Florence 8 BIGELOW

15198.19D      Florence 8 BIGELOW, dau of  Thomas Allen 7 ( Abel 6 , Josiah 5 , Jotham 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Tryphena (MALCOLM) BIGELOW, was born at Franklin, Oakland, MI on 27 June 1869. She married Noble Gravlin on 23 March 1893. He was born at Franklin on 15 March 1862 and died 26 January 1930. Florence died on 09 October 1949. They had resided at Birmingham, MI.

Children of Noble and Florence (Bigelow) Gravlin:

15198.19D1     Ray Gravlin, b 25 Jan 1895; m 13 Jan 1923 Harriet Elsie Pederson b 05 Nov 1894, d 13 June 1976; res. Royal Oak, MI.
15198.19D2     Guy Hugh Gravlin, b 25 Oct 1899; m May 1921 Ethel Harria b 03 Jan 1902; 3 children (see below).
15198.19D3     Alice Gravlin, a twin, b 20 Sept 1901; m 28 June 1944 Joseph Wooster.
15198.19D4      Emerson Noble Gravlin, b 20 Sept 1901; m 30 June 1942 Lillie Thompson; 1 child.
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Note 2016:

It appears that Noble Gravelin was Noble R. Gravelin, the Son of Guy H. H. Gravlin, and the Grandson of Noble Gravelin and Isabelle/Isabella Bigelow Gravlin.
Noble was quoted in a Rolling Stone publication, "Rock Of Ages: The Rolling Stone History Of Rock And Roll", from the Billboard Vox Jox excerpt from 1957.


The 1957 quote from Billboard also puts Noble Gravelin at WAMM at the same time Casey Kasem worked there.

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My mother knew both Betty Bigelow and Mary Schumacher Bigelow, William Bigelow's Wife. I was confused before and went back over it.
If I find any pictures of Betty with my Mother's collection I'll scan it. But it would probably have to be labelled. I'm almost certain Betty was at my Mother's and Father's wedding.

I figured out that Noble Gravelin must be the same person as Emerson Noble Gravlin, son of Noble Gravlin and Isabella Bigelow. At some point, Noble must have started using his middle name and changed the spelling to Gravelin. The same obituaries note both the Gravlin and Gravelin spellings. He worked in radio at WAMM, WBBC/WTRX, and WFDF in Flint in the 1950s and 1960s. That kind of name change is very common in radio. So Noble Gravelin is directly related to Bigelows. Here's a couple of radio links regarding Noble from WAMM and WTRX. He was apparently did late nights/overnights/weekends at WTRX. There are other notations in books and periodicals regarding Noble at americanradiohistory.com. The last I remember, he was at WFDF, and I believe a car salesman around Byron. He probably reached standard retirement age around the early 1970s.



I see both the Gravlins and Bigelows apparenltly have roots in Oakland County Michigan also. There is a Bigelow Road in Oakland County.


Ted Hammond

Hello Mr. Bigelow,

I knew Roger Edward Bigelow at UM-Flint back in the 1970s. He had mentioned that the Biglo/Bigelow family had been heavily researched. My Mother went to High School and possibly Flint JC with his mother Betty Schumacher (sp?) Bigelow, and was a fairly close friend of Betty's.

One of the Principals at schools I was at was Harry Bigelow, but I couldn't find him listed. I asked Roger if he was related but he wasn't sure.



Someone had asked a question on the Flint Exptriates Forum, and it led to looking up the name Noble Gravelin of Byron, Michigan, near Flint. I found that he was married to another Bigelow that I also found information about.


It looks like there was a Noble Gravelin Sr. and Jr. I think Gravelin is the proper spelling.

I tried to see if either was related to Roger, et. al. I didn't see either. But I thought you might find another branch of the family.


Ted Hammond


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