Simeon 5 BIGELOW

Congregational Church Cemetery; Brandon, Rutland co, VT

 16167.     Simeon 5 BIGELOW, son of John 4 (Joshua 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Grace (ALLEN) BIGELOW, was born 12 April 1752 at Acton, Middlesex co, MA. He was married in Ashburnham, MA 14 December 1780 (1) to Sarah Foster, daughter of Moses and Mary (Hayward) Foster. She was born 14 April 1760 in Ashburnham, Worcester co, MA, and died in February 1789 at Brandon, VT. He married (2)14 March 1790 Elizabeth Avery, at Brandon. She was born 08 October 1764 Norwich, New London County, CT, dau of Charles and Abigail (Post) Avery and died 21 April 1804 (aged 39) in Brandon of smallpox. He then married (3) Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth (Bump) Avery, widow of Simeon Avery, on 21 July 1804 at Brandon, VT. She was born 13 April 1764. Simeon died at Brandon 13 July 1837. His widow removed to Galway, NY, where she died 15 Dec 1856. She had claimed pension as the widow of Revolutionary War soldier Simeon Avery. Simeon Bigelow also served in the military Revolutionary War in Shelburne, MA. (see new notes below)
1790 census: VT-Rutland-Brandon-Simeon Bigelow: l-4-2-0-0.

Mass Sold & Sail of Rev War, Vol II:
   Bigelow, Simeon. Private, Capt. Job Shattuck's co., Col. John Robinson's regt.; pay roll for 9 days service, dated Cambridge, March, 1776.
   Biglow, Simeon, Westford. Return of men enlisted into Continental Army from Capt. Wright's and Capt. Fletcher's cos., Middlesex Co. regt., dated Feb.16, 1778; residence, Westford; enlistment to expire July, 1778; reported into "the Carpenters Regt."

Children of Simeon Bigelow by (1) Sarah Foster:       Henry, b 16 Sep 1781 Conway, MA; d 13 Mar 1859 Amherst, NY; m (Brandon, VT) 10 Oct 1810 Lucy Barnes. 3 children.

16167.2t      Noah, b 03 Mar 1783 Conway, MA; d 2 Aug 1850 New York, NY; m ca 1819 Sally Jackson. 3 children.

16167.3t      Nahum, b 09 Feb 1785 Brandon, VT; d 28 Jan 1851 Farmington, UT; m (Lawrenceville, IL) 12 Dec 1826 Mary Gibbs. Early Mormon convert. 10 children.

16167.4       Sarah "Sally", born 09 Mar 1787 Brandon, VT; d ____ ; m (1)1806 Aaron Goodrich, m (2) 1843 Ansel C. Melvin; res IL.
16167.5t      Hiram, b 02 Jan 1789 Brandon, VT; d there 1842, under surname Strong, by which family he was adopted; m (1) 01 Jan 1811 Lucy Cutler, by whom 7 children, and (2) after 1818 a Mrs. Cutler.

Children of Simeon Bigelow by (2) Elizabeth Avery, all born Brandon, VT:

16167.6t      Elijah Avery, b 13 Dec. 1790; d 1847 New York, NY;m (1) Diantha June, and (2) Milly June. 3 children

16167.7t      Daniel Post, b 14 Mar 1792; d 23 Mar 1853 Barre, NY; m 08 Feb 1821 Betsey Knight. 6 children.

16167.8t      Thirza, b 12 Mar 1794; d 25 Mar 1850 (aged 56); m __ Jan 1820 Jeffrey Amherst Bogue. 5 children.

16167.9t      Olive, b 07 Feb 1796; d 13 Dec 1821 Brandon, VT; m 11 Jun 1815 Samuel Arnold. 3 children.

16167.A      Augustus, b 17 Jan 1798; d ca 1870 New York, NY; a dentist, unmarried.

16167.B      Minerva, b 22 Apr 1799; d 23 Apr 1804, of smallpox.

16167.C      Eliza, b 28 June 1801; d ____ ; m William Pierce; res Salisbury, Addison co, VT.

16167.Dt     Simeon, b 25 Feb 1803; d 13 Mar 1866 Barre, NY; m 01 May 1828 Charity C. Childs. 4 children.

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume I, page 153-154;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Find a Grave

Elizabeth Avery; Congregational Church Cemetery; Brandon, Rutland co, VT

Janice Notes:
Simeon BIGELOW, served in the military Revolutionary War in Shelburne, MA. He was born on 12 Apr 1752 in
Acton, Middlesex Co., MA.  He died on 13 Jul 1837 in Brandon, VT.
Simeon BIGELOW and Sarah FOSTER were married on 14 Dec 1780 in Ashburnham, Worcester Co., MA. Sarah FOSTER
(daughter of Moses FOSTER and Mary HAYWARD (?)) was born on 14 Apr 1760 in Ashburnham, Worcester Co., MA. She
died in Feb 1789 in Brandon, VT.
Simeon BIGELOW and Sarah FOSTER had the following children:
+63 i. Henry BIGELOW (born on 16 Sep 1781).
+64 ii. Noah BIGELOW (born on 3 Mar 1783).
+65 iii. Nahum BIGELOW (born on 9 Feb 1785).
+66 iv. Sally BIGELOW (born on 9 Mar 1787).
+67 v. Hiram BIGELOW (born on 2 Jan 1789).
Simeon BIGELOW and Elizabeth AVERY were married on 14 Mar 1790 in Brandon, VT. Elizabeth AVERY was born on 8
Oct 1764. She died on 21 Apr 1804. Died of Smallpox.
Simeon BIGELOW and Elizabeth AVERY had the following children:
+68 i. Elijah Avery BIGELOW (born on 13 Dec 1790).
+69 ii. Daniel Post BIGELOW (born on 14 Mar 1792).
+70 iii. Thirza BIGELOW (born on 12 Mar 1794).
+71 iv. Olive BIGELOW (born on 7 Feb 1796).
72 v. Augustus BIGELOW was born on 17 Jan 1798 in Brandon, VT. He died about 1870 in New York, NY. He was a Dentist.
73 vi. Minerva BIGELOW was born on 22 Apr 1799 in Brandon, VT. She died on 23 Apr 1804. Died of Smallpox.
+74 vii. Eliza BIGELOW (born on 28 Jun 1801).
+75 viii. Simeon BIGELOW (born on 25 Feb 1803).

Simeon BIGELOW and Sarah (Bump) AVERY were married on 21 July 1804 in Brandon, VT. Sarah (Bump) AVERY was
born on 13 Apr 1764. She lived in Galway, NY. Sarah claimed a pension as the widow of Rev. War Soldier, Simeon Avery.
Her 2nd husband, Simeon Bigelow also served in the Rev. War.
Simeon noted as lister Brandon, VT
Simeon came from Conway, MA, made his first purchase from Capt. Nathan Daniels 01 Oct 1783 and in 1796 from Joshua Goss, both purchases together making up his home farm, later owned by David M. June. The present owners are Robert and Erica Adams (1961)
"Brandon VT A History of the town; (1761-1961) page 15

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