.
Personal Email Address:

The following is from a file on Ancestry Family Tree web site..............ROD
1. ADAM CHESTER (8th) BIGELOW was born 1830 in Buckingham, (Papineau County) Quebec, Canada and obtained a marriage license 31 Jan 1853 in Buckingham, Quebec (to Julia Ann LONSDALE). He died 1881 in Buckingham, (Papineau County) Quebec, Canada.
ADAM married Julia Ann LONSDALE, daughter of ? LONSDALE. Julia was born 26 May 1837 in Chatham Twp. Quebec (now: St. Phillippe, PQ) and obtained a marriage license 31 Jan 1853 in Buckingham, (Papineau Co) Quebec, Canada . She died about 1919 in Chatham Twp. Quebec (now: St. Phillippe, PQ) and was buried in Died In Flu Epidemic After WWI..

ADAM and Julia had the following children:

       2  George Henry (9th) BIGELOW was born 3 Jan 1854 in Buckingham, (Papineau Co)
              Quebec, Canada. He died 23 Oct 1871 in Buckingham, (Papineau Co) Quebec, Canada and
              was buried in (Body Interred May.15, 1872).

       3  Susanna (9th) BIGELOW was born 7 Feb 1855 in Buckingham, (Papineau Co) Quebec,
              Canada and obtained a marriage license 12 Oct 1875 in Buckingham, Quebec, Canada (to
              John S. HALL). She died 3 Aug 1941 in Kelvington, Saskatchewan, Canada..
 Susanna married John S. HALL. John obtained a marriage license in (to Susanna Bigelow)

       4  Cornelius (9) BIGELOW was born 28 Jan 1858 and died 14 Jan 1879.

       5  Mary Anne (9th) BIGELOW was born 6 Feb 1860 in Buckingham, (Papineau Co) Quebec,
              Canada and obtained a marriage license in Buckingham, Que. Cda. (Married And Moved To
              Eastern Canada) .

       6  Melinda (9) BIGELOW was born 10 Feb 1862 and died 8 Jun 1944.

       7  JEREMIAH (9th) BIGELOW was born 18 Feb 1864 and died 27 Dec 1945.

       8  Sarah Ann (9th) BIGELOW was born 14 Mar 1866 in Buckingham, (Papineau Co)
              Quebec, Canada and obtained a marriage license 18 Jan 1887 in Buckingham, Quebec, (to
              Hamilton Thomas PROUDLOCK) Divorced. She died 6 Mar 1952 in Vancouver, British
              Columbia, Canada..
         Sarah married Hamilton Thomas PROUDLOCK. Hamilton obtained a marriage license in
              (to Sara Ann Bigelow) Divorced. .

       9  Elizabeth (9th) BIGELOW was born 16 Mar 1868 in Buckingham, (Papineau Co) Quebec,
              Canada and obtained a marriage license 24 May 1888 in San Diego, California, USA (to
              Walter SHAW). She died 19 Dec 1953 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA..
         Elizabeth married Walter SHAW. Walter obtained a marriage license 24 May 1888 in San
              Diego, California, USA (to Elizabeth Bigelow) .

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