Edmund 5 BIGELOW

# 151A4.     Edmund 5, son of Benjamin 4( John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Levinah (THOMAS) BIGELOW, was born 27 Feb 1751 at Shrewsbury, Worcester co, MA. The family moved first to Springfield, MA, then to Hartford, CT. About 1770 they moved to Worthington, MA, and Edmund was appointed administrator of his father's estate in 1773. He served in the Continental Army as Paymaster. He was at the battles of Bennington and Ticonderoga. After the war he moved to Middletown, VT, where he was a leading citizen, chosen selectman 1785, and held many public offices. He was also first justice-of-the-peace in Middletown. He married at unknown date, Olive STONE, born 17 Sep 1755 Brookfield, MA, daughter of Artemas and Jerusha (PARSONS) STONE. She died 27 Apr 1812 at Middletown. He died 17 Aug 1824 at Fairhaven, VT.
1790 census: VT-Rutland-Middletown-Edmund Bigelow: 1-0-5-0-0.
Mass Sold & Sail of Rev War, Vol II:
Biglow, Edmund, Worthington, private, Lieut. Abner Dwellee's co.; enlisted July 20, 1777; discharged July 31, 1777; service, 16 days; marched on expedition to Manchester; roll sworn to at Boston; also, Lieut. Constant Webster's co.; enlisted Aug.15, 1777; discharged Aug.23, 1777; service 12 days; marched from Worthington to reinforce Gen. Stark at Bennington; also, return of men enlisted into Continental Army from Capt. Seth Murray's (also given Capt. Joshua Woodbridge's) co., Col. Pomeroy's regt, sworn to April 5, 1779; residence, Worthington; enlisted for town of Hatfield; joined Capt. Lyman's co., Col. Lee's regt.; enlistment, 3 years; also, Sergeant, Capt. Hastings's Co., Co'. Henry Jackson's regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Sept.10, 1777, to Dec. 31, 1779; also, Capt. Daniel Lyman's co., Lieut. Col. William S. Smith's (1ate Lee's) regt.; pay rolls for Oct. and Nov., 1778; also, Capt. John Hastings's (6th) co., Col. Jackson's regt.; muster roll for April, 1779, dated Pawtuxet; enlisted Sept.10, 1777; also, muster roll dated Providence, July 13, 1779; also, return dated Camp at Providence, Dec.31, 1779.

Biglow, Edmund, private, Capt. Christopher Banister's co., Col. David Wells's regt.; enlisted May 8, 1777; discharged July 8, 1777; service, 2 mo & 7 days; marched to Ticonderoga.

Bigelow, Edmund, Worthington. Sergeant, Capt. John Hastings's (2d) co., Col. Henry Jackson's (16th) regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Jan. 1, 1780 to Sept. 3, 1780.

Bigolow, Edmund, Corporal, Capt. Timothy Childs's co., Col. David Wells's regt.; enlisted May 10, 1777; discharged May 10, 1777; service, 2 mos. 8 days; marched to Ticonderoga.

Children of Edmund and Olive (STONE) BIGELOW, all taken from Middletown, Middlesex co, VT records:

151A4.1     Mary, called Dolly, b 27 Nov 1781; no death date; m 9 Jan 1814 Artemas Stone.

151A4.2     Leafy, (probably Relief), b 5 Nov 1784; m Amasa Squier; res Middletown.(see note1 below)(see note2 )

151A4.3     Lavinia, b 15 Mar 1787; m 29 Apr 1812 David Palmer (1799-1840); res Woodstock, where he was dean of the medical college. 6 children.

151A4.4     Sophia, b 9 Apr 1789; m ____ Mann; res Lyons, NY.

151A4.5    William, b 9 Nov 1791; d 16 Apr 1863 Springfield, MA; m 19 Oct 1815 Dorinda Brewster; res Fairhaven and Bennington, VT, then to Springfield, MA. 7 children.

151A4.6     Edmund jr, b 9 Aug 1793; d 15 Mar 1796 Middletown.

151A4.7     Juna or Jane, b 2 Jun 1797; m 16 Aug 1814 Ira Field or Fifield; res OH.

151A4.8     Harriet, dates unknown; m ______ Smith.

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Descendant note:
My name is Dale Sheldon and I am a descendant of Leafy Bigelow and Amasa Squier.  There daughter, Evelyn, at the age of 81 in 1884, wrote a family history for the Bigelows which was basically everything she knew.  It pretty much only contains information on her parents and grandparents and is very simple.  She was very well educated and seems to have been a very intelligent woman.  One point I would like to add from her history is that of her grandfather.  She writes that the father of Olive Stone is Jonas and not the man you have mentioned.  I have just found this information recently and I have not yet been able to find out any information on Jonas.  I did notice that you have another man mentioned.  I would be happy to send you a copy of
this.  I think I will be posting it on my own personal webpage. Thank you for your time and I love all the great information that you have provided on your page.  Very informative
and I thank you.         Dale Sheldon   E-mail   artforms@thevine.net

The Home of Zipsson Jr.   http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/5635
Note1: From: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/5635/Archives/Bigelow.html
                               Record of Bigelow Family
                            written by Eveyline Squire Parker
                                         at age of 81.

                            (taken from a photocopy of an old handwritten copy)
                              (this copy typed as written, including punctuation)

Edmund Bigelow my grandfather was one of the early settlers in Middletown Vermont. He married Olive Stone of Goshen
Mass the daughter of Jonas Stone. Two sisters married one Hamilton of Champlain N.Y. the other a Wyman. Joseph Stone
who resided in Boston Sylvanus Stone who lived at Williamstown Mass were her brothers, their family consisted of eight
children two sons & six daughters. One son died young the other lived is a good age of year 70 was a useful man in the church
of Christ; a cheerful physician an honored father and beloved companion. The six daughters all married. Two married
merchants two physicians and two in various departments of business. All but one of the sister had children and they lived to fill
useful & honorable positions in society as also the brothers children. My grandfather had one sister who married a Mr. Fenton
and lived in Rutland Vermont. She was a lady of good parts, moved in the best of society. Her family consisted of four sons &
one daughter Lavinia who married Rev. Josiah Hopkins D.D. settled in Fairhaven Vt for many years. Bigelow Joseph Matthew
& Louis all settled in Western N.Y. Wm Bigelow a brother of my grandfather settled in Hartford Conn. His son Wm lived in
West Hartford Conn. Wm Bigelow the son of my grandfather practiced as a medical man in Fairhaven VT for 12 or 13 years
& after in Bennington Vt. He had three sons & three daughters one son & one daughter have died, left a husband & wife to
mourn their loss, one daughter to mourn for her beloved mother, Mrs. Sanford Troy, N.Y. The wife of Doctor Wm Bigelow
still lives 88 years old in Troy N.Y. (1884) She has two daughters that are widows Olive Robinson & Lorane Squire both have
sons in good positions. She lived with Sanford whose beloved wife Sophia was suddenly taken by death. My mothers eldest
sister married Artimas Stone lived in Geneva, N.Y. Another sister Lavinia married David Palmer M.D. They had three sons &
three daughters. The eldest son was a Professor in a medical school in Kentucky (the rest of this line is hard to read but seems
to show 4 capitol letters that may be B.B.P.C.) I think his son succeeded him Edward Palmer. George Palmer was an
inspector of fire arms. He went to Germnay. He thore? among strangers was taken sick, telegraphed his wife. She went to hiim
to see him die and to bring his remains for interment among his family & friends. Harry Palmer M.D. practiced medecine in
Ludlow Vt near Rutland.

Sophia Palmer married Samuel Taylor Harriet Palmer married Samuel Fletcher of Shetford both of VT. Kate Palmer died in
early life. Dr. David Palmer was experimenting in a lecture on some of the gases, the glass burst and he inhaled which caused
his death. A noble man. Sophia Bigelow married Hiram Mann M.D. lived in Lynn N.Y. to a good old age. The four eldest of
the daughters lived to be near 80 years or more.

Junia Fifield died before 40 years left five children. Harriet Smith lived in Pennfield and died their N.Y. 40 years of age She left
two daughters & four sons. The daughters came to their Uncle Smith. Hattie (bottom line here lost). He went South & died in
New Orleans I think. I have no definite records of the two last families mentioned Fifield and Smith how many living & where.
The two youngest sisters of my mother Uncle & Aunt Palmer and Kate Palmer remains are in Woodstock Cemetery Vt.
Harriet Fletchers are in Shetford. B.R. Palmer (Prof) died at Louisville Kentucky, left a family there.

My mother the 2nd daughter of Edmund & Olive Bigelow married at the age of 17 to Amasa Squire, lived in Middletown Vt.
from 1802 to 1810. My father died on his return from Montreal in March No communication only be mail on horse back and
that being intertupted by the bad roads. My Uncle sent a messanger on foot more than one hundred miles to inform of sickness
& death of my father & the young man that was with him.

In the following Autumn Bigelow my deat little brother died with dropsy or water on the brain. The twins Mary & M..(hard to
read)..old in Sept. Mother was only 24 years old left with three daughters to educate and provide for. Mother was prevailed
upon to let Maria go to Geneva N.Y. & live with Aunt Mary Stone to attend the best of school, as Aunt had no child, for one
or two years. She was 10 years old. At the age of 19 she was thoroughly educated & her plans in March were to be married
and take the bridal tour home to visit friends that she had not seen after leaving home. Mother had visited her. With a few
friends she with her intended spent a week in N.Y. riding & visiting & probably they both took cold. Soon after they returned
to Geneva both were taken sick. Maria with a fever & her friend with quick consumption. Only one week my sister lived. It
was a sad & sore trial to my dear Aunt who loved almost to adoration. She felt the stroke a heary one. Maria died March 3rd
1827. The gentleman friend referred to had been admitted to the Bar. He was only able to be carried to Uncle Stones to see
her corpse. After a few weeks illness Elias Scudder died & was buried by the side of dear Maria in the Cemetery in Geneva
Note2: From: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/5635/Archives/Squier.html
                                Record of Squier family
                             written by Eveline Squier Parker
                                         at age of 81.

                            (taken from a photocopy of an old handwritten copy)
                              (this copy typed as written, including punctuation)

Biall Squier and his wife my fathers parents settled in Montgomery, Mass. I visited my aged grandmother in 1819. She was
very aged 90 years old born in 1729. Her mind was sound - told me many things in their early settlment, one fact was they
made leather pants for their boys & they went to the woods for their cows in a shower, got wet in returning home then their
leather breeches squealed so loud they ran themselves most to death thought the bears were after them. Their sons were
Sylvester Gardner Amasa (my father) Noble. Doctor Noble Squier settled on Norther Hero, Grand Island. Gardner went to
Canadagna. Sylvester Squier lived on the home farm Montgomery. There was one daughter. She was married & left a widow
with one son & one daughter Thomas & Rebecca Bills. Aunt Bills took care of her aged mother. Lathrop Squier & Polly were
children of Uncle Sylvester. Both were married & had children. Polly married Geneva Parks son. She was a useful woman. No
child when I knew her.

Amasa Squier married Leagy Bigelow the second daughter of Edmund Bigelow of Middletown Vermont in the year 1802. He
had been for some years in the Mercantile business in said town on a large scale. Exported large quantities of pork to Montreal
every year. In the Spring of 1810 was in Montreal with one of his clerks, had made sale of the pork, was ready to return &
was taken very ill. They left Montreal & reached Champlain at an uncle of my mothers; was one week sick and died. The
young man Lovell lived only a few days & died. The Doctor pronounced my fathers disease Peurisy. My mother was left with
four children & only 24 years brother Bigelow two years & more. The two youngest were twins, quite young, from Sept. to
March, six months old. My Uncles name was Hamilton where my father died. He was buried in the Cemetery at Champlain,
N.Y. Being Spring March the messenger brought the sad news on foot. Stages could not run. Mother sent grave stones to
mark the graves of my dear father.

Mother lived in her native town until the Year 1821 when she removed to Fairhaven where her brother was established a
physician and induced her to (?father)

(parts of this page are missing at the right side. Most sentences are complete but hard to read and can be confusing.)
Our family consisted of Mother Sister Mary & myself. We remained at Farihaven at least Mother did and Sister M. for the
most. I was in New Haven VT studying with a private tutor & then teaching for two years at Shelford teaching in the Academy.
While at New Haven A. J. Parker came to New Haven into the family of Rev. Josiah Hopkins to study Theology - he then had
a class under him some from 4 to 5 often. Mrs. H. was a relative being in poor health wished me to r? with them. It was there
A.J.P. made known his wishes after a Years acquantense and it resulted in a union for life and a removal to Canada on true
Missionary ground. In 1829 Mr. Parker came in the Winter to see the wants b? requested by one who knew the destiln? and
proposed to come with him from Richmond to Danville any time he could come. He came, spent a Sabbath preached three
sermons morning, afternoon & evening (?next page - parts are missing from left side instead of right, harder to read) a number
of men went to ?ter Flints & consulted how they could ?blain a minister, expressed their desire not to live so any longer. He
?are them the address of the Secretary ? the Missionary Society in Montreal. In a few days Mr. Parker recived a letter with 40
signatures requesting him to come pledging $300 for one year requesting him to ask for what would ? wanting from from the
Canada Miss Society. Mr. Parker decided to accept the proposal reached her the 10th of April 1829 & commenced his
mission in a portion ? God's heritage of great-destitution. In the following August we were married came into the Province of
Lower Canada ? to the Eastern Township 60 miles from the boundary line, into the township of Shipton & the Village of
Danville & reached here 29th of August 1829. Rev. A. J. Parker, my husband, was ?dy installed by ministers who came more
than 80 miles. He preached as the pastor 41 years. He resigned at 40 year but supplied for one year more, health not sufficient
to continue
March 14th 1884

I have given the above facts according to my recollection at the age of 81 years. My dear husaband after a long illness entered
into rest to receive the welcome "Come ye blessed of my Father &e &e" During the first 25 years of our laboring in Shipton my
dear mother was with us for the most & aided us in the care & training of our children. We were blessed with a goodly number.
Two sons & six daughters. One dear one died at the age of five years 6 months. One lived to become a mother & died in faith
trusting in Jesus. My dear Mother the same year afte a long illness was called home where pain & sickness never enter. One
son in the Ministry and two daughters married ministers. The eldest daughter has taught in Hartford Seminary for many years.
The eldest son is in active business. The daughter residing near Davnille (bottom sentance is lost on this page) sister Mary
married Horace Hotchkiss and lived happy & useful lives. He was highly respected & beloved at Plainfield New Jersey his last
residence & where he lived in March 1879 & my only & dear sister Mary departed this life after a brieg illness in Fenruary
1881. ? daughter is left to mourn her ?. I am only of a large number of relations left. I have seen the wilderness bud & blossom
as the rose.

Name: Don Squier   DOSquier@aol.com
From: New Jersey
Time: 2000-04-26 04:18:44
Comments: After I check my records I may have an inquiry re: Amassa Squier who is named Ufn in you alphabet listing. I
have Middletown, VT as Middletown Springs and the Inn there as being built by Amassa and two brothers(Gardner and
Noble Squier) Gardner is my line. I do not know how Amassa is related but I know they were all in Westfield/Montgomery,
MA together. Do you have any info? Appreciate any thing you may have or you could steer me to. Thanks, Don

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