Welcome to the Genealogy Home Page. The following are families I am tracing. If anyone has information on these families please E-Mail me.

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  Genealogy Resources by Veritas Prep Suggested by Seattle Genealogy Club
   U.S. Citizenship. info...Trace your Family Roots from Immigration to US Citizenship
25 Best Genealogy Sites- The Definitive Guide.
  Vital Records Information - State Index
  The Bigelow Society Home Page "The Place" for BIGELOW Genealogy.
There is now a Family Search site from The Latter Day Saints (LDS)........................5/10/99
Also check out a Bigelow Bulletin Board from ROD........................  11/19/2002
Bigelow Files by Kimber Straight.
  Roots Web Surname list
  The Brennan Page My wife is a Brennan (nuff said).
  Gagy's Page My maternal grandmother. I named her Gagy. She turned 98 in Oct 1999.
  The Lesperance Page Gagy's maiden name is Lesperance.
  The Rice Page The Rice Family intermarried with Bigelows (7th & 8th generations).
  The Haff Page My paternal grandmother was a Haff (Hoff).
  The Hall Page My paternal great-grandmother was a Hall.
  My Roots Page Traces my genealogy back (Mostly Bigelow).
  Bateman Genealogy. connects with Bigelows on Edward 7 Bigelow..
  Fuller Page Traces my line back to the Mayflower, starting with Ezra 5's wife.
  Fuller Page 2 Early ancestors of Edward Fuller (Mayflower Passenger).
  Lathrop Page Family of Jane Lathrop, wife of Stephen 2 Fuller (Mayflower Passenger).
  Diary of Margaret REED M. Reed's home was Schuyler Falls, same as Jared (7) etc.
  Wolcott Family, by Jim Wolcott, formerly of Dannemora.

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George Archer's Guide Genealogist's Guide to the Internet.
ROOTS Surname BIGELOW ROOTS Surname Homepage "BIGELOW"
Mayflower Web Page Great Site with Passenger List, History, etc.
Genealogy Helplist Volunteers to do Genealogy searches
GenServ Genealogical Server System
New England Historic Genealogic Society Has links to many other archives.
Ancestral Quest 2.0 Gen. Program compatible with PAF
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Family Tree Maker Deluxe Edition II "The" Genealogy Program for 1996.
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THE WARREN FAMILY Info on the WARRENS, rel. by marriage to John Biglo

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