1616      John 4 BIGELOW son of Joshua 3, ( Joshua 2, John 1), and Hannah (FISKE) BIGELOW, born 24 June 1715 Weston, Middlesex, MA. He was baptized on 03 July 1715 in Weston, Middlesex co, MA. He married 29 November 1739 Sudbury to Grace ALLEN, possible daughter of Thomas ALLEN of Sudbury. Grace was born circa 1720 Sudbury? And died 09 October 1785 in Ashburnham,, MA, aged "in her sixties". John died after 1787 when he moved to Ipswich,, NH. John and family seemed to move around a great deal. Births of the first 5 children recorded in Weston, MA.; and tradition says he then lived in Stow a few years (one child's birth was recorded there). Possibly other children may have been born there between 1745 and 1752, but no records confirm this. In 1752, he was in Acton, where four more children were recorded by 1760. In 1762 Westford town records state that John Bigelo and wife Grace, and children Lucy, Beulah, Sarah, Silas, Simeon, Molly, Grace, and Eunice were warned out of town, according to the custom of the time, and they had last come from Acton. John was a member of Capt. Samuel Davis' company in 1757, and it appears they did not leave Westford. In 1887 he and his son Silas moved from Westford to New Ipswich, NH, and tradition says John died there. His wife Grace died 09 October 1785 at Ashburnham, MA aged "in her sixties". (see new notes below)

Children of John and Grace (ALLEN) BIGELOW:

16161      Lucy, b 27 May 1740 Weston; d 14 Sept 1807 Westford; m 17 Sept 1766 (Westford) Joseph DUTTON jr.; res Westford. 6 children.

16162      Beulah, b 20 Sept 1741 Weston; d ___ ?; m 22 Sept 1768 (Westford) Jonathan HALL of Ashby, MA. (see below)

16163      John, (a twin), b 8 Nov 1743 Weston; d 14 Feb 1822 Conway, MA; m 11 Sept 1770 Mary or Molly MELVIN; res Conway, MA. 14 known children(15 implied).

16164      Nathan, (a twin), b 8 Nov 1743 Weston; d Feb 1816 Crown Point, Essex co, NY; m 11 Sept 1770 Elizabeth OAKES; res Ashburnham, MA and Jaffrey, NH. 12 children.

16165      Sarah, b 12 Feb 1745 Weston; d 23 Dec 1811 Jaffrey, NH; m 15 Nov 1768 (Westford) Thomas DUTTON; res Ashburnham, MA and Jaffrey, NH. 10 children.

16166      Silas, b 17 Mar 1750 Stow, MA; d 17 May 1797 New Ipswich, NH; m (intention of 30 July 1774) Rachel PITTS; res Westford, Lunenburg, and Ashburnham, all in MA, then after 1787 Ipswich, NH. 10 children.

16167      Simeon, b 12 Apr 1752 Acton, MA; d 13 July 1837 Brandon, VT; m (1) 14 Dec 1780 Sarah FOSTER; (2) 14 Mar 1790 Elizabeth AVERY; (3) 21 July 1804 Mrs. Sarah AVERY; res Conway, MA and Brandon, VT. 13 children.

16168      Molly, b 6 Apr 1754 Acton; d 6 May 1775 Acton; m 19 Dec 1774 John OVERLOCK. No issue.

16169      Grace, b 22 Apr 1757 Acton; d _____ ; m 24 Feb 1785 in Ashburnham, Worcester co, MA, Stephen HALL of Ashby, MA.

1616A     Eunice, b 14 Sep 1760 Acton; no record after 1762.

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume I, page 65;
Howe,Bigelow Family of America;
vital records various towns in MA;
correspondence with descendants;
vital records, census VT and NY.
Janis Notes:
 John BIGELOW served in the military 1757, Indian Wars in Capt. Samuel Davis's Co., Mass.. He was born on 24
June 1715 in Weston, Middlesex Co., MA. He was baptized on 3 Jul 1715 in Weston, Middlesex Co., MA. He died after 1787
in New Ipswich, Hillsboro, New Hampshire. Sometime between Sept. 1760 and 1762 the family moved to Westford, Mass,
since in 1762 Westford records show that "John Bigelow and wife Grace Bigelow and children Lucy, Beulah, Sarah, Silas,
Simeon, Molly, Grace and Eunice were warned out of town, and they last came from Acton." If a family was warned out of a
town, it did not necessarily mean that they were undesirable citizens. the Warning Out Law gave the town authority to return
families to the town they came from, if they became impoverished and might become dependent upon the town. A town had
three years to send them back. After that, a poor family became THEIR responsibility. At this time, twins John and Nathan
were 19 years old, and not included in the "Warning Out" so perhaps either gainfully employed, or living somewhere else.
I don't know how long they lived in Westford, Mass,. but they must have moved to Ashburnham, Mass. in the next 23 years,
since Grace died in Ashburnham on Oct. 9, 1785. She was "in her 60's". In 1786 John moved to Ipswich, New Hampshire to
live with his son Silas. John died there in 1787.
John BIGELOW and Grace ALLEN were married on 29 Nov 1739 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA. by Rev. Ebenezer Roby
Grace ALLEN8 (daughter of Thomas ALLEN and Sarah GRUNDE) was born on 17 May 1719 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co.,
MA. She died on 9 Oct 1785 in Ashburnham, Worcester Co., MA. On Nov. 7th, 1736 Grace Allen "Own'd ye Covenant"
according to the Church Records. On Sept. 3rd, 1738 Grace Allen;, daughter of Thos. A. Allen was rec'd into the chruch in
Weston. John BIGELOW and Grace ALLEN had the following children:
+2 i. Lucy BIGELOW (born on 27 May 1740).
+3 ii. Beulah BIGELOW (born on 20 Sep 1741).
+4 iii. John BIGELOW (born on 8 Nov 1743).
+5 iv. Nathan BIGELOW (born on 8 Nov 1743).
+6 v. Sarah BIGELOW (born on 12 Feb 1745).
+7 vi. Silas BIGELOW (born on 17 Mar 1750).
+8 vii. Simeon BIGELOW (born on 12 Apr 1752).
+9 viii. Molly BIGELOW (born on 6 Apr 1754).
+10 ix. Grace BIGELOW (born on 22 Apr 1757).
11 x. Eunice BIGELOW9,10 was born on 14 Sep 1760 in Acton, Middlesex Co., MA.
Under the John Bigelow Genealogy in "History of Westford, Ma 1659-1883" by Rev. E. Hodgman, on page 438 it
states "His daughters Bulah and Eunice were in New Ipswich in 1787".

Beulah BIGELOW was born on 20 Sep 1741 in Weston, Middlesex Co., MA. She lived in New Ipswich, Hillsboro, New
Hampshire in 1787. She lived in Ashby, MA.
Beulah BIGELOW and Jonathan HALL were married on 22 Sep 1768 in Groton, Middlesex Co., MA. Groton, MA marriages
to 1850 states: Beulah Biglow of Westford, and Jonathan Hall of Ashby, married Sept. 22, 1778 Belonged to From Manual of
the Church, pub. Jan. 1, 1864. He lived in Ashby, MA. Jonathan Hall was admitted in 1778 to the Orthodox Congregational
Church of Ashby, Mass.

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