Edward Lambert 8 BIGELOW

This is the Hide and Go Seek Home in Marlborough, MA (goseek2.jpg)

see Souvenir for souvenir book by Edward Lambert's wife Ella A. (Fisher) Bigelow
Ella Bigelow
Ella A. Bigelow, From "Historical Reminiscences and The Early Times in Marlboro, Mass."

15182.477         Edward Lambert 8 BIGELOW, son of Lambert  7 ( Gershom 6 , Ivory 5 , Gershom 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Emily F. (DICKINSON) BIGELOW, was born at Marlborough, Middlesex, MA on 27 June 1839. He married Ella Augusta Fisher on 10 January 1877. She was born 21 May 1849, the daughter of Ruth H. (Benchley) and Lewis Fisher. He was engaged in the firm of Morse & Bigelow in Marlborough and served several years as Town Clerk as did his father. He was 3 times chosen as representative to the General Court. No death data on either Edward or Ella, but both died after 1889. Edward appears to have died in 1915 at the age of 76. His daughter Emily below made notation in Howe (1915-1839 = 76 E's)  Ella died 23 October 1917 and is buried in Marlborough at "Maplewood". (see below)

Children of Edward and Ella (Fisher) Bigelow, born at Marlborough:

15182.4771     Emily Marguerite, b 09 July 1878; d _____ ; m _____ Ames. (see below)

15182.4772     George Lambert (Lambert George?), b 22 May 1881. (see below)

15182.4773     Edward Fisher, b 0l Jan 1883; d ____ ;.
Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II , p 330;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America; page 415
"Forge" January 2001, Vol. 30, No. 1, page 9,


New Note 07/26/05:
 I, Rod Bigelow, have a copy of Howe's book signed by Emily Bigelow Ames. It was sold at auction in England and I bought it from a bookseller on the Internet in 2002?. Also enclosed within the pages was a pamphet called "Hide And Go Seek Home", by Ella A. Bigelow, Marlboro, Mass.
Emily Bigelow Ames made notations in Howe that corrects dates for her and siblings plus other info. As well as correcting Ella M. Fisher to Ella A. Fisher. This Ella (Fisher) Bigelow appears to be the author of the pamphlet. She does not correct Howe in the order of George Lambert from Lambert George

From: Ryan Freedman" <  jrprince77@hotmail.com  >
Date: 07/26/05
I live in Marlborough MA, bought my house from a Bigelow.  The house has
been in the Bigelow family since they built it in the 1800's.  I found a
bunch of stuff in the crawl space that I just donated to the Marlborough
historical society.  But I still have access to it and have scanned in
pictures of some of it too if you are interested.
I found your website exptremely helpful in researching the people associated
with the stuff I found so I'd like to provide you with whatever info you
would like.  It appears that the people who lived in this house started with
Lambert (15182.47), then E.L. (15182.477), then George L. (could be Lambert
George, 15182.4772 ??), then his son Edward F who is not on your site born 1911.

January 2001
FORGE: The Bigelow Society Quarterly
Vol.30, No.1

Ella Augusta (Fisher) Bigelow
Wife of Edward Lambert 8 Bigelow ( Lambert  7 , Gershom 6 , Ivory 5 , Gershom 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1)

    In the October 2000 issue of Forge, Ella A. Bigelow, author of a little book, The Old Master, was identified as Ella (Bigelow) Baker [15182.478]. We have received new information in a letter from George H. l1 Bigelow, Jr. [George H. l0, George Lambert 9, Edward Lambert 8, as above] who believes Ella A. Bigelow to be his great-grandmother, Ella Augusta (Fisher) Bigelow, wife of Edward Lambert 8 Bigelow [15182.477], who is coincidentally the brother of Ella (Bigelow) Baker.
     Mr. Bigelow writes that Ella Augusta Fisher was born 21 May 1849 at Malden, MA and was the daughter of Ruth H. (Benchley) and Lewis Fisher. She married Edward Lambert Bigelow of Marlborough, MA on 10 January 1877.
     Elaine Lubin of Concord, MA has a copy of the book, The Old Master, which is signed by Ella A. Bigelow, Hide and Seek Home, Marlboro, Mass. Mr. Bigelow's aunt, Elizabeth (Bigelow) Oldham, "Aunt Betty," a granddaughter of Ella (Fisher) Bigelow, lived in England from 1956 until her death in 1983. She wrote a short memoir for her nephew relating her childhood and the family that resided in Marlborough. In this memoir, she talks about the "Hide and Seek Home":

...Sometimes I dream of wandering through the rooms of the Big House (there were three houses on the property - originally the Bannister Estate but came to the Bigelows by marriage), the ones I was allowed in - many were shut off - parlors with treasures that I only have the vaguest recollection of so I expect I was not allowed in these rooms often. Perhaps they were the rooms that were opened for display only to whoever came to my Grandmother's 'Open House.' She opened the house at special times for the curious ones - and charged too!!! But the stipend went to her various charities. She wrote a little pamphlet called the 'Hide and Seek Home' which was sold to the entrants. It describes all the treasures that had been collected by my grandparents in America and abroad ... I suppose all these things were the surplus left over after the Natural History Museum in Marlborough was supplied ... I often wonder what treasures were sold at the auction sale after my grandfather's death. The sale went on for days and there was a book describing everything.
     Aunt Betty was about 7 years old at the time of this auction sale. She went on to say in the letter that Henry Ford bought many things and used the purchases to furnish the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Mass.
     Aunt Betty described the "Big House" which we now believe to be the same as the "Hide and Seek Home" as located facing Pleasant Street and Old Mulberry Lane, later renamed Lincoln Street. In earlier days when Marlborough was developing, part of the property served as the village green. Lambert 7 Bigelow started a store on Lincoln Street that grew into "Morse & Bigelow," a fairly large store for the time, where his son, Edward Lambert 8, was also engaged. The store later burned to the ground one winter night.
     Aunt Betty also wrote in her letter that "Grandmother B. [Ella Fisher Bigelow] had been sent to Germany to study voice and painting before she was married." She was the author of the History of Marlborough pub­lished in 1910, and apparently authored other works. Ella died 23 October 1917 and is buried in Marlborough at "Maplewood." She and Edward Lambert Bigelow had three children:
i.   Emily Marguerite, b 9 Jul1878.
ii.  George Lambert, b 22 May 1881.
iii.  Edward Fisher, b 1 Jan 1883.
[Note the many discrepancies with The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol. II, which also lists Edward Lambert's wife as "Ella M. Fisher."]

     Ella left two or three diaries which unfortunately would have been sold at auction in 1984 when Aunt Betty's estate was settled in England. She had no children and her husband's family was British. Her memoirs were left to George H.11 Bigelow, Jr. as ''that particular nephew who wanted to learn more about the Bigelow family history." His father, George H.10 Bigelow, and the younger brother of Elizabeth Bigelow Oldham, had moved to Cape Cod in 1936 and died in 1966.
     Those wishing to learn more about Ella Augusta (Fisher) Bigelow should seek out the History of Marlborough, 1910, in which there are also many photographs of her.

Subject: Ella A Bigelow
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 11:44:12 EST
From:   ELUBIN3392@aol.com
   Several years ago I came across a small book written by Ella A Bigelow published in Boston in 1895. The cover title is "The Old Master". It is a list of 150 questions on The Old Masters to be used as a guide for a parlour game. There is a dedication to the Tuesday club, signed Ella A Bigelow, Hide and Seek Home, Marlboro Mass, May 1889. I have always been enchanted by this little book and thought it would be fun to find out about Ella and the Tuesday club. I found an Ella A Bigelow born in
Marlboro on an Internet listing said she married in 1868 so I thought it odd that she wouldn't have used her married name.
Today I found your amazing Bigelow web page and thought surely someone there can help me.
I look forward to anything you might be able to help me with. Thank you,  Ella A. mentioned above was the wife of Edward Lambert 8 .
Elaine Lubin
403 Simon Willard Rd
Concord, Ma

I recently obtained a 1st edition copy of Howe's book: Bigelow Family of America. The owners name was written on the inside cover: Emily Bigelow Ames. On page 173 she wrote in the margin identifying Gershom 6 as her grandfather. On the back flyleaf she identifies the following lineage:
1- John - Mary Warren
2- Sam'l - Mary Flagg
3- John - Jerusha Garfield
4- Gershom - Mary Howe -
5- Lieut Ivory - Sophia Banister (sic) "Ivory's sister Mary married Artemus Howe"
6- Gershom m Mary Howe "dau of Abraham & Lydia Howe ( Gershoms bro' was another Ivory who m Susannah Rice)"

7- Lambert m Emily Dickenson

Artemus Howe ~~
son of Joseph & Ruth
Brigham Howe-
was Gershom 1st son
Lydia (Gershom's sister)
m - Isaac Maynard whose son
Amory was the father of the town Mayor
Notes Page 2:
2nd wife was Eunice Wilder & then                                                                         (Grandpa B-)
Gershom Bigelow had a large family their son^
Lambert   his^ sister Mary Augusta m Yale Rice of
Ohio - her daughter Mary was born 1865
& is cousin to Geo's father.

Mary Bigelow b Nov 16-1865
her mother was Mary Augusta -
(born 1828 m - Yale Rice of Ohio -
died 1879 - res - Orwell? Ohio -
she was daughter of ~~~
Gershom B - mar - Eunice Wilder -

  I have tried to copy exactly how it was written, with the notes on the right margin, etc. Even the underline of Lambert. Not sure what she means about Gershom 1st son above. Also the italics are her own words as well, not my additions. Emily was still alive when the book was published in 1890. She also made margin notes next to family members such as "dead", but no dates. I obtained the book from a book dealer in England, where she or a relative may have moved after 1890. To suppose more; it would not be a great leap to suppose she married a man named Ames...
  Enclosed in book was a small booklet by Ella. A. Bigelow, Marlboro, Mass. It was a souvenir booklet of "Hide and Go Seek Home". I posted the contents of this booklet at Souvenir...........ROD 08/01/2005
Rod Bigelow
Box 13  Chazy Lake
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