16C23.22      Rufus 7 BIGELOW, son of Moses 6 ( Ephraim 5 , Elisha 4 , Eleizer 3, Joshua 2, John 1)  and Perthena (BRYAN) BIGELOW, was born in Femme O'Sage township, St. Charles co., MO on 27 May 1824.  In Warren co., MO he married 19 September 1848 Henrietta Elizabeth Eversman.  She was born in Warren co. on 2 May 1830 and died in Ellis co., OK on 30 Jun 1908 just a few days before Rufus.  Rufus had a varied career:  He farmed in St. Charles co. for 10 years, was a merchant in Saline co., MO and after the Civil War he farmed again.  In 1889 was in the tile business, was Justice of the Peace for 20 years and Assessor for 2 years.  He was a staunch Democrat and a member of the Farmer's Alliance.  He died in Ellis co., OK 10 July 1908 and is buried in Higgins co., TX.

Children of Rufus and Henrietta (Eversman) Bigelow, the 4 oldest born in St. Charles co., and the next 6 born in Saline co, MO.

16C23.221t    Granville Alexander, b 07 Oct 1849; d 23 June 1917 Shattuck, OK; m 23 Jan 1873 Sarah Louise Wilhite; 10 children

16C23.222     Jonathan Bryan, b _ Sept 1851; d 22 Oct 1927 Nyssa,, OR; m Naomi Lou Woolard; res. CO.

16C23.223     Alice E., b _ May 1855; d 17 Mar 1943 Whatcom,, WA; m (1) Charles King, 4 children; (2) 01 Jan 1875 Joseph Cummings.

16C23.224     Lewis Alzondo, b 04 Apr 1856; d 02 Aug 1877 Saline co, MO; unmarried.

16C23.225t    Edwin Cuttbirth, b 29 Aug 1859; d 11 Mar 1948 Beaver co, OK; m 18 Oct 1888 Cena Marie Huff; 4 children.

16C23.226     Martha Evelyn, b 29 July 1861; d 17 Jan 1935 Saline co, MO; m 03 Feb 1884 Thomas J. Goodman; 3 children (see below).

16C23.227     Adeline Elizabeth, b 10 Dec 1864; d 08 June 1911 Kansas City,, MO; m 15 Oct 1885 Lindsay L. Huff. 6 children (see below)

16C23.228     Lena E., b __ 1868; d ___ ; m (1) ___ Harding; m (2) ____ Smith; m (3) ____ Frost.

16C23.229     James R., b 23 Jan 1870; d 03 May 1950 Higgins co, TX; m Elizabeth _____ ; no children.

16C23.22A    Rudolph, b 01 Aug 1874; d _ Apr 1933 Arnett,, OK; m 1907 Ada May Fielder; 5 children. (see below)

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page 358-359;
Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. II page 278;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
correspondence with descendants;
Lillian Hayes Oliver, Descendants of the Boone and Bigelow Families;
Pioneer Families of Missouri;
History of Missouri counties (Saline and St. Charles);
Boone Family Association of California.
As a matter of interest, see Daniel Boone relationship of Perthena - James' mother - as given in The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol.1.  Also, the father of Malinda (Callaway) Bigelow (wife of Rufus' brother), is believed to be Flanders Callaway, son of Col. Richard Callaway who served in the Revolution with Lieut. Daniel Boone.  Flanders Callaway married Jemima Boone, Daniel Boone's daughter.  A check with the Boone Family Association of California could verify this or you could check into the book:  "Descendants of the Boone and Bigelow Families, by Lillian Hayes Oliver.

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1920 census

1930 census

The above census records give us the following children for Rudolph and Ada

Edna P.,           b. 1910 or 1912 in Oklahoma  Records show different birth years if same person
Marie O.,         b. 1914 in Oklahoma
Ila J.,                b. 1917 in Oklahoma
Genevieve G.,   b. 1921 in Oklahoma
Helen J.,           b. 1927 in Oklahoma 

Subject: 16C23.227 Adeline Elizabeth
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1910 census

The above census record gives us the following children of Adeline and  Lindsay Huff:

Durwood K   b. 1887 in Missouri (see below)
Inez B           b. 1889 in Missouri
Rowena        b. 1896 in Missouri
Beatrice        b. 1901 in Missouri
Bertha          b. 1901 in Missouri
Donald D     b. 1907 in Missouri

1930 census

Durwood K Huff married Lillie M _________ in 1911 and the family info  follows:

Lillie M     b. 1891 in Missouri
Harry L      b. 1912 in Missouri
Margurite l  b. 1916 in Missouri

Subject: 16C23.226 Martha Evelyn
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1900 Census

The census record above gives the following children for Martha Bigelow and Thomas Goodman:

Lydia B     b. May 1887 in Missouri
Virdie E    b. Feb 1890 in Missouri
Claude E   b. Mar 1893 in Missouri

There are no further children listed in subsequent census records.

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