Nicholas Vought 8 BIGELOW

16324.2C1   Nicholas Vought 8 BIGELOW, son of Charles Lewis 7( Ephraim Bate6 , Ephraim 5 , John 4 , Lieutenant John 3, Joshua2, John1), and Christian (VOUGHT) BIGELOW, was born in Wolcott, Wayne co., NY on 23 January 1845. He married on 10 Feb 1875 Rachel S. Reynolds. She was born 15 December 1850 and died in July 1920 at Wolcott, NY, She is buried at Wolcott cem.,Wolcott, NY. Nicholas died  April 1920 and also buried Wolcott cem.,Wolcott, NY. (see below) 2 children known:

Children of Nicholas Vought and Rachel S. (Reynolds) Bigelow:

16324.2C11     William Charles 9, b 23 Sep 1881 Wolcott, NY; d 31 Dec 1956 Palmyra, NY; m 17 July 1904
Georgia Kyle, b 16 July 1885; d 9 July 1935 Lyons, NY. 3 children known:

16324.2C12     Ephraim Reynolds 9, b 14 May 1885 Wolcott, NY; d 23 Jan 1941 Peterburg,VA, buried N. Wolcott
cem  ,NY; m 9 Apr 1913 Stella May Chase, b 10 Nov 1894; d 10 Aug 1979 Sodus, NY;  6 children:

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Subject: Nicholas Bigelow,etc.
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 14:12:10 -0500
From: "Frank Patterson" <  >
My grandmother is going to be 101 in April and remembers "Nick" Bigelow from North Wolcott. Her memory is untarnished and talks a lot about my g-g-grandfather,Charles Richards,and his best friend Nicholas Bigelow. On some of my g-g grandfather's CW pension papers, Mr. Bigelow went with him to various meetings about the pension and signed papers as a witness. I have gone up to the old homestead twice this past year and know approximately where the Bigelows lived. (On the lake) (I have a distant picture of their homestead in late 1800's-early 1900's) They both were in the the Civil War, different regiments. Often talked about the war, which the women and children were notable to share in. I believe this "Nick" may have named his oldest son after my g-g grandfather, one William Charles Bigelow. Be more than glad to share. I am from Horseheads, NY. My name is Frank Patterson. I have looked hard for the regiment that Mr.Bigelow served in and any picture of him. Grandma would get such a kick to see one if it were available.He will be in my book, if I ever get it done.It is basically about my g-g grandfather and my best friend who was killed in Vietnam on Mothers Day, May 12,1968.
I have an original picture,of which I am going to make a copy of the Nicolas Bigelow house on Lake Ontario. Distant shot,but shows what the area looked like close to a hundred years ago.I am really interested to see if any of your relatives have a picture of Nicholas Bigelow in order that I could show my Grandmother and possibly use in the book I am writing about g-g grandfather,Charles Richards.Grandma descibes them as "very,very good friends" spent a lot of time together.Described Nicholas as having a full gray beard, had some kind of growth that was distinguishing,etc.Remembers his father Charles Lewis B.and sons, Frank, Leona, etc.

16324.2C121    Russell E. 10 Bigelow, b 25 Sep 1917 Wilmington, DE; d 15 Oct 1990 Westbury, NY; bur.N.Wolcott cem, Wolcott,NY; m 2 Aug 1942 Roberta May Gwaltney, b 12 June 1922 Petersburg,VA;
This Russell Bigelow, R.D. #2, Red Creek, New York 13143  contributed much information about this family to the Bigelow Society before his death in 1990.

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