Claude Illingsworth 10 BIGELOW

15923.77981      Claude Illingsworth 10 BIGELOW, son of Frank Milton 9 ( James Harvey 8 , Eliphaz 7, Israel 6, Isaac 5 ,Isaac 4 Isaac 3,Samuel 2, John 1) and Lucy Alice (CLARK) BIGELOW, was born 16 January 1913 in New York City. He married on 02 September 1939 Doris Eleanor Saunders. He died on 02 November 1990 in Manchester,NH.(see below)

Children of Claude Illingsworth and Doris Eleanor (Saunders) Bigelow:

15923.779811     James Saunders, b 7 June 1940 Baton Rouge,LA; m (1) 17 Jan 1966 Nancy LEE; m (2) 5 Mar 1982 Linda BAKER; m (3) 25 Mar 1989 Lynne Irene SAUNDERS-JOHNSON.Childen: (Tracy Lee was adopted)
    a.   Scott Saunders, b 19 Jan 1970; m 11 Mar 1995 Susan DENSON.
    b.   Tracy Lee, b 24 May 1970; m 25 Jul 1994 Ronald BETLOW; son: Ronald Steven, b 3 July 1991
    c.    David Todd, b 12 Dec 1972.

15923.779812     JoAnne, b 1 Aug 1942 Rahway,NJ; m 16 Jan 1965 Glenn William TUFFNELL. Children:
   a.   Stephen Saunders Tuffnell, b 27 Jun 1966 Warwick, NY; m 9 Oct 1993 Shannon Michele WARD.
   b.   John Bigelow Tuffnell, b 5 Feb 1968 Warwick, NY; m 5 Sep 1992 Maureen Elizabeth MURPHY.
   c.   Martha Christine Tuffnell, b 7 May 1971 Detroit, MI; m (1) 9 Feb 1991 Chris L. Tubbs; m (2) 1997 James Parlier.
   d.   Benjamin Jung Tuffnell, b 13 May 1975 Osan,Korea; 

15923.779813     Thomas Steven, b 6 Apr 1951 Summit, NJ; m 9 Oct 1976 Patricia Margaret ROBBINS.Children:
    a.   Allison Margaret, b12 Nov 1980 NH.
    b.   Amy Saunders, b 6 Feb 1983 NH.
    c.   Alane Robbins, b 15 Mar 1986 NH.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II, pg 417;
Bigelow Society notes from genealogist/historian;
correspondence with descendants.

Descendant note:
I used the index to look up my father's grandfather, James H. of  McAlevy's Fort, Pa, -- blacksmith, doctor, Civil War vet (supposedly prisoner at Andersonville--his widow collected pension, but not listed at Andersonville) and he wasn't in the index. Should I be concerned?  JoAnne Bigelow Tuffnell
Where did you get the possible information that Frank Milton and Lucy Alice Clark Bigelow had 3 children? None of us grandchildren have ever heard of this. Also, I so enjoy corresponding with Trisha Hayward, 1st cousin once removed
(!) and asked her where she got the "Speer" for "Frank Milton Speer Bigelow" because I never ever heard that. She said it was in something her grandfather (son-in-law of Frank) had written. I believe "Speer" should be dropped.
    Also, on my Dad's (Claude Illingsworth) page, after his name and marriage, you have "children of Frank and Doris Eleanor" instead of "children of Claude (who detested his name, although he loved his Aunt Claudia, for whom he was named--he was always called Bud) and (Doris) Eleanor. My mom's name really was Doris Eleanor, but she was only known as Eleanor. (People should name children what they want to call them!!!)  Also, my mom, Doris Eleanor Saunders Bigelow, died October 26, 1998, at home in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, after a valiant battle with cancer.
    Additions to my family: (JoAnne Bigelow and Glenn William Tuffnell)

Our son Stephen and his wife Shannon now have 2 (wonderful) sons:
Ryan Ward Tuffnell, born May 21, 1996, in Indianapolis; and
Joshua Jacoby Tuffnell, born November 30, 1998, in Indianapolis.

Our son John and his wife Maureen have a (spectacular) daughter, Elizabeth Murphy Tuffnell, born November 3, 1997, in Des Moines.
Our daughter Martha has a (wonderful) daughter from her first marriage; Sarah Elizabeth Tubbs was born January 27, 1993, in Jacksonville, Florida.
Our son Benjamin, living in Thailand,
Thanks! JoAnne Bigelow Tuffnell

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