Amelia Albina 8  BIGELOW

16228.911     Amelia Albina 8  Bigelow, twin dau of Rev. Andrew Frank 7 ( James Call 6 , Joel 5, Benjamin 4, Jonathan 3, Joshua2, John1) and Marion (PURMONT) BIGELOW, was born 08 December 1848 at Stockholm, St. Lawrence co, NY. She married Egbert R. Magoon, the son of William W. and Elsey Alice (Reynolds) Magoon on 13 May 1879.  Amelia died 12 January 1890 at Malone, Franklin co, NY, after which Egbert married Frances Drowns.
Children of Egbert and Amelia (Bigelow) Magoon, born at Malone, Franklin co, NY.

16228.9111       Marion Alice Magoon, b 03 May 1880; d 01 Jan 1899;

16228.9112       Racine Magoon, b 15 Oct 1883; d 09 Oct 1902;

16228.9113t      Haidee Magoon, b 12 Sept 1885; d ____ ; m 14 Oct 1914 Sumner Adrian Rushlow; 6 children; (see below) 

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II, pg. 478;
Howe, Bigelow Family in America;
Research of Mary Ruth JUDD;
cemetery inscriptions West Bangor, and Malone, NY;
e-mail 14 Feb 1999 from Mary data and Purmort. (see below)
and New Note:
Subject: Rev. Andrew Frank Bigelow
Date: 26 May 2004
From: Lancaster, NY
From: Sheila (Goodfellow) Vester 
Hello....I really enjoyed the photo of my great-great-grandfather, Reverend Andrew Bigelow. One of his daughters, Amelia, was my great-grandmother. I am interested in any more photos of the Bigelow family and am also planning a trip to northern NY this summer and would be interested in meeting more Bigelows! Please feel free to contact me. thanks!
Subject: Magoon
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 08:08:47 -0500
From: "  Mary Woodman  " <  >
     Ran across this site looking for Magoon data. There is a misspelling of Egbert Magoon who married Amelia Albina Bigelow. Can that be corrected? If anyone is interested I can provide the ancestry for Egbert Magoon and also for Marion Purmort, wife of Rev Andrew Frank Bigelow. Thank you, Mary Woodman.

More from Sheila:
Subject: I am a descendant of Rev Andrew Bigelow and I have a question...
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 13:38:20 -0800 (PST)
From: sheila vester <>
...about Capt John Bigelow. First of all, Rev Andrew was my great-great grandfather but that's beside the point. I am researching some history at Gettysburg ( we are going there in April) and came across the name 'Capt. John Bigelow' and I see that he's also a cousin to the Bigelow's and led a charge at Gettysburg, at the Trostle farm! That's the closest connection I have seen and it's exciting! Can you tell me anything more? By the way, I believe that at one time, you probably corresponded with my cousin, Mary Woodman, who passed away several years ago. I can never fill her shoes, but story by story, I'm getting there. Thank you and I hope to hear back from you...
Sheila Vester
Paula Rushlow 
Haidee Magoon
Amelia Bigelow
Rev Andrew Bigelow

Haidee photo from Sheila Goodfellow Vester

16228.9113    Haidee 9 Magoon, daughter of Amelia Albina 8 (Bigelow) ( Rev. Andrew Frank 7,  etc.) and Egbert R. Magoon, was born 12 September 1885 in Malone, Franklin co., NY.  On 14 October 1914  she married Sumner Adrian Rushlow, born 01 August 1891 in Brandon, Franklin co, NY He was the son of Jerry Rushlow (b 25 Dec 1863 Champlain, Clinton co, NY) and Harriet Carlaine (Merritt) Rushlow (b 22 June 1866 Westville, NY). Sumner died 24 July 1957 Ames, NY. No death details on Haidee. (see below)
Children of Sumner and Haidee (Magoon) Rushlow:

1.t  Hyacinth Muriel Rushlow, b 11 Dec 1916 Brandon, NY; d ____ ; m 13 Jan 1958 Stephen Sage; 1 child;
2.t  Eulalia Marion Rushlow, b 11 Nov 1919 Brandon; d ____ ; m17 June 1939 Joseph Monroe Proctor; 5 children;
3.t  Shirley Amelia Rushlow, b 29 Oct 1921 Brandon; d ____ ; m 10 Nov 1944 Harry Kidder Washburn; 3 children;
4.t  Korleen Ermina Rushlow, b 06 June1923 Brandon; d ____ ; m 13 May 1942 Arthur John Pierce; 4 children;
5.t  Pauleen Harriet Rushlow, b 20 Apr 1925 Brandon; d ____ ; m 21 July 1946 William Henry Goodfellow (see above); 3 children;
6.   Sumner Adrian Rushlow jr, b 02 Feb 1929 Syracuse, Onondaga co, NY; died young 19 May 1935 Syracuse;

Haidee Magoon, my maternal grandmother, aunt Kay, Cousins Shirley, Mary and Mark

Photo from Sheila Goodfellow Vester

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