Samuel Allen 7 BIGELOW

16314.47      Samuel Allen 7 BIGELOW, son of  Ira ( Ezra 5 , David 4, Lt. John 3, Joshua 2, John 1 and Rachel (ALLEN) BIGELOW, was born at Colchester, New London, CT on 08 November 1798 and married on 19 June 1825 Maria Mariann Almy. She was the daughter of William and Mary (Olney) Almy and born at Shaftsbury, VT on 17 October 1804. When a boy, his father moved the family from Colchester to Geneseo, NY and settled on a farm. When he obtained his majority, Samuel moved to Buffalo, Erie, NY and lived most of his life there. He was a merchant in Buffalo and died there on 31 May 1877. We do not have the death details of his wife.

Children of Samuel and Maria (Almy) Bigelow:

16314.471t    Albert, b 11 Oct 1827 Stafford, NY; d 07 June 1892; m 18 April 1853 Maria Storrs; 3 children.

16314.472     William Henry, b 14 May 1836 Buffalo.

16314.473t    Samuel Olney, b 12 July 1839 Buffalo; d 19 July 1873 NY, NY; m 10 Dec 1866 Mary Louise Perry; 1 child.

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Subject: Rachel Allen wife of Ira Bigelow
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 17:01:11 -0500
From: Susan Henderson   <   >

I am enjoying your web site. In fact, copying some of the details for a family member as I type. My family is descended from
Samuel Allen Bigelow. In fact Allen hasbeen the middle name of male family members for generations. Wanted you to know that family lore has it that Rachel Allen, Samuels mother, was the daughter of the great hero Ethan Allen. Have not confirmed it myself. Thought maybe you had run accross this in your research.
My mother's maiden name is Bigelow.
Her line is
Samuel Allen Bigelow m. Maria Almy
Reverend Albert Bigelow(1827-1892) m. Maria Storrs (1828-1908)
Lucius Seymour Bigelow (1859-??) m Sarah Esther Harris (18??-1944)(family
founded Harrisburg,Pa)(Lucius Seymour had a brother, Allen Gilman Bigelow)
Allen Caryl Bigelow (1894-1985) m Charlotte Cook (1895-1973)(my grandparents)
My name is Susan Henderson

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