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16314.4711      Allen Gilman 9 BIGELOW, son of Rev. Albert 8 ( Samuel Allen 7 , Ira , Ezra 5 , David 4, Lt. John 3, Joshua 2, John 1 and Maria (STORRS) BIGELOW, was born at Stafford,, NY on 14 March 1854. He married on 30 October 1879 Genevieve Dayton Boyce, born in Lockport,, NY. She died _ October 1897. Allen Gilman Bigelow was an important newspaper editor and writer in Buffalo, NY around the time Grover Cleveland was entering politics. He played a key role in running the Buffalo Evening Telegraph newspaper, which, in 1884, published an expose about Grover Cleveland. Allen died 08 August 1891, in Asheville, N.C., at the home of his aunt. (see below)

Children of Allen and Genevieve (Boyce) Bigelow:

16314.47111    Hamilton Storrs, b 24 Oct 1880; d 11 June 1901; killed by a fire engine on Howard University Campus where he was a student. (see below)

16314.47112     Beth C., b 18 Oct 1881 Buffalo,, NY; d _____ ;

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Harvard Class notes:
Hamilton Storrs Bigelow, the son of Allen Gilman Bigelow and Genevieve Dayton (Boyce) Bigelow, was born October 24, 1880, at Buffalo, N. Y. He was prepared for college at Phillips Exeter Academy. While there he was Class Poet. Bigelow was instantly killed by being run over by a fire engine at the corner of Quincy Street and Broadway, Cambridge, on the night of June 11, 1901. He was on his way with a crowd of students to a fire which had broken out in a large pile of timber in front of the new Robinson Hall. Bigelow, though cut off thus in his Freshman year, had shown promise of a successful college life. He had already contributed to the Lampoon and written the song for the Class dinner.

Subject: Rachel Allen wife of Ira Bigelow
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 17:01:11 -0500
From: Susan Henderson   <  >

I am enjoying your web site. In fact, copying some of the details for a family member as I type. My family is descended from
Samuel Allen Bigelow. In fact Allen has been the middle name of male family members for generations. Wanted you to know that family lore has it that Rachel Allen, Samuels mother, was the daughter of the great hero Ethan Allen. Have not confirmed it myself. Thought maybe you had run accross this in your research.
My mother's maiden name is Bigelow.
Her line is
Samuel Allen Bigelow m. Maria Almy
Reverend Albert Bigelow(1827-1892) m. Maria Storrs (1828-1908)
Lucius Seymour Bigelow (1859-??) m Sarah Esther Harris (18??-1944)(family
founded Harrisburg,Pa)(Lucius Seymour had a brother, Allen Gilman Bigelow)
Allen Caryl Bigelow (1894-1985) m Charlotte Cook (1895-1973)(my grandparents)
My name is Susan Henderson.

Subject: Bigelow Society
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 23:29:46 -0400
From: charles lachman < >
Dear Mr. Bigelow:
I'm a writer and television producer working on a new book about 
President Grover Cleveland. In researching my book, I've come across 
the name Allen Gilman Bigelow, who was an important newspaper editor 
and writer in Buffalo, N.Y. around the time Grover Cleveland was 
entering politics.
This Mr. Bigelow played a key role in running the Buffalo Evening 
Telegraph newspaper, which, in 1884, published an expose about 
Cleveland. I'm trying to gather as much information as I can about the 
background of that article, and to that end I'm seeking out 
descendants of Allen G. Bigelow to determine if they might have any 
letters, documents, etc. from the 1880s or later that might be 
relevant to my book.
Allen G. Bigelow was born in Buffalo on March 18, 1854. He died August 
8, 1891, in Asheville, N.C., at the home of his aunt. Allen had two 
brothers, Walter S. and Lucius. His wife was Genevieve Boyce. They had 
two children, Hamilton Storrs Bigelow (who unfortunately was killed in 
an accident in 1901 while a student at Harvard), and a daughter, Ruth.
That's what I know about Allen Bigelow. I've got some great obituaries 
about him from contemporary Buffalo newspapers. He seemed like a very 
great man.
I was hoping you might put me in contact with someone who could steer 
me to family records from that era. As I say, my interest is in Grover 
Cleveland. Mr. Bigelow was a member of the Buffalo Historical Society 
and, since he was a writer, I was hoping he might have sent letters or 
left a diary concerning the election of 1884 when Cleveland ran for 
I realize this is a long shot but it's worth a try.
I look forward to hearing from you. My most recent book is "The Last 
Lincolns: The Rise & Fall of a Great American Family."
Please let me know your thoughts or ideas concerning this request. You 
can email me
(private FTM)
Thanks so much.
Charles Lachman

From Poets of Buffalo:
MR. ALLEN G. BIGELOW was born in Buffalo, N. Y., March 13th, 1854. He was the oldest son of Rev. Albert Bigelow and Maria Storrs Bigelow. On his father's side he was a descendant of Ethan Allen, whose name he bore. Mr. Bigelow's first literary work of importance was done on Bohemia, a Buffalo publication, in 1880. He had various editorial connections with the Buffalo Evening Telegragh, the Roller Mill, of Buffalo, the Lockport, N. \., Journal and the Buffalo Express. For the last named paper he did some of his finest prose work. He contributed to the North American Review, the Magazine of Poetry and other journals. His poems were mostly written for the Atlantic Monthly, St. Nicholas and the Buffalo Express. Mr. Bigelow was active in many fields, a popular member of the National Guards, a discerning and cultured musician, and, above all and essentially a poet. He died in Asheville, N. C., August 8th, 1891, leaving a widow, Genevieve Boyce Bigelow, and a son and daughter.

Poem of Allen Gilman Bigelow:

Oh shipmate sweet, oh shipmate true,
Here's a song of love and the sea!
For we sailed in fair and we sailed in fine,
Nor storm nor cloud, oh shipmate mine,
As we sailed, oh shipmate mine!
Oh shipmate sweet, oh shipmate dear,
The log of the cruise is rare!
For memory's scroll will forever unroll
Its record of glimpses of Nature's great soul,
As we sail, oh shipmate dear;
As together we sail away again
Over the lapis-lazuli plain,
Where the sparkling spume from the sea-drifts flies
And bejewels the plumes of the gulls that wing
Where a million crystal cradles swing,
Where baby mermaids are rocked to sleep,
Lapped and lulled as the breezes die
Till they're tucked to rest 'neath the mirrored sky,
Beguiled in dreams 'neath a moonshine sheet,
As we cruise, oh shipmate sweat!
As we cruise, oh shipmate true,
Into the seas that Homer knew;
Into the languorous Indian seas
Of Sailor Sindbad's mysteries;
Among the isles where the ages seem
To loiter, enthralled in the Buddha dream;
Where Time, supine, with nerveless hands
Lets the hour-glass stay its ruthless sands;
While the despot sun his soul distills
Through days as ages, through ages as hours,
To burn again in the passion of spice
Or breathe in the balm of flowers;
Into and out of the under-world,
As this great little earth 'neath the sun is twirled,
Not only we sailed, but we're sailing still—
Shift memory's helm, we're off at will!
Joy hath a throne on every wave
As we cruise, oh shipmate brave!
Oh shipmate sweet, oh shipmate brave!
Here's a song of love and of life!
And we'll sing as we cruise, for our course doth lie
Into the peace of the evening sky.
Whatever the weather, 'tis fine in our eyes,
Whatever the port, 'tis paradise,
As together we cruise, my dear,
As we cruise, oh shipmate dear!

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