This page is the ancestral research on the FULLER family. Much of this information comes from Charles E. Dame of CT., a cousin of mine. My ancestor that connects me to the FULLER family is Ezra 5, who married Hannah STRONG (daughter of Hannah (FULLER) STRONG). Hannah FULLER was a descendent of Edward 1 and his son Samuel 2 FULLER, both passengers on the Mayflower. Like the BIGELOW family tree, I will denote Edward FULLER as the immigrant ancestor and as Edward 1 FULLER, and his father as Robert -1 FULLER. Charles Dame is a descendent of Ezra's brother Amasa 5, who married a sister of Hannah STRONG named Jemima.

Further information was gathered from Charlton Simons Webpage, also a distant cousin. A great help also was the following Mayflower Page.
In 1998 Michael H.Fuller has posted a new page on the Fuller Family.

Edward 1 FULLER
Bapt: 04 SEP 1575, Redenhall,Norfolk, England,
m. (Anne or Anna; unknown last name ) ,
d.AFT 11 JAN 1620, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
Edward died AFT 11 JAN 1620-1, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
MAYFLOWER PASSENGER Both died during the first winter at Plymouth. Their son Samuel was raised by his uncle Samuel, Edward's brother who also was a Mayflower passenger.
PARENTS of EDWARD: Robert Fuller and Sara Dunkhorn
Parents and Early Ancestors of Edward


1. Matthew (b. England; d. bet. 25 July and 22 August 1678, Barnstable County, MA; m. Frances (---), prob. England)
2. Samuel (b. c1608, England; d. 31 October 1683, Barnstable, MA; m. Jane Lothrop, 8 April 1635)

Samuel 2 FULLER
B: abt 1615 England, (other sources say he was born abt 1609 in Leiden, Netherlands)
M: 18 Apr 1635 Scituate, Plymouth, MA, ( 8 Apr 1635)
Bapt: 29 Sep 1614, Edgerton, England.
D: 31 Oct 1683 Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
9 children (John, Samuel, Sarah, Samuel, Elizabeth, Sarah(2), Mary, Hannah,Thomas)

Samuel 3 FULLER
Bapt: 11 Feb 1637-8; Scituate, Plymouth, MA.
m. 1657; to Anne FULLER (perhaps a cousin) in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA (see note)
born: 1640; Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
died: bef. Dec 1691; Barnstable, MA
Samuel died Oct 1683; Barnstable, MA

6-25-97 Ella Fuller Barnett's correspondence states that Anne FULLER was the daughter of Matthew FULLER and they had another child called Barnabas 4 FULLER who married Elizabeth YOUNG. 4 children are known:
1. Samuel 5 FULLER , b Nov 1681; m (1) Ruth CROCKER; (2) Lydia Conant LOVELL
2. Isaac 5 FULLER, b Aug 1684.
3. Hannah 5 FULLER, b Sep 1688.
4. Josiah 5 FULLER, b Feb 1699/1700.

Matthew 4 FULLER
b. 1663, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
m. 25 Feb 1692-3 in Barnstable to Patience YOUNG
b. 03 Mar 1673; Scituate, Plymouth, MA
d. 25 Jun 1746; Colchester, New London, CT.
Matthew died Bef. 03 Feb 1743 ; Colchester.

Hannah 5 FULLER
Born: 10 Jul 1713; Colchester, New London, CT
Died: Bef. 27 Oct 1778.
M: 01 Nov 1733 in Colchester to Josiah STRONG
Born: 09 Sep 1709; Colchester
Died: 1780; Colchester
2 children known:
Jemima STRONG; b. 07 Apr 1738, Colchester; d. 28 Apr 1828, Brookfield, Orange, VT; m. 31 Dec 1754 in Colchester to Amasa 5 BIGELOW.
Hannah STRONG; b. 07 Apr 1734, Cochester; d. 28 Apr 1778, Colchester; m. 01 Sep 1755 in Colchester to Ezra 5 BIGELOW.

This appears to be a son or brother of Edward 1 FULLER, and apparently did not arrive on the Mayflower.

Matthew 2 FULLER
b. 16 OCT 1603, Redenhall, England,
m. ABT 1625, in England to Frances (FULLER),
b. 1605, England,
d. AFT 30 OCT 1678.
Matthew died AUG 1678, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA.

"The ship Anne arrived in Plymouth in July, 1623 accompanied by the Little James, bringing new settlers along with
 many of the wives and children that had been left behind in Leyden when the Mayflower departed in 1620."

*** a Bridget Fuller is listed as passenger landing at Plymouth on one of the above ships ;  ? wife of Samuel Fuller, the physician on the ship Mayflower from Leyden

This info from: Ella M. Barnett Email:
Subject: Hannah Fuller-descendant of Edward Fuller of Mayflower

My name is Ella Fuller Barnett. While looking on the internet for info on the Fullers I ran across your page. I'm wondering if your Hannah Fuller could be the daughter of Barnabas Fuller and Elizabeth Young.

Edw. Fuller - Anne or Anna (Unknown last name)
......Samuel Fuller - Jane Lathrop
.........Samuel Fuller - Anne Fuller (daughter of Matthew Fuller)
............Barnabas Fuller - Elizabeth Young
......................Samuel Fuller B: Nov 1681- 1) Ruth Crocker 2) Lydia Conant Lovell
......................Isaac Fuller B: Aug. 1684
......................Hannah Fuller B: Sept 1688
......................Josiah Fuller B: February 1699/00

This is the lineage back to Edw. if this is the correct Hannah Fuller, if you are interested. I also have a few generations back into England before the Mayflower. If you have any other Fuller information regarding who Isaac and Josiah married I would be interested to know.
More 2:
From:       Jim Gould,         E-mail  
Box 161,
Cotuit MA   02635.
     A tidbit of clarification: On your Fuller page 1, you say Samuel 3 Fuller...m.1657, to Anne FULLER (perhaps a cousin)..."
She was indeed his first cousin, as proven by her father Dr. Matthew 2 Fuller's (brother of Samuel 2) will which bequeaths L10 to his daughter Anne "now wife of Samuel Fuller".  My source is Amos Otis, Geneal. Notes of Barnstable, I:380, which is generally reliable, but I could check original if anyone has doubts.  They lived about five miles from me.  I'll check other
local refs, esp. Patience Young.
Subject: Aaron Fuller
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 21:53:01 EST
From: Donald B. Scrafford
Dear Mr Bigelow:
Thank you very much for posting Hopestill Bigelow's letter to his son on your web site.
My ancestor, Samuel Thomas, was probably quite familiar with your ancestors, Samuel Bigelow (born 4/2/1763 Tyringham, MA) and his wife Elizabeth Fuller, as well as her parents Aaron and Rebecca Fuller.  According to a rather detailed revolutionary war pension file for Samuel Thomas, he was married to Phebe Halladay by Aaron Fuller on 6/9/1787 in Skenesborough (now Whitehall), NY.  His brothers John and James Thomas were witnesses to his wedding.  Their father died between 1771 and 1780, and their mother was "killed by Indians after the defeat of Burgoyne".  According to a deposition by James Thomas (the youngest of the three), Aaron Fuller became his guardian after his mother died.  There is also a deposition in the file by a Hannah Day (dated 1845) stating that Aaron Fuller was married to her father's sister.  I suspect that she may have been related to the three Thomas brothers, but the file does not specifically state that.
I am trying to identify the parents of my Samuel Thomas.  I know that he was born on 7/25/1762, and that several members of his family came to Skenesborough from Tyringham, MA.  Samuel Thomas joined the revolutionary army at Great Barrington.
Have you been able to determine the full name of Aaron Fuller's wife?  Since he became the guardian for James Thomas, I suspect that his wife may have been related to the Thomas brothers.  I suppose that she may have been their aunt, or sister.
Any information that you could share with me regarding Aaron Fuller, and his family would be very helpful.  I would also dearly love to find more information about Skenesborough.  Can you help me?
With the information that I have, perhaps we can determine the identity of Aaron Fuller's wife.
Please let me know if you are willing to share information.
Donald B. Scrafford
1313 N. Prescott Street
Wichita, Kansas 67212-6818

Sunday 11/20/2005 3:04:11pm    
Name:  virginia "ginger"h. lemay-stender   
E-Mail:  ginsis@netscape .com
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Comments:  Enjoyed your Fuller page . I have a Mary Fuller in England. I would like to find her family. Thanks for taking me beyond Robert Fuller. I did have a site at roots web for abt 5 yrs but at age 89, no longer doing as much genealogy as in past. I am descendant of Myles Standish through Southworth also e lines grandparents to John Alden grandmother is Grinnell grandfather is Southworths. Thanks for any help on this. If you wish money to help, let me know.

Rod Bigelow (Roger Jon 12)
Box 13  Chazy Lake
Dannemora, N.Y. 12929 
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