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15182.47      Lambert 7 BIGELOW, son of Gershom 6 ( Ivory 5 , Gershom 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Mary (HOWE) BIGELOW, was born at Marlborough, Middlesex, MA on 0l November 1801 and married 24 November 1824 Emily F. Dickinson of Northfield or (Deerfield?), MA. With his brother, Levi, he started a country store in the west part of Marlborough and continued the operation after his brother withdrew. This store was the foundation of Morse, Bigelow & Co. of that town. He was representative to the General Court in 1845, Town Clerk 1835 to 1853, Town Treasurer, 1835 to 1837 and again 1844 to 1850 and 1852. He died 21 March 1863 and his widow on 02 March 1869 both at Marlborough.

Children of Lambert and Emily (Dickinson) Bigelow all born at Marlborough:

15182.471t    Maria, b 29 Nov 1825; d 17 Dec 1875; m 29 Nov 1846 William Morse b 26 June 1819; 2 children.

15182.472     Emily P., b 25 Feb 1828; d_____ ; m 02 Dec 1858 Abraham W. Rice, son of Deacon Eli and Lucy (Brigham) Rice, b 07 May 1823, d 12 Sept 1885 Somerville, MA; no children. (see below)

15182.473t    Olivia M., b 10 April 1830; d _____ ; m 20 Jan 1852 Alden B. Bigelow (15182.D7); 8 children.

15182.474     George Lambert, b July 1832; d 11 March 1833.

15182.475t    Angeline H., b 18 Feb 1834; d ____ ; m Charles F. Morse; 6 children.

15182.476t    Adelaide L., b 03 Aug 1836; d _____ ; m 03 Aug 1863 Charles F. Witherbee; 2 children.

15182.477t    Edward Lambert, b 27 June 1839; d _____ ; m 10 Jan 1877 Ella A. Fisher; 3 children. (see below)

15182.478t    Ella Amelia, b 09 May 1842; d ______; m 07 June 1868 James Murray Baker; res. Boston; 6 children.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II , p 46;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America, pg 302-303; plate 176^.
I recently (2002) obtained a 1st edition of Howe's book: Bigelow Family of America. The owners name was written on the inside cover: Emily Bigelow Ames. On page 173 she wrote in the margin identifying Gershom 6 as her grandfather.
She may have meant great-grandfather, which would make her the daughter of Edward Lambert ......ROD
On the back fly leaf she identifies the following lineage:
1- John - Mary Warren
2- Sam'l - Mary Flagg
3- John - Jerusha Garfield
4- Gershom - Mary Howe -
5- Lieut Ivory - Sophia Banister (sic) "Ivory's sister Mary married Artemus Howe"
6- Gershom m Mary Howe "dau of Abraham & Lydia Howe ( Gershoms bro' was another Ivory who m Susannah Rice)"

7- Lambert m Emily Dickenson

Artemus Howe ~~
son of Joseph & Ruth
Brigham Howe-
was Gershom 1st son
Lydia (Gershom's sister)
m - Isaac Maynard whose son
Amory was the father of the town Mayor
Notes Page 2:
2nd wife was Eunice Wilder & then                                                                         (Grandpa B-)
Gershom Bigelow had a large family their son^
Lambert   his^ sister Mary Augusta m Yale Rice of
Ohio - her daughter Mary was born 1865
& is cousin to Geo's father.

Mary Bigelow b Nov 16-1865
her mother was Mary Augusta -
(born 1828 m - Yale Rice of Ohio -
died 1879 - res - Orwell? Ohio -
she was daughter of ~~~
Gershom B - mar - Eunice Wilder -

  I have tried to copy exactly how it was written, with the notes on the right margin, etc. Even the underline of Lambert. Not sure what she means about Gershom 1st son above. Also the italics are her own words as well, not my additions. Emily was still alive when the book was published in 1890. She also made margin notes next to family members such as "dead", but no dates. I obtained the book from a book dealer in England, where she or a relative may have moved after 1890. To suppose more; it would not be a great leap to suppose she married a man named Ames...
  Enclosed in book was a small booklet by Ella. A. Bigelow, Marlboro, Mass. It was a souvenir booklet of "Hide and Go Seek Home". I posted the contents of this booklet on this date...........ROD 07/28/2005

This is the Hide and Go Seek Home in Marlborough, MA (goseek2.jpg)
see Souvenir for souvenir book by Edward Lambert's wife Ella A. (Fisher) Bigelow
From: Ryan Freedman < >
Subject: Info on Bigelows for you
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 23:27:01 -0400
Ryan Freedman wrote:
I live in Marlborough MA, bought my house from a Bigelow.  The house has been in the Bigelow family since they built it in the 1800's.  I found a bunch of stuff in the crawl space that I just donated to the Marlborough historical society.  But I still have access to it and have scanned in pictures of some of it too if you are interested.
I found your website exptremely helpful in researching the people associated with the stuff I found so I'd like to provide you with whatever info you would like.  It appears that the people who lived in this house started with Lambert (15182.47), then E.L. (15182.477), then George L. (could be Lambert George, 15182.4772 ??), then his son Edward F who is not on your site born 1911.
If you are interested, please respond so I will know this email address works, and I can forward more info as well as pictures.
Lambert (15182.47) and his brother, Levi, had a store here in Marlborough.  One of the things I found was their retailer's license for that store (attached).  I also found a shoe box full of estate lists for a variety of people (many family members).  If anyone is intereseted in viewing the estate listings of any Bigelows who died in the Marlborough area in the first half of 1800s, there's a possibility they're among the ones I found.  Sorry I can't provide a list, I didn't go through them, but they are at the Marlborough historical society now, available to the public.
I also found a tin picture of a Civil War soldier (attached) but I don't know who it is, I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of who this could be.  I also found a couple of letters from civil war soldiers in the 34th regt. but I don't know how their authors (Lewis Seymour and Bernard Scheitlin) relate to the family, maybe just friends.  I'd appreciate any info.

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