James David 8 BIGELOW V

Mount Pleasant Old City Cemetery; Mount Pleasant, Henry County, IA

16251.251      James David 8 BIGELOW V, son of  James 7 ( James 6 , James 5 , James 4 , Jonathan 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Louisa (ABBE) BIGELOW, was born at Bloomfield, ME on 18 May 1828.  He married in 1852,  Abby Ricker.  She was born 1827 in Canada.  They lived in St. Albans, ME, where he was a salesman.  She died 18 July 1884 at place not stated.  James David Bigelow, moved to Iowa and had another life. James married in 1860 Louisa (Drum) Harter. She was previously married to Hezekiah Harter in 1848. He was born 13 March 1824 in Herkimer, NY and died 11 Sept 1859 in Hartland, NY.  It appears they had 2 children: Ellen and William Harter, born 1851 and 1854 respectivly. James and Louisa had children listed below and Louisa died 13 Oct 1900 (aged 68) Mount Pleasant, Henry County, IA. James died at Mt. Pleasant, IA listed in error 1901, but grave says 31 Oct 1896 (aged 68)(see below)

Children of James and Abby (Ricker) Bigelow:

16251.2511    Betsy, b 06 July 1854 St. Albans, ME; d ____ ; m (1) 06 June 1895 Oscar Spearing; m (2) Charles Getchel;

16251.2512    Charles, b _ Feb 1856 St. Albans; d ___ ; m 03 Nov 1882 Elmina Frost (1862-1885); 1 dau: Abbie May, b 12 June 1884; d 12 Sept 1884;

16251.2513t    James Edward (Edward James), b 19 Feb 1858 St. Albans; d 15 May 1921 Stiles, Oconto co, ME; m (1) Elsa Maxwell; m (2) Anna Tappin (Tappa); 7 children ; res. Florence, WI. (see below)

Children of James and Louisa (Drum) Bigelow:

16251.2514    Charles Frank, b 1862 NY State; d 12 Feb 1900 (aged 37–38) Chicago, IL; Saloon keeper committed suicide by drowning himself in the Chicago River.

16251.2515    Emma, b 1863 Iowa; d 22 Sept 1864 Iowa;

16251.2516    Freddie, 1866 Iowa; d 05 Mar 1867 Iowa (aged 14 mo)

16251.2517    Mabel J “Jennie”, b 26 Sep 1869 Mount Pleasant, Iowa; d Oct 1902 (aged 33) Mount Pleasant, Iowa; m 1890 Frank M. Faulkner (1870-1894)

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 480;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America; page 371 (child);
Abbe Genealogy, 1913;
vital records ME.
Dawn (Bigelow) Ingram 24 March 2003 with information on
Edward James b. 19 Feb 1858, St. Albans, Somerset co, ME.

Mt. Pleasant Obit (possible)
From: "DAWN BIGELOW-INGRAM" <d.bigelowingram@gte.net>
Dear Rod,
         I love your site. It may very easily hold the key to my brick wall. I am able to go as far as "john joshua jonathan james james james james
james and then I get the page with oops on it. I am looking for Edward James or James Edward Bigelow b. 1860's. He came to Wisconsin from St.
Albans, Maine. Many of my fathers 13 siblings share common names with James and Louisa (Abbe) Bigelows children and I am hoping to find him as
a cousin. Thank-you for all the hard work creating this wonderful site!
Dawn Bigelow -Ingram
Thank-you!  Family oral history has my g-grandfather, Ed Bigelow born Feb 1861 or 1867.  He left St. Albans (some say fled, because of some trouble) as a young man and went to Stiles, Wisconsin.  He married Anna Tapin and worked on the railroad.  I wonder if Edwin b 1858 deserves a closer look from me.  I need to order the Bigelow Family Book from your web site.   Your time is very much appreciated!
This concerns my great-great grandfather 16251.251 JAMES 8 BIGELOW V.  His son JAMES 9 EDWARD BIGELOW married
ELSA MAXWELL first.   The intentions of this marriage were posted 22 Nov. 1875 at ST ALBANS, MAINE  I found no information stating they had children.  They went west. (Wisconsin was considered west in those days:) This information came from A HISTORY OF ST ALBANS, MAINE, by GLADYS BIGELOW.  I also have lots of census information.
JAMES 9 EDWARD BIGELOW later married my g-grandmother ANNA TAPPA or TAPIN.  (TAPIN is pronounced TAPPA in French)  JAMES 9 and ANNA TAPIN BIGELOW had seven children.  Their third child EDWARD JAMES BIGELOW is my grandfather.  JAMES 9 (he went by Ed) and ANNA TAPIN BIGELOW also named their oldest son JAMES EDWARD BIGELOW so there is a James 10.
I don't know why they named one son EDWARD JAMES and the other JAMES EDWARD but they did and they both survived and married sisters and had children.
I have all the JAMES 9 and ANNA'S seven childrens names and birth dates and their spouses.  I sent this information in family group sheets to the web site several years ago and it was never entered.
The two notes at the end of JAMES 8 BIGELOW V page are notes I sent when I first suspected he was my line.  I have many source references and am not sure if someone else provided information or mine was misunderstood. My great grandfathers obit stated he came from St. Albans, Maine.
I have not been able to prove it but I believe Elsa Maxwell Bigelow later married a man named CHARLES EDWIN CLASS and was stepmother to his two children.
Dawn Bigelow-Ingram

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