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151A4.51    Olive Stone 7 BIGELOW, dau of William 6 ( Edmund 5 , Benjamin 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Dorinda (BREWSTER) BIGELOW, was born at Fairhaven, VT 06 October 1816. On 12 April 1838 she married Dr. Dewey H. Robinson, born about 1811. He was a physician and one of the original members to sign the compact of the Vermontville Colony, in VT. Olive and Dewey were well educated for their time and possessed a good library. They moved to Vermontville, Barry, MI, at its establishment, became the first postmaster and doctor. About 1846, they moved to Marshall, Calhoun, MI and after their? youngest child was born, they returned to VT. Dewey died at Fair Haven, VT in May 1848. By 1870, Olive moved to Troy, NY to live with her sister, Mrs. Emma Squires (151A4.52). (see below)

Children of Dr. Dewey and Olive S. (Bigelow) Robinson, all but the youngest born at Vermontville, MI:

151A4.511     William Bigelow Robinson, b 09 June 1839; d 1891; m Jennie S. Meacham; 4 children.

151A4.512      Edmund A. Robinson, b 07 Nov 1841; m 15 Nov 1871 Kate Elder; res. Memphis, TN; 9 children.

151A4.513     George Stephen Robinson, b 13 June 1844; res. Troy, NY; unm.

151A4.514     Mary Robinson, b 13 Aug 1847 Marshall, MI; d 20 Aug 1847.

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Descendant note:
Ann Robinson McReynolds-Nall      Old E-mail     ARMcR@aol.com (see below)
  My gggm was Olive Stone Bigelow, the daughter of William Bigelow (Middleton VT) and Dorinda Brewster
 (Bennington VT), b. 10/6/1816 in Fairhaven VT. My mother had an uncle and first cousin named William Bigelow Robinson
 who went by their middle names, and my 80 year old aunt's middle name is also Bigelow. I am looking forward to finding out
 a lot more about the Bigelow line, and know my mother and aunt will be particularly pleased!
Every winter, Edmund Aaron (plus his siblings and first cousins) traveled from NY to MS by packet steamer with his mother (after she was widowed) and Aunt Emma Loraine (also widowed?). I'm not sure of any of the details, but have always found it fascinating. There is a wonderful story my mother always told me about how the Indians wanted to adopt my ggf, but fortunately, his mother would have none of it. Woodville is in Wilkinson County, just upstream on the Mississippi River from New Orleans...apparently, it was a popular destination for NY and NE "snow birds" even 150 years ago! Woodville is an old city with the oldest Episcopal Church in that part of the world....and the family was very active there. My mother's father (Orrin Sanford Robinson) and siblings were born in MS because E.A. decided to stay in Woodville one spring and not return to NY with the rest of the family. Even though born in VT, he served  in the Army of the MS as a surgeon's assistant...I know he was at the Battle of Shiloh, but don't know anymore than that. After the CW,  he  m. Kate (Catherine) Dillingham Elder, also of Woodville, and became a pharmacist. They had a bunch of children....Catherine Lorraine, Williford Squires, William Bigelow, and so forth....lots of familiar middle names,  aren't there? It's fascinating how these people gave their children middle names of their inlaws! I'll send you the complete info, but need to get it from my mother, so I'll be sure it's right.
     You cannot believe how astounded I was to see Olive Stone Bigelow's name at the top of that page! I've known this name my whole life....a wonderful oil portrait has hung in my mother's dining room for years and years. And, now I know where Aunt Lorraine's name came from.....my mother's "Aunt Lorraine," now long dead, who had snapping brown eyes just like my sister's.  She was my gf's older sister....married a man named "Butterfield" and her sister Mabel married a "Field"....I always thought that was so funny when I was a little girl.
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 19:44:04 -0500
From: "Ann McReynolds" <   ARMcR@email.msn.com   >
     I am a descendant of Olive Stone Bigelow & Dewey Hubbell Robinson and quite familiar with your website for the past couple of years (You may recall having received some comments from me last year re: annual pre-Civil War treks from Troy NY to Woodville MS by Olive and her sister, Lorraine Bigelow Squire and their children.) I  have recently come across some interesting info that thus far has proven difficult to pin down with any degree of certainty!
     While reading about the history of the settlement of Jericho, Chenango County NY, I found a list of the Vermont Sufferers, who were given land in Chenango (a wilderness in 1786) due to their loss of  property in the "range wars" between NY and VT.  Clearly listed was the name JOTHAM BIGELOW!  Well, there was ANOTHER Jotham Bigelow who came to St. Louis about 1850 from NY with his cousin, Peers Griffin (b. Ireland 1830), who had recently immigrated to US. They were architects/builders who lived in Webster Groves (where I have lived my whole life) and built many fine homes, many of which are still standing and in great condition. (I lived in one of them for 15 years).  They were extremely successful and well-known, well-respected members of the community. (WG is 10 miles from the Mississippi River in Downtown St. Louis - settled before 1850 & grew rapidly after railroads went through, providing commuter service. There are three residential historic districts, encompassing about 500 houses.)
     I can find just a few shreds about anyone named Jotham that could possibly be a match:  perhaps he is Jotham Richardson Bigelow, b. 1811 in MA, s/o Josiah and Lucinda Bigelow? Or how about Jotham Bigelow b. 9/8/1820, s/o Jotham Bigelow and Lois Drury, and h/o Julia Warden, whom he married 3/13/1851? At any rate, there seems to be no mention of this man on your website, and I wonder why not! I would appreciate some hot tips, if any are available.  Thanks so much.
Ann McReynolds
St. Louis

From Internet Source:
. The last 50 years of the 19th century, my great-great-grandmother Olive Stone BIGELOW ROBINSON (widow of Dr. Dewey Hubbell ROBINSON) lived in Troy, Rensselaer Co, NY with her sister Emma Lorraine BIGELOW SQUIRES (wife of John N. SQUIRES, Vice-President of United Shirt & Collar Company). For several years prior to the Civil War, the sisters and their children traveled annually from Troy by "packet steamer" to New Orleans, and then up the Mississippi River about 100 miles to Woodville, Wilkinson County, MS, where they spent the winters, returning to NY in the spring. One year, for some unknown reason, my great-grandfather decided not to return, and stayed in MS! I am trying to find out some of the travel details of these early "snow birds" and hope there is someone in Rensselaer County who may know something about such activities. Surely, there were others who made similar journeys! Would love to hear from anyone with a bright idea.
Ann Robinson McReynolds-Nall, St. Louis 0299 [e-mail address updated in June 2003]  ARMcR@arm-mra.com

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