15182.42      Levi  7 BIGELOW, (known as "Esquire") son of Gershom 6 ( Ivory 5 , Gershom 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Mary (HOWE) BIGELOW, was born at Marlborough, Middlesex, MA on 28 October 1790. He married on 23 July 1809 Nancy Ames daughter of Deacon Moses Ames (Eames?) and Lydia (Brigham) Ames, born at Marlborough 0l March 1792. At the age of nineteen, Levi began teaching in the town of Holden, MA and for the next thirty winters followed that occupation, usually in his home district.  The remaining months of the year he devoted to farming. For some years he and his brother, Lambert, were partners in a country store in the west part of Marlborough. In addition to this, Levi was a surveyor and did much in making out deeds and settling estates, being a Justice of the Peace for thirty years. He was always active in education and served on the School Committee. He represented Marlborough in the General Court: 1831, 1832, 1834 and 1839. He was also Assessor for seventeen years. In all these positions, he was known for integrity. As a teacher he was a firm disciplinarian. He died 03 April 1859 a widower as his wife had died on 22 January 1850.

Children of Levi and Nancy (Ames) Bigelow, all born Marlborough, MA:

15182.421t     Lydia, b 22 March 1810; d 07 April 1879; m 04 Nov 1830 Emerson Howe, b 12 Nov 1805, d 08 May 1846; res. Marlborough; 4 children.

15182.422t     Leander, b 13 April 1812; d after 1889; m (1) 04 Nov 1835 Lucy Felton, (2) 25 Oct 1876 Mrs. Ann Maria (Davis) Howe; res. Marlborough and Worcester, MA; 6 children.

15182.423t     Mary, b 17 July 1815; d after 1889; m 04 Nov 1835 Abel Rice; res. Marlborough; 4 children.

15182.424t     Cordelia, b 10 June 1817; d after 1889 Berlin, MA; m 0l Jan 1840 Christopher Hastings; res. Berlin; 4 children.

15182.425      Electa, b 18 April 1819; d 05 May 1879 Marlborough; m 23 Feb 1842 Elisha Whitney; res. Berlin; no children.

15182.426t     Levi, jr., b 12 March 1821; d 05 May 1879; m 08 Feb 1846 Abbie Hastings; res. Marlborough; 4 children.

15182.427      Lambert, b 06 May 1823; d __ ; m 14 Jan 1850 Augusta Howe; res. Eastlake, MA; no children. (see below)

15182.428t     Edwin Moses, b 26 March 1825; d 22 April 1905 Boston; m 13 April 1854 Maria Crawford, who d_____Dec 1854; 1 child.

15182.429t     Horace Holly, b 02 June 1827; d_____1911; m (1) 22 Jan 1852 Lucy Ann Howe and (2) 0l June 1859 Adelaide Buck; res. Worcester, MA; 3 children.

15182.42A      Julian, b 06 Nov 1829; d 11 Nov 1835.

15182.42B      William, b 11 Sept 1831; d 22 Oct 1831.

15182.42Ct     Ann Theresa, b 05 May 1833; d______ Hudson, MA; m 28 Sept 1856 Solon Wood; res. Hudson, MA; 1 child.

15182.42Dt     Arthur Ju1ian, b 03 Oct 1835; d 17 July 1909; m 10 Feb 1860 Sarah (Jane ?) Carruth; res. Marlborough; 3 children.

15182.42Et     Ada Genevieve, (Ada incorrectly listed as a "son" in birth records of Marlborough, MA), b 11 Dec 1837; d __  ; m 05 May 1858 Henry Lawrence; res. Marlborough; 2 children.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II , p 44-45;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America, pg  299-301; plate 299^;
also see leviesq1.jpg
Marlborough vital records.


15182.427     Lambert Bigelow, was born 06 May 1823 at Marlborough, Middlesex, MA. He married 14 January 1850 Augusta Howe. She was the daughter of Thomas and Patty (Bigelow) Howe. She died 07 Aug 1884 at East Lake, Shrewsbury, MA. His death unknown, but his residence reported as East Lake by Howe. Howe also remarks that to he and his brother Horace Holly, we are indebted for the assistance in carrying his work to completion. no children.

Howe, Bigelow Family of America, pg  301 plate 301^;
Subject: Horace Bigelow
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 17:11:54 -0500
From: "zephreny parmenter" <zephparm@hotmail.com>
I have ALL the family genealogy (up to date) on my computer. I have copied all the Bigelow files that Grandpa Bigelow and my Mom, Janice, had. I have done some research and am still recording stuff. Attached in one of
the Family Group sheets in "Word" format. As you can see, Horace Holly Bigelow was actually an
Uncle of ours, as he was the brother of Arthur Julian Bigelow. James Franklin Bigelow, Arthur's son,
was Grandpa Bigelow's father. I have lots, lots more information, including pictures, on all the branches
and you are welcome to it all!!

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