Thomas Allen 7 BIGELOW

15198.19      Thomas Allen 7 BIGELOW son of Abel 6 (Josiah 5 , Jotham 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Sarah (CLARK) BIGELOW, was born at Sandwich, Ontario, Canada 17 July 1820. About 1825, the family moved to Franklin, MI and took up land. There Thomas married (1)16 June 1844 Sarah Benjamin who died 29 March 1847 leaving 2 young children. Thomas then married his niece, Tryphena Malcolm. She was the daughter of Hugh and Eliza (Bigelow) (15198.12) Malcolm. She had been left fatherless when very young and raised in the home of Thomas' parents. This family lived all their lives on the family homestead in Bloomfield township and he carried on the brickmaking kilns his father had built, under the name Bigelow Clay Products. Thomas died of 'kidney disease' on 17 May 1883. Tryphena died on 08 December 1917.

Children of Thomas A. and Sarah (Benjamin) Bigelow, both born at Franklin, Oakland, MI:

15198.191t    Eliza Jane, b 09 Aug 1845; d 25 Sept 1887; m 25 April 1871 Dennis Cushing; res. Southfield, MI; 4 children.

15198.192t    Sarah Philinda, b 19 Feb 1847; d 11 May 1887; m 21 March 1868 Earl Adams; 4 children.

Children of Thomas A. and Tryphena (Malcolm) Bigelow, all born at Franklin, Oakland, MI:

15198.193t    Marietta Edwina, b 29 July 1850; d 14 Aug 1902; m 02 March 1870 John Field; 6 children.

15198.194t    Emily Miranda, b 30 Jan 1852; d 16 Dec 1918 Lakeview, Howell, MI; m 31 July 1879 Francis Shackleton; res. Howell, MI; 3 children.

15198.195t    Byron Lord, b 11 March 1854 (questionable-see below); d 22 Nov 1932; m 29 Dec 1886 Julia Stearns; res. Pontiac, MI; 8 children.

15198.196     Buchanan Alexander, b 21 May 1854 (1856? -see below); d 30 Aug 1865.

15198.197     Della Blanche, b 30 March 1858; d___ Nov 1930 NY; m 24 Sept 1896 Theodore Lees; no children.

15198.198t    Celia Sabrina, b 25 March 1860; d 15 April 1918 Plymouth, Wayne, MI; m 25 Feb 1885 John Paulger; res. Redford, MI; 3 children.

15198.199t    Bethune Duffield, b 11 June 1862; d 12 Oct 1927; m 25 Jan 1893 Arabella M. Beattie; 2 children.

15198.19A    Lura Electa, b 08 July 1864; d 28 Aug 1865 Franklin.

15198.19B    Thomas Allen, a twin, b 03 Oct 1866; d 05 June 1927 Franklin; unm.

15198.19C    Tryphena, a twin, b 03 Oct 1866; d 23 May 1931 Franklin; unm.

15198.19Dt   Florence Isabella, b 22 June 1869; d 09 Oct 1949; m 23 March 1893 Noble Gravlin; 4 children.

15198.19Et    Emerson, b 17 April 1872, d 25 Jan 1936 Howell, MI; m 26 Jan 1898 Elsie Riddle; rea. Howell; 2 children.

15198.19F     Henry, a twin, b 22 June 1874; d 31 Dec 1874.

(questionable-see below)15198.19F    Galbraith ('Franky'), a twin, b 22 June 1874; two death records. 11 Mar 1875 ae 8 mos. and 11 Aug 1874 at 4 mos.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II , p 61;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
vital records of MI;
correspondence with descendants.
LaVerne Brown, The Abel Bigelow Line.
(Much of the data on the above 9 families of Abel 6 was collected by a descendant of Abel's son, Levi. LaVerne Brown, of Detroit Conservatory of Music, was so impressed by tales of his family's pioneering days that he spent his spare time interviewing and researching. In the 1930's, he distributed a mimeographed booklet to all of his relatives, in which he also related their ancestry on several lines. These manuscripts are still extant around the family and it is from them that we have collected dates, corroborating them from tombstones, county records, etc. since Brown's book, written strictly for the family, had no proof-of-date, so necessary to the genealogist. It is regrettable that LaVerne Brown left few places of death among his records).
Subject: Bigelow Tree Corrections
 Date:   Tue, 23 Jul 2002 16:49:45 -0700
 From:    "Kirsten Bowman" < >
 Hello Rod:
I recently stumbled across the Bigelow Society site and was absolutely
overwhelmed by the amount of information there.  I must compliment you on
the wonderful work you're doing in managing this mass of material.

My great-great-great grandmother was Eliza Ann Bigelow, second daughter of
Abel and Sarah Clark Bigelow.  In looking over the information on Eliza, I
see some errors that would be well to correct.  (Her son Richard, for
instance, is shown as "Rachel" and her second husband's surname is shown as
"Marble" when it was actually Markle.)  There are a couple of other errors,
as well as several additions that I can offer.  Is it possible to make
these changes and, if so, how do I go about it?
I realize that you must get a huge amount of mail along these lines, so I
will wait patiently to hear from you.
Also by snail mail: 2 sons shown being born 2 months apart?, but the births of Byron Lord and Buchanan Alexander are probably incorrect. Tryphena's 1900 census says she was the mother of 14 children with 10 living. Page in Vol II shows 13. Believe Galbraith and "Franky" were 2 separate children who died in infancy.
Kirsten Bowman

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