Jonathan Bryan 8 BIGELOW

16C23.222      Jonathan Bryan 8 BIGELOW, son of  Rufus 7 ( Moses 6 , Ephraim 5 , Elisha 4 , Eleizer 3, Joshua2, John1) and Henrietta (EVERSMAN) BIGELOW, was born in St. Charles co., MO in September 1851. He married at unknown date (1877?) Naomi Lou Woolard. Naomi was born in January 1857 in Missouri. They resided in Colorado, but Jonathan reportedly died in Nyassa , OR on 22 October 1927.
Children of Jonathan and Naomi (Woolard) Bigelow: (see below)

16C23.2221      daughter, b 1878 MO; d _____ ; 

16C23.2222      Silas, b _ Mar 1884 NV; d _____ ; m w/children; (see below)     

16C23.2223      Grover, b _ Sept 1885 NV; d _____ ;

16C23.2224      Orin, b _ Mar 1887 NV; d _____ ;

16C23.2225       Lesttie?, b 1892? NV; d _____ ;

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. II page 278 child;
Bigelow Society historian/genealogist records from family researcher;
correspondence and 1900 census.
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This is a complicated search so I will list the information as it appears in census records rather than summarizing.

1880 census

John Bigelow       age 29  born in Missouri
M            wife  age 23  born in Missouri
M            daugh age  2  born in Missouri

Venie Woolard      age 29  born in Missouri

1900 census

Jonathan B Bigelow  b. Sep 1851 in Missouri
Naomi               b. Jan 1857 in Missouri
Orin                b. Mar 1887 in Nevada
Silas               b. Mar 1884 in Nevada
Grover              b. Sep 1885 in Nevada

Also notes that 6 children were born to Naomi and 5 are living at time of  1900 census

1910 census   Township 20, Malheur, Oregon

JB Bigelow boarder age 59  born in "United States"

1910 census   South Vale, Malheur, Oregon

Naomi Bigelow      age 52 b. in  Missouri
Lesttie            age 28 b. in  Nevada
Orin               age 33 b. in  Nevada

The 1910 census records for both Jonathan and Naomi show them as still being married although they are living separately


1910 census

1920 census

1930 census

The census records above give us the following information on Silas'  family:

Silas            age 26   born in Nevada
Bridget    wife  age 24   born in Arkansas
Nesta      daugh age  4   born in Oregon
Orville    son   age  1   born in Oregon

Gertrude E wife  age 35   born in Arkansas
Juanita A  daugh age 13   born in Oregon
John J     son   age  7   born in Oregon

1930 census notes mother-in-law Sarah A Brown age 82 born in Arkansas  living with them.  We cannot tell whether Bridget and Gertrude are one and  the same as 1920 census clearly is listed as Gertrude E.  Other tree  records indicate Gertrude's maiden name as Pullen but if that is the case  it does not explain Sarah A Brown as mother-in-law in 1930 without any  further information.


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