Alzina 8 BIGELOW

# 16314.137     Alzina 8 Bigelow, dau of Jared7  (Ezra6,Ezra5,David4,Lt. John3, Joshua2,John1) BIGELOW and Sarah "Sally "(BEAMAN) BIGELOW, was born ca 1825 ( _ Feb 1827? ) probably in Schuyler Falls (under age 5 in 1830 census and 85 in 1910). She married first a Mr. DAVIS ca 1845. She was a widow, as was her sister Amy in 1850, both living with their mother Sarah. She married second 15 September 1864 Peter Roberts (b 1813?)of Plattsburgh, Clinton co, NY (67 in 1880 )(see below). Alzina died 12 December 1913 at Plattsburgh.  (see below)

Children of Harvey? and Alzina (Bigelow) Davis:

16314.1371     Harvey Davis, b _ Dec1844 (64 in 1910 -16 in 1860); d _____ ; m ca 1870 Mary ____ (b _ Dec 1850 ( 59 in 1910); d ___); children:
      a. Isaac Davis, b ___ 1874; d _____ ;
      b. Elizabeth Davis, b __ June 1875; d __ ; m Albert Emory ( b _ Feb 1874; d ___ ;)

16314.1372     Frederick Davis, b 1846 (14 in 1860)

16314.1373     Henry Davis, b 1848 (12 in 1860)

Harvey Davis 35 in1880
Mary Davis 31 in 1880
Isaac Davis 7 in 1880
Elizabeth Davis 6 in 1880

Children of Peter and Alzina Davis (Bigelow) Roberts:

16314.1374     none listed in census

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol I,pg 325.
Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II,pg 233.
1830 census records;
pension application Jared Bigelow's widow Sally;
Subject: Jared's Daughter Alzina
 Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 21:34:23 -0400
 From: John Weingarden <  >
Mr. Bigelow,
         Had some earlier correspondence about Roberts Connections in Schuyler falls and the markers @ the Turner-Roberts House.  This time a query regarding Alzina Bigelow, I know that your site lists her as having married  a Mr. Davis and I came across something of interest on the1910 census in the town of Schuyler Falls.  A Mr. Harvey Davis age 64 is listed with his wife Mary, age 59  Residing in the same household is his mother age 85 a widow, her name listed as Alzina Roberts.  This Harvey Davis checks out with the fact that she married a Davis but I am trying to track down what Roberts she may have checking I have a listing for Nathan D. Roberts in Chateaugay NY who married an Alzina with no surname listed but not sure if the ages fit.
Nathan is the son of Alanson Roberts of Chateaugay and i'm just wondering if Alzina may have had connections there....P. J. Roberts in Schuyler falls would have been a cousin to Nathan.
John Weingarden

(1910davis.jpg) 1910 census Davis Family

(alzina2.jpg) 1900-S.Falls's Davis Family

(alzina3.jpg) 1900 Platts Davis Family

(alzina4.jpg)  1860-S. Falls's Bigelows

(alzina1.jpg)  1880 Platts-Alzina & Peter Roberts pg 47 of Dist-33   ED-4.

More: 6 and 13 Sep 2002
         I have found some information pertaining to Jared Bigelows daughter Alzina and the identity of her
second husband and I thought it would be of interest to you, also some additional data on Amy's second
husband Stephen Caulkins.  First this started with the 1910 census data from Schuyler Falls where I found
Harvey Davis and his wife with an Alzina Roberts listed as Mother.  I went back and did a search through
all the Census data for Schuyler Falls from 1850 through 1910.  The results led to the following
information.  Amy & Alzina living with their mother Sally through 1860 in Schuyler Falls, both married
between 1860 & 1870.  Amy appeared on the 1870 and 1880 Schuyler Falls census with her second
husband Stephen Caulkins,  He obviously was not killed in the Civil War but may have been a casualty
(wounded).  After 1860 thru 1910 Alzina is not in Schuyler Falls.  Checking through some notes from old
searches and material found the following.........Married Peter Roberts of Plattsburgh and Alcina Davis of
Schuyler Falls on 15 Sep 1864  this is a listing from the Plattsburgh Newspaper either from Microfilm or
from 10,000 vital records of Eastern NY.  A check of the 1870 Plattsburgh census Pg 32 show Peter Roberts listed as farmer with Wife (I had written Almyra, writing was tough to decipher) Alzina and her Davis children, all of the names and ages  fit Peter had been on the 1860 census in Plattsburgh with Ethan
Roberts both listed as Blacksmiths.  I have not yet finished checking the 1880 Plattsburgh census material
but obviouly IF Peter is listed he will have died between 1880 and 1900
        I have taken the liberty of attaching some scans of the census (Did not do all) that I
felt could be of help to you.  Have also referred this to some Roberts descendants.  Randy
and Bob this I believe ties in to the Davis connections you referred to previously and for your info Jared
& Hiram Bigelow have markers in the Turner-Roberts cemetery in Schuyler Falls. I found it interesting that
the Bigelow site referred to Amy's wedding to her first husband Hiram French was performed by none
other than P.J. Roberts.   Please feel free
to comment as still trying to follow through on material.  I neglected to mention that I had also looked at
the Peru census for 1840 (Prior to Schuyler Falls becoming a TWP in 1842)
searching for listings for Davis families  two came to the fore, one Gardner Davis the other a George
Davis.  Gardner dies before the 1850 census and George is there on at least two more looking at the
individuals and ages and this is only a guess my money would be on Alzina married to a son of Gardner,
she may have even been in the 1840 household.
More from John:
Earlier in the week went to the library to check out the NYState Vital Records index to check fro a death record for Peter Roberts, unfortunately found no record; however found the following listing for Alzina Roberts, Plattsburgh, died  12 Dec 1913  #56447.

New Note:
Subject: Correction! Ethan Allen Roberts Breakthrough Still Not AReality
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 13:41:05 -0500
From: Randy Block <>            
You were sent material on Sally Odler (Odell) wife of Ethan A. Roberts (b.1777) since John Weingarden's e-mails of September 6th and 9th, 2002 seemed to link your Bigelow's to a Roberts line in the Plattsburgh/.Schuyler Falls, NY area. I've reviewed that e-mail several times and am 100% clear about the connection.
However, this is what I've been able to piece together, based on the census records and notes from John:

1.  Jared Bigelow had daughters Alzina and Amy. (I don't know your Bigelow lineage: Alzina, Amy or ?.)
2.  Alzina had two husbands: one a Davis (father of Harvey Davis) & a second husband, Peter Roberts.
3.  Alzina Roberts (b. abt. 1825) was shown as mother of Harvey Davis (1910 Census for Schuyler Falls, NY) .
4.  Ethan Allen Roberts had a son named Peter Roberts who was born in about 1813.
5.  The 1880 Census for Plattsburgh, NY shows a Peter Roberts (b. abt. 1813) household with a wife named Alzina (b. 1825) who had children with the last name Davis:  Harvey Davis (abt. 1845), Mary, Jesse and Elizabeth.
6. One can make the hypothesis that Alzina Bigelow's 2nd husband, Peter Roberts, was the son of Ethan Allen Roberts and Sally Odler (or Odell).   In other words, the Roberts family appears to be in-laws of the Bigelow's.
Does that make sense to you?
My original message was focused on the ancestors of Sally Odler (or Odell).
Have a happy holiday.
Randy Block

More from John2:
Subject: Ethan & Peter
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 18:53:01 -0500
From:  "johnvw" <>
       The basic premise of the item you referred to Rod Bigelow is correct, the problem lies with verifying which Peter Roberts Alzina married, This is the same Peter Roberts that appears on the earlier census with Ethan Roberts son of Joseph.  The fact is that a Peter Roberts born abt 1816 to Joseph could mean that he was the brother of the Ethan on the
Plattsburgh census rather than the son of Ethan A Roberts & Sallie Odler. Would like to get a date of death to obtain a certificate to clarify but he last appears on the 1880 census and in 1900 Alzina is a widow.  As yet no verification either way. John

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