Caroline 7 BIGELOW

16313.D9      Caroline 7 BIGELOW, dau of Justin 6 ( Amasa 5 , David 4 , Lt. John 3 , Joshua 2, John 1), and Persis (COOK) BIGELOW, was born at Brookfield, Orange, VT on 15 November 1824 and married on 03 January 1847, William Clark Willson (see below)(Wilson?). He was born on 11 July 1820, the son of Ebenezer and Lucy Ida (Boutwell) Willson. This family remained in VT their entire lives and all of their children were born there. Caroline died at Barton, Orleans, VT on 20 April 1907 and William died there on 06 September 1913.

Children of William and Caroline (Bigelow) Willson;

16313.D91     Alice Ann Willson, b 24 March 1848; d 29 July 1910; m James Henry Wilkie (see below).

16313.D92     Oscar Fitzalan Willson, b 25 Jan 1881? (prob 1851); d 24 May 1915.

16313.D93     Stella Janette Willson, b 22 July 1853 Barton; d ____ ; m 27 Oct 1870 Milton C. Heath (he b 28 May 1853 Barton, VT); 1 child known: Chester Arthur Heath (see below)

16313.D94     Edna Gertrude Willson, b 28 Nov 1855; d 14 Feb 1862 - same date as her sister, of diphtheria.

16313.D95     Carrie Eveline Willson, b 07 Jan 1857; d 14 Feb 1862 - diphtheria.

16313.D96     William Herbert Willson, b 17 Mar 1859; d 22 Feb 1862 - of diphtheria.

16313.D97     Arthur Sydney Willson, b 14 Jan 1861; d 30 Dec 1910; m 24 Nov 1891 Della Sylvia Alexander.

16313.D98     Lucie Elizabeth Willson, b 23 June 1863; d 06 Jan 1864.

16313.D99     Florence Isadore Willson, b 16 Aug 1864; d 09 Feb 1910 of scarlet fever; m 21 March 1893 Harry S. Fisk

16313.D9A     William Albert Willson, b 06 Sept 1866 Brownington, VT; d 08 April 1869.

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Subject: Bigelow Coat of Arms
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 02:33:36 +0000
From: "D Lovering" < >
Hello Mr. Rod Bigelow,
 How are you?  I have found your website really helpful in the genealogy & really happy to find it on line, without this info, I would never have learned about the history of the family which I have enjoyed by the way and checked out the website on the house in England.   My line is John1 which goes all the way to Caroline Bigelow, who married William C Willson- Daughter Alice Willson married James H. Wilkie-their-Son William Clarence Wilkie married Sadie Belle Merchant their -Daughter- Sadie Blanche Wilkie-married Charles T. Dines-their  Daughter-Sarah Dines, (my Mom)., Have learned that Mathew  Fuller was on the Mayflower, along with his family, & brother Samuel.  I am double checking on the lineage since finding the father of samuel, was listed as Samuel. I want to be sure all is correct....
 I have a Dines Family Tree on, have been putting history information for example the pics & info on the  Barnard Capen House, in Massachusetts, The memorial for the first settlers of Amesbury,  etc,  I would like permission to use the Coat of Arms pic that was in a newspaper in 1936, on the tree along with credit info on the person who found it.  & also would like to put the house there with the history of it.  Hope when this project is complete, a person will be able to see a picture of history.
Thanks for your time.

Chester Arthur Heath, was born 04 April 1881 Barton, VT; d _____ ; m Jennie Augusta Combs (b 08 Oct 1886, the dau of Oliver and Wiluetta Augusta (Hall) Combs) 1 child known:
         Edna Augusta Heath, b 08 Feb 1913 Shelton, CT; d ____ ; m Harold Larracy Dame, (b 15 Mar 1915 Ridlonville, ME); 1 child known:
             Charles Edward Dame, b ____ ; d _____ ;
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