16164.4131    Celia 9 Bigelow, daughter of Charles F. 8 ( Edmund Clark 7 , Jonathan Oakes 6 Nathan 5 , John 4 , Joshua 3, Joshua 2, John 1) and Mary Ann Reynolds, was born 30 August 1851 at Crown Point, Essex co, NY. She married ca 1864 (1) Ezra Rupert Cleland who had first married her cousin Emily Reynolds who died 1863 and by whom Ezra had two children. Ezra died 1909 and Celia married (2) Wallace Appel.  they resided near Ballston spa, NY where she is buried.  Celia died in 1928 at Ballston Spa,, NY.  Bigelow Society library has more information. Ezra was born abt 1835, prob Canada; died in 1909 at Lewis, Essex co, NY. After Ezra died 1909 and Celia married (2) Wallace Appel.  They resided near Ballston spa, NY where she is buried. 

Children of Ezra and Celia (Bigelow) Cleland:

16164.41311     Ella J. Cleland, (1868-1935); m William Clark ( - );

16164.41312     Frederick Eugene Cleland, b 29 Aug 1870; d 02 May 1924;; m 04 Mar 1896 Iva Mae Michaels (1878 - ); Kankakee, Aroma twp, IL; child:
      a. Raymond Richard Cleland, (-); m ?

16164.41313     George Cleland, ( - ); m 16 Mar 1898 Susanne Armstrong ( - );

16164.41314     William Bertram Cleland, b 19 Mar 1893; d 01 Jan 1932; m 27 Nov 1895 Florence Gilmore Robbins ( - );

16164.41315     Edwin Cleland, b _ Aug 1876; d 01 May 1942; m Martha E. Still;

16164.41316     Jennie Cleland, b _ Nov 1878; d ___ 1951; m (1) 1897 Fred Alanson Denton; m (2) Alfred Lush;

16164.41317     Rupert Cleland, (1880-1880);

16164.41318     Nellie E. Cleland, b _ Aug 1881; d ___ 1960; m 01 June 1904 Claron H. Williams (1875 -1962 ) of Lewis, Essex co, NY; (see below)

16164.41319     Clarence Cleland, (1885-1885);

16164.4131A     Charles H. Cleland, b 12 July 1887; d 16 Sept 1942; m Fleda E. Moss;

B. G. Cleland, great grandson of Celia, Worland, NY;
1996 addendum, Loring Bigelow.

Subject: Celia Bigelow
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 22:54:24 EST
From: Nancy       NANCYLLAMAR@aol.com
Hi Rod,
 I am trying to help my daughter find some Bigelow information for her mother-in-law.  My daugheter is Debra Anderson, m to Rodney Davis.  Rodney's mother is Irma Williams Davis (Mrs. Lloyd).  Irma is the daughter of Nellie Cleland (1881-1960) and Claron Williams (1875-1962) of Lewis, Essex, NY.  Nellie's parents were Ezra Cleland (abt 1835, prob Canada, d 1909 Lewis) and Celia Bigelow (1851, 1928, of Crown Point and Ballston Spa)  Celia's father is Charles F. Bigelow (1825 Crown Point, d in Joliet, IL) m 2x, Mary Ann Reynolds and Isabelle Skinner.  There were 6 ch in that marriage, but Mary Ann is Irma's line..  Mary Ann Reynolds is the daughter of Morris and Betsy Reynold.  Charles F. Bigelow is the son of Edmund Clark Bigelow and Ruby Sherman.  We have found very little on Edmund Clark Bigelow other than that his father was Jonathan Oaks Bigelow and mother was Philinda Clark.  I found some on them as Peru Town Historian, including a picture of their home.
 I think Jonathan goes back Nathan Bigelow and Elizabeth Oakes, John Bigelow and Grace Allen, Joshua Bigelow, II, and Hannah Fiske, Joshua Bigelow ! and Elizabeth Flagg, John Bigelow and Mary Warren.  I had no problem taking the
Warren's back for her because I also tie in back there. can you advise me if I am correct and do you have any added info? Thanks
Subject: Re: Celia Bigelow
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 04:12:24 EST
From: Nancy       NANCYLLAMAR@aol.com
.  I also have some Bigelow ties.  Offhand, I have Stearns, Warren, & Avery  on my Dad's lines and Emery on my mother's. Seems like someone sent me a picture they had gotten from you of a  Tamsen Bigelow/ Ayer grave.
  The Ayer connects through Sarah Emery, m Ayer.  She was sister to my 3x gr grandfather, Russell Emery.  Richardson,
her father, is my 4x gr grandfather.  Russell's son, Enoch, m Alzina Canfield.  they had William who m Jennette Cline.
 Then Nina Maude Emery who m Isaac Tamer.  then, my Mom, Beatrice K. Tamer m Elmer Howard Fayette.  I am the
oldest of their seven children.
Let's see if I can give you anything more you might want from the pages I did for Irma.  Eza Clelland is the son of Andrew
Clelland and Clarissa Burwell. No dates on them.  Claron Williams, b 20 Oct 1875, North Troy, Vt, d  Nov 1962 at Lewis.
 He m Nellie  Clelland 1 June 1904.  Claron was the son of Ransom Williams, b 29 Jan 1834, d 19 Dec 1896, Lewis.
 Ransom's parents were Henry Williams and Jemima Martin. Ransom m Lavina Hitchcock, b 22 June 1844 in Keene,
Essex, Ny.  She d 16 July 1951 in Lewis.  Her parents were Obed Hitchcock, b 12 Sept 1806, Washington Co., NY, d 29
Dec 1863,  Lewis.  He m Nancy W. Fay, b 14 Apr 1817, of Weston. on 17 Aug 1836.
  For Edmund Clark, I have him born abt 1750 in New Haven, CT, d 17 Sept 1823 @73 (you have 78).  For possible parents I have Daniel Clark, b 8 June 1715, New Haven, d 1804, New Haven, m 14 May 1740, New Haven Phebe Bradley  (this is either from LDS or a WFT disk.)  Daniel's father, then, would be Stephen Clark, 24 Dec 1680, NH, d 1741, m Sarah Hill (Hill is another of my names) b 29 Jan 1684, d 20 Dec 1726.  Phebe Bradley's parents are Joseph Bradley, b 15 Feb 1677/8, New Haven, d 1757, m 14 Apr 1691.  Joseph's wife is Hanna Heaton (Heath) b 23 Dec 1682.
  I have Jonathan Oakes father as Nathaniel, b abt 1645, d 17 Feb 1721, Westboro, MA.  M 20 May 1703 Mary Holloway as his 2nd wf.  His first was Mehitable (can't read what I put for the last name.
  For John Warren (another line I tie to, I have b 1 May 1585, Nayland, Suggolk, eng, d 13 Dec 1667, Watertown m 13 Jan 1591/2, Nayland, Margaret Bayley  (William and Ann Bayley) (GREAT MIGRATIONS). For his father, I hav e John Warren, b 1555, Nayland, d 4 Nov 1613, Nayland, m 4 Oct 1584, Elizabeth Scarlett.  Elizabeth is d/o John Scarlett and Margaret Marten.    Daniel Warren's  wife is Mary Barron.
   Elizabeth Flagg, b 22 Mar 1657, Watertown, Ma d 9 Aug 1729, Watertown, MA.  Daughter of Thomas Flagg and Mary
(someone supplied the name Underwood, which is another of my names.)  Thomas was the son of Allen Flagg and
Elizabeth Deveroys.  Allen's father is John Flagg, mother Elizabeth.  Elizabeth Deveroys is the daughter of Edmund
Deveroys and Ursula Pitcher.
Some of this I have with my files @rootsweb.com.  Submitter name is nancyfayette.
Thanks again,
Forgot to say that I have been Peru Town Historian and just about to be appointed again.  Let me know if I can help with
anything here.  I have a copy of the Peru Cemetery Records by McClellan.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume II page 458 child;
Oaks Genealogy;
The Kankakee County, IL, Portrait & Biographical Record of 1894;

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