Charles Arthur 10 BIGELOW

15336.53122      Charles Arthur 10 BIGELOW, son of Arthur Eugene 9 ( Levi 8 , Cornelius 7 , Cornelius 6 , Paul 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Frances (BEEMER) BIGELOW, was born 02 June 1885 at Tawas City, Iosco co, MI. He married twice; (1) 20 March 1909 Georgina "Zilla" A. Hanson (see photo) and (2) Marian Schwartz Mc Cann. Charles died 09 January 1947 Tawas City, Iosco co, MI (see obit)

Children of Charles and Georgina "Zilla" (Hanson) Bigelow:

15336.53122.1     Arland Eugene, b 17 Sept 1910 E. Tawas, Iosco co, MI; d 19 Feb 1967 Columbia,SC; m twice: (1) Martha Louise McIlvaine  and (2) 1942 Maude "Molly" Malone; 4 children; (see below)

15336.53122.2     Charles Howard, b 08 Mar 1913 E. Tawas, Iosco co, MI; d  08 Mar 1913 Tawas City, Iosco co, MI;

15336.53122.3     Hosea Claude Hanson, b 12 Sept 1914 E. Tawas, Iosco co, MI; d 06 May 1965 Rose City, Ogenaw co, MI; m 26 Sept 1937 Jane Sanback (she b 09 July 1919 Rose City; d _____ ;) 2 children; (see below

Census records, MI;

Georgina Hanson and Robert C. Bigelow (gorgina3.jpg)
Georgina also known as "Zilla" , wife of
Charles Arthur 10 BIGELOW
Robert C. was grandson (see below)

Old Photographs: I recently obtained photos of this family that may be found at the following  LINK ...............................................ROD
Subject: Arthur E. descendents
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 23:08:16 -0600
From: Robert and Jane Bigelow <  >

I have in my posession a memeographed copy of "An Outline of the Ancestry and Descendants of Cornelius Bigelow of Chatham Township, Quebec" by Mrs. E.L.(Patricia) Bigelow dated April 1974.  I imagine you have this material but may not have the hand annotated additions.  In particular it shows my ancestry including the 9th and 10 generations descended from Arthur E. Bigelow, Born 17 Sept 1852; died 5 Aug 1932. It does not show the information on me or my mother, Martha Louise McIlvaine, the first wife of Arland Eugene 11 Bigelow, Charles Arthur 10, Arthur E. 9  I think some of this information was reported to the Bigelow Society by my late half brother, Charles Bigelow, but I don't know how much. If you can point me to what is known, I will try to fill in the blanks.  If you need a copy of the whole document, I can photocopy or scan it for you.
Robert C. Bigelow
Subject: Re: 15336.5312 Arthur Eugene BIGELOW
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 10:08:48 -0400
From: "Donna Cole" <  >

I have Frances as Frances Alfreda Beemer but there is no doubt that she is the same person.
Frances A Beemer, born 20 Jan 1862 in Ontario, Canada, died 27 Nov 1917, married Arthur E Bigelow, 22 Dec 1881 in Tawas City, Iosco Co., Michigan.
 I have just found your web site while doing a search for "BEEMER" There is no doubt that the wife of Arthur Eugene Bigelow , Frances Beemer, is a member of my Beemer family. I have sent a message re Frances Beemer to Robert and Jane Bigelow.
 I was unable to access anything further for their children Allie A or Charles Arthur, as those links do not work.
Donna, in Niagara, Ontario, Canada

15336.53122.1     Arland Eugene 11 Bigelow, b 17 Sept 1910 E. Tawas, Iosco co, MI; d 19 Feb 1967 Columbia, SC; m twice: (1) Martha Louise McIlvaine and (2) 1942 Maude "Molly" Malone; 4 children; (see above)

15336.53122.11t     Richard Malone Bigelow,

15336.53122.12t     Robert Charles Bigelow, b

15336.53122.13t     Charles Allen Bigelow (see photo), b 09 May 1949 Columbia, SC; d ____ ; m 22 Oct 1972 Nancy Ann Brown; child: Geoffrey Barrett Bigelow (see photo)

15336.53123.14t     Jonathan Ahmet Bigelow,

15336.53122.3     Hosea Claude Hanson 11 Bigelow, b 12 Sept 1914 E. Tawas, Iosco co, MI; d 06 May 1965 Rose City, Ogenaw co, MI; m 26 Sept 1937 Jane Sanback (she b 09 July 1919 Rose City; d 03 Nov 1995 ;) 2 children;

15336.53122.31t     Terry Hanson Bigelow, b 20 Sept 1940; d living 2011; m 22 Oct 1960 Kay Pillars; 6 children (FTM)

15336.53122.32t     Claudia Jane Bigelow, b 18 Jan 1950; d 03 Nov 2007; m (1) 29 May 1943 Harold Hugh Colby (he d in car accident); m (2) 03 Nov 1978 Larry Mercier;

Note 2011:
Terry and his son Bill visited Alpena Reunion Sept 2011 and updated his family data to Jean and Myself...Rod 2011
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 6:51 PM
Subject: Family
  My name is Terry H. Bigelow - son of Hosea 11 - grandson of Charles Arthur (10)  I have lots of information for you about our family.
I live in Bay City MI,  about an hour and a half from Alpena.
Terry H. Bigelow # 15336.53122.31

Obituary in Alpena News January 9, 1947: Charles A. Bigelow
Charles A. Bigelow, 62, East Tawas postmaster for 11 years, was found dead in his bed today. Death was attributed to a heart ailment.

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